Thursday, January 28, 2016

MrsBeautiful was away yesterday/night. I was alone and I wept.

MrsBeautiful was away yesterday/night.
I was alone and I wept.

It was late night and I was slowing up.
On my own - not so often I am on my own
and this programme flowed, without request, 
onto my TV screen
and I wept.

One man set up a system to find UK homes
and transport children from the Nazi oppression of Jews.
Refugee children
at risk of death
as their parent were - and was - 
so many parents never to be seen again alive
since they stepped into a gas chamber.
I wept
I would have been 4 months old when this was happening.
I weep again as I click these words.

Children Saved From The Nazis: A Hero's Story 
 "The future lies in forgetting the past, not remembering it," said Nicholas Winton. 

Maybe this is why he kept his remarkable story co himself for 50 years. 
As a young stockbroker, Winton was aware in 1939 of the plight of 
Jews in Nazi Germany, and managed to save 669 children 
thanks to an offtcial-looking "British Committee” 
he set up to give them safe passage to the UK. 

In 1988, when the truth of his heroism came to light, 
some survivors met Winton for the first time on the TV show That's Life! 
He died last year.

And now I think of children refugees
knowing nothing about 
the political
the wars
why their homes were bombed
why they walked for miles
why they set sail in a rubber boat
why their parents are prepared to let them go ……..

Watch it on the BBC iPlayer - powerful stuff.
Children Saved From The Nazis: 
A Hero's Story 
10.45pm. BBC1