Monday, January 18, 2016


Experience - Reflection


Twice this week
Little Conniepops has telephoned
1 To ask me if I can come and stay for a sleepover with Grandma.
2 To show me her missing front tooth.


I love our two little Grandchildren to bits!
Could not love them more.
The above two little messages
are wondrous ‘love back’ experiences.

True love
(I am reflecting now)
is not dependent on ‘love-back’
BUT it is great when it happens.
Two-way love is the best.
But as I have previously written::
"LOVE has NO off-switch."

It is a journey I am on.
Discovering LOVE
Yearning to LOVE
Learning to LOVE.

I feel I only have my toe nail dipped into LOVE.
I want to be in deep
out of my depth
and I am swimming that way.

It is a challenge for all of us
to love when there is 
no feedback
no warmth
no communication
no love-back.

Unconditional Love is a well known phrase.
I think ……………
That is what I am reflecting on.
A love that will not let me go …..
Love which is so SO different than ‘LIKE’.
Love which is about enemies
as much as friends
as much as family
as much as those we meet or never meet.

I believe it can be done - this love thing.
BUT it is a journey ……. to learn and LIVE!

Same with our creator.
She is desiring of our love
but his love is not dependent on it.
If we became 100% Love today
She could not