Wednesday, January 06, 2016

U2 new album

EW caught up with Bono in October, when he revealed 18 tracks had been recorded, including a “very epic” song titled “Tightrope.” Adds the frontman: “It’s very up. And, you know, that’s probably what the experience has taught us: to be fully in the moment and that fun is respected, and joy is not to be let go of.”

Bono, 55, told Q that his writing on Experiencewas aided by the time provided by his bicycle accident in November 2014, a blessing in disguise. “The gift of it was that I had time to write while in the mentality that you get to at the end of an album,” he said. “There is a reason why all the great groups made their best albums while in and around touring, because the ideas have to come out of your head.”