Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Behaviour signals a deeper need of assurance hugs and LOVE

She’s been trying to tell me that she’s struggling, 
that she’s scared by the 
all of the changes that are happening, 

and that she needs more from me.
As the child of multiple divorces, 

many new schools, 
and dozens of moves over the years, 
I’ve lived a lifetime of beginnings and endings. 
They’re hardly a blip on my radar anymore. 

My daughter is four. 
This is the only preschool she’s ever been to, 
and this is only her second year there. 
She’s been with the same teachers 
and same friends for nine months. 
She has no idea what’s coming next. 
These transitions are earth-moving for her. 
My daughter needs to be reassured 
that I will keep her safe 

through whatever comes next.

That’s what the peeing is about. 

I knew it all along, 

but I didn’t really get it.