Thursday, January 14, 2016

Watching Big Brother - #CBB #CBB16 and taking notes every night.

I watch every Big Brother /
Celebrity Big Brother on catchup TV.
I watch all interactions.
I take notes every late night.
I fast forward all staged bits.

It is so easy to ridicule
the show
the people.

We can see the behaviour
but can’t see their journey
other than the so called
‘famous bits’
None of them are famous to my knowledge.

I look at behaviour
facial expressions
outbursts of emotion
No-verbal communication
volume of voice
lack of affirmation
coping methods
words used
gender differences
groupings ….

The behaviour is often obnoxious.
So easy to say they are a bunch of
screwed up people.
I say they are beautiful humans.
All have publicly known issues.
I guess, like us, there is more undercover.

I write down some their statements::
"I don’t like people - don’t want to interact"
"I don’t like anyone"
"I have no interest in people like him”

Such a lack of
emotional intelligence
- but not all - and not all the time!
One or two of the BHP’s
relate ‘in adult’ =
balancing words
awareness to the fore
- occasionally - not all the time.

It must be tough to stay stable.
It is a hot-house of emotions.
I often think how I would manage.

If you read my stuff here/elsewhere
I am always reflections on emotions.
All relating to becoming …..
More aware
More skilled
Trying to develop my sensitivity
to be in helping relationships
with self
and others ………

In CBB there is behaviour on TV
There is emotional communication
from cold cool to raving mad hot.

Most behaviour is driven by emotions.
We feel these emotions in our daily lives.
Yet we try to be aware of them
and decide how to interact for the general good
* of others
* of ourselves

BUT here on TV
we have fragile humans.
Selected because they are dysfunctional
generally speaking.

The current TV series has had
extra impact due to the
ex wife of David Bowie/Angie Bowie
being in the BB house.
Added emotional interactions results!

It is so easy to ‘not like’ a person
(really it’s their behaviour we don’t like)
We all like/don’t like certain behaviours.
Love has no OFF switch.
We can recognise the feelings within us of::
‘Don’t like’ - ‘do like’
but for me we can have a mission
to LOVE.
That raises the bar beyond LIKE
and writing a person off.

These life/mission things
need decisions.
Awareness YES
but it start with a discover of 
Love and Value -
of ourselves and then others
despite behaviour.

Awareness always comes first.
That drives
*Attempts at living/loving differently.

You are beautiful