Friday, September 29, 2006

Conference life continues with great fun with the night life - although everyone here seems to go to bed early!
Everynight so far - three nights, I have been left on my own in this great and quiet place.

Great stuff today from our speaker. She used DVD/music/other humans/groups and hit us in the gut.
Real 'Level Five' Stuff.

The previous two days we had been hit in the head. Ann Morrisy had challenged us to think outside the box.
Today was firmly in the guts - a place I want to be ..... even though the blow hurts - and knowing well that::

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable".

Here we see the pipix from the depth of fun and meaning.

You can see Ulrika Stigberg, our speaker, and some of the humans at work and at play.

The Swedes made us laugh with the Abba girls and the fun references to IKEA and Volvo. More to come.

It is great to meet so many Fins. I am going to work in Finland with them in October - so it is beautiful to form some good relationships before that.

I will post more photographs in the coming days - hope you guys from the rest of the worls don't mind?

It is maybe not easy to feel beautiful
vital to believe it

You are beautiful.


........ there is a man who I see regularly who
never looks my way
never speaks until I say hello
never uses my name
more often a grunt
never eye contact
always the head dropped

this human person
I WILL say
a beautiful human person
- will not change my way of
saying hello to everyone
using a name whenever I can recall
looking whilst communicating

I have decided to behave in a certain way
and another human will not control
my proactive communication
by their own behaviour.

I will not be a reactor

I know a woman who is nasty to me
all the time
every interaction

I will be
I will not be
a reactor

There is some deep sense of faith and theology behind this
- I must try to understand it sometime.


.... Tools here ....

..... to help the journey ...

............."I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference." ......

Robert Frost


This is my friend Oyvin in London - we spent a great day out and about in old non-tourist places loveitloveit

Hope to visit him in Norway as soon as I can - and you too Torgrim - you great
TV Director/Norwegian/Oslo/human ......


Thursday, September 28, 2006

hey ......
I am thinking of you

As I click these keys.
Stretching the imagination about how you might be.
I am thinking not of your exterior.
Thinking of the interior you!
What we are 'inside' pushes us to be what we are outside.
Our public self.
Our image presented.

I could ask the question:
How is pretending today?
How is the mask today - comfortable?
or is time to change it?

I could ask these same things of myself
Hey Pip Wilson - you at the Leaning Towers of PipWilsondotcom -
when are you going to be real -authentic?

John Powell says great things in the title of his book::
'Why am I afraid to tell you who I am
because if I tell you who I am
and you don't like who I am
that's all I have'.

Well worth a second read.

I have just been preparing a session which is about working a team to deliver a sense of reality in the work/team life and delivering tasks, whatever kind it may be, with great participation.
Strategic too. With clear priorities too.
I would much rather deal with issues around emotional intelligence - even though the above session will be good and developmental from foundations to rooftop.

It is just that I believe - that the work, and the delivery of 'task', is much more pleasant - efficient - effective - and creative if we journey down the Road Less Travelled to our interior at the same time.

There is a real human inside who wants to tell you who I am.
There is a spiritual human in there - who wants to be free
There is a creative human in there - who wants to play .......
loose the chains ............

Maybe you will say that you want to join me on that Road Less Travelled ...........?

It is a decision to make
A daily date
Significant time spent
A decision to be made before the next telephone distracts
door bell
TV programme
feed d cat!

I will be here daily
digging the crates of my soul

you are beautiful


.. hi
most beautiful humans ......

I am still away and this runs thru to Sunday hey

More photos so all you humans all around the world who WANT to be here with ............ well ... you can smell the flowers from a distance I trust?

Check Richard Vinod blog
He is a student - started a degree course in Informal Education/Youth Work.
It is the George Williams YMCA College
His blog is about his journey
join him on his Road Less Travelled
I am
I am
I will

.... here at the top
the bottom ..... the Swedish delegation show their enthusiasm .....

I love em loveem


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


on Pip Wilson dot becoming .. .. ..

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable...
Do not sacrifice freedom for security...
Words of wisdom shared with me in a challenging path of my life.

I went to London to be accompanied by people I trust, to get some distance and perspective on my life, my work and mission. As some people say climbing Mount Everest; more than anything else it is a journey to your inner self. Walking the streets of London is not exactly climbing, but the walking and talking give a certain feel and dynamic that helps your thinking. The New Piccadilly Cafe, Maison Bertraux, the Apple Store, Neal Street were all like water holes. Steven, Richard, Gordon together with Pip and Joan met with me in Brick Lane for a Curry. Steven telling about his nice try to become a Norwegian for a while and Richard telling about his second attempt to get a permit to stay in this country. Any country would benefit from their presence! I was amazed to meet Gordon with in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian music scene, not only from a distance, but from a close-up view, co-operating with many of them! I was happy to share some of my favourites, and can't wait to see Gordon signing them...

Staying in the Wilson Mansion was a treat. Joan, I love you much!

Your Oyvin "


Hi ..........

piwilsondotawayatthemoment and feel that I am away from things. Life here is good - rolling through a life removed from Newspapers, TV, outside humans but meeting lots of beautiful humans from all over Europe.

Ann Morrisy was our speaker today. Great deep stuff. She is a Sociologist with Christian perspectives. She took me outside the box in terms of thinking differently and that is good for me and good for the conference.

Hegimonic stuff.
About structural advantage. How it is easy for us to follow the social norm and not rethink for ourselves. She said that, in the Adam and Eve story, Eve's sin was not the Snakes fault but allowing the Snake to tell her what to think. And the men did not get a good report either!

It reminds me of Transactional Analysis which I use in Training - and the 'Red Pill/Blue Pill' exercise which is a great method of getting the thought process going.
She will be speaking again tomorrow.

The last two days we will have Ulrika Stigberg from Stockholm Sweden. She is one of the leaders of a project there called 'The Cold Store' - a project I have heard of for a number of years. It has about 300 staff and is big into music and the arts. She sounds good and could be ideal as a Greenbelt speaker.

One thing worries me::
With all these fine humans working amongst the young humans and seeing a development in self esteem and emotional competence - whose going to be our future pole dancers?
Who will be left to hang around street corners bending low and speaking to drivers in cars?
Who is going to buy and sell those chemicals and feed the established industry?
All these things are going to add to the breakdown of society as we know it.

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am at a Conference Centre in Hodderston. It is an international conference with about 12 countries represented - many from Eastern Europe ........

...... I am sat at a table now with two from Romania and two from Bournemouth.

I have clicked many photos but not downloaded any today.

Will be back soon when I get a break to breath ..... must spend time with beautiful humans ....

Here is Uzay - the baby son of Bob and Sibel our Level Five Group friends ....

...... and some U2 news hey hey .....



Monday, September 25, 2006

A Rainy Day in London Town .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

..... I am tired after a day of great pleasure with my friend Oyvin from Norway ............. we headed for the New Piccadilly Restaurant - where else can you go when in London?

Ovyin had heard so much about this great meeting venue - think it is about 25 years since I started meeting here .....

..... and then we walked and stopped and walked again ..... and the greatest thing was we walked and talked all the time ....

....... then at 6 we met at Platform 18 - Liverpool Street Station. Here was Steve and Richard and Joan and Gorden came later.

So the six of us walked and then talked and talked and had a beautiful curry in Brick Lane .... hmmm

More photos next blog - these are from the OyvinCam - mine still to be downloaded.

..... and while Oyvin and me were enjoying ourselves in London we had our friend Torgrim, from Oslo, calling us names like 'traitors' because he wanted to be here with us too .. .. . ...

....... and his last comments were "I hope it rains" .........

It was a rainy day in London Town
but our spirits were on fire .....


A Norwegian at.....


.... tonight hey hey

Oyvin has come to visit us and be and become with us during the next few days and ..

be at the International Conference all this week with me too hey hey

... it was Little Sheilas birthday yesterday and like they always do - they invite us out for drinks with all their peers - what fine daughter friends we have (never leave out the 'r' in Friends)

This is a pic of the four of us - Pearls of Wilson ....

..... and this week end Romford YMCA Celebrated 100 years of life and giving and rocking ....

..... I was in there for 20% of that time ...... a journey Less Travelled and learned more than I gave - and I gave my everything .....

..... and a thought for the day/night/whenever .....

I am not interested in SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT
I am interested in whole PERSON DEVELOPMENT

What I believe.
What I believe - I don't know because I am on a journey and what I click on these keys now, will be different tomorrow.
I fumble and stumble to express what I believe and when I do get to it I 'refresh the irritation', so I am living at a point of unease.
I desire incompleteness and a constant yearning.
I guess it is a little like: -
"Be aware of wonder.
Remember the little seed in the polystyrene cup;
the roots go down and the shoots go up,
nobody really knows how or why,
but we are all like this"

Robert Fulghum, from
'All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten'

Thanx for clicking this way ............

Thanx Big John .....................


Sunday, September 24, 2006

This is a wee slice out of the Blob Tree Tool called ::
' Blob Depression'.

I don't know a lot about depression but I know and have met many who suffer from this illness - this illness you cannot easily lay your finger on .......

Like most other similar painful elements of life - it helps to share and be open about how it feels - and to seek out others ...... it is not good to be alone ....

We all have abilities and disabilities.
It is good for all of us to be honest about both.

I run sessions with groups of beautiful humans who have found great comfort and security in finding others who are going through the emotional mill too.

Feeling secure is a good place to move on from.
Belonging is the next step. We all need other humans and that is why I love group work. That is why I lurve the Level Five Group I have belonged to for 26 years. Belonging hurts - but much less than isolation.
Do you belong to a group of humans who relate about their interior life - not just 'activity'?

In some way - this blog is a little community - I suppose I am the group worker.
My litle bits of clicks (and now music for your soul) is good for stimulating thought, spiritual development - and interaction with me and others I hope!

If we get a trigger - something which touches the soul
the centre
to be

you are beautiful .............


Dear Pip,
It’s been a great pleasure writing to you about my first day in College- my feelings.
Getting to college early morning listening to I pod was a great experience and the songs send me to a very positive mood.
I loved it....Walked into the college...Hermaine (former staff of National YMCA)....receptionist lady welcomed me with her beautiful smile...( she adores you Pip) she did mention about you.

Walked into college common room where all students gathered. Met few students...but everyone was with their friends… they just boxed me out. I was so glad that I didn't have to sit there for long…..morning session was all about introduction to library, IT and registration. So everything just went casually...
Later during break time tried to speak to couple of tutor group students and slowly made a break through. I am so happy to be in that group – everybody is UNIQUE and possesses variety of skills. Most of them had strong personalities (I’m sure this will be a great experience)

During lunch time things changed. I sat down (in a corner) and Joy Douglas, the tutor who did my interview came and sat with me and spoke to me. This made me feel so welcomed...I had a good chat with her and I started feeling the warmth in the college.
Then my former tutor for foundation studies and the administrator came and was offering me their support...
Afternoon session Mary Wolfe- principal...lead an interesting session. A very wonderful person.

There where lot to take in and by the time it finished I was very tired.
Break time I meet Santos (who was an ex-resident at Romford YMCA) and also couple of senior students who where very friendly. Even though I had a hard morning session...Afternoon session went really well for me....
I just need to have more patience...and keep it going...and it seems like I will get lots of support from the tutors….I am very pleased and I am looking forward for the actual studies to start. Tomorrow they will continue with the induction and introductions.

Hope you had a Great day and thank you for the prayers.
Thank you very much Pip for the support...your presence in my life means a lot to me....Thank you Pip.....You are Beautiful....
I know you are smiling now...Well I am sure Pip slowly but steadily I am getting there. Just need to have lots of patience.
Take care Pip and will be in touch,
God Bless,

Saturday, September 23, 2006

It is the Sheilas birthdays coming up and Joan as been digging in the crates to find old photographs for them.

Hmmm - so what did you look like in 1971 - you may have even been a wee gleem in a passionate eye ..

.. .. ... anyway - these words and the pic are from when we used to run a Youth Club in St Helens Lancashire.
I often wonder how all the kids are going on in their lives ..... now + 35 years older!

The article from the local press picked up the fact that we used to stay open past midnight, well past midnight, for the beautiful humans when they came out of the pubs. It was a fantastic time of late night talking, still love that groove.

Got the most powerful memories from those years.
Some of it was in my first book called 'Gutter Feelings'.

This is sometimes bought and sold on eBay and Amazon I believe. It is out of print but may put the effort in to republish on where you can find other books if you google 'pip wilson lulu'.

I am afraid you may get a few old pix in the coming days as I am scanning them all into my mac for life ........ and fun!!


Friday, September 22, 2006


....Lurve his Grooves
@ d mo

"I want to feel and disclose feelings.

Unless I disclose my feelings to you
You don't know me
you only know my activity
you only read my body language
you only feel me through the clicking of distant keys

I want to disclose - it is good for me
it is good for our relationship

Sometimes I will be sad, frustrated, lonely, hurt, failing ......
amongst the golden stuff

when I tell you I hurt
that does not mean I am destroyed and lame
it means I am stretching my sensitivity to my interior
and not being an exterior human - only."


It’s funny:

I always imagined when I was a kid that adults had some kind of

inner toolbox, full of shiny tools:

the saw of discernment,
the hammer of
the sandpaper of patience.

But then when I grew up I found that life
handed you these rusty bent old tools –

– and said,
‘Do the best you can with these, they will have to do.’

And mostly, against all odds, they’re enough.’


Thursday, September 21, 2006


... just look at these humans
(click the photo to enlarge it)
and see their experience in life - maturity .........
....... they are a Team who work with kids with a range of special needs and you need a Team like this to do that sort of work.

I have been working with this team and will be in the future.
And I want to because it lifts my soul to hear and feel their openness and plain speaking.

Beautiful Imperfection .......
........ like all of us - they bring their skills and scars and present it at the table

A Quote::
"I have been going to counselling for years.
I have learned more in the last hour than all those years".



.... at Cargo last week ....

.... from PipCam

Two Ways

"One goal is to seek the person of high position,
the great person,
the spiritual person,
the clever person,
the fine person,
the person who because of his or her talents or achievements represents a peak, as it were, in the mountain range of humanity.
The other goal is to seek the minorities,
the physically and mentally retarded,
the prisoners,
and the despised;
the degraded,
the enslaved,
the exploited,
the weak,
and the poorest of the poor."

Eberhard Arnold