Saturday, September 23, 2006

It is the Sheilas birthdays coming up and Joan as been digging in the crates to find old photographs for them.

Hmmm - so what did you look like in 1971 - you may have even been a wee gleem in a passionate eye ..

.. .. ... anyway - these words and the pic are from when we used to run a Youth Club in St Helens Lancashire.
I often wonder how all the kids are going on in their lives ..... now + 35 years older!

The article from the local press picked up the fact that we used to stay open past midnight, well past midnight, for the beautiful humans when they came out of the pubs. It was a fantastic time of late night talking, still love that groove.

Got the most powerful memories from those years.
Some of it was in my first book called 'Gutter Feelings'.

This is sometimes bought and sold on eBay and Amazon I believe. It is out of print but may put the effort in to republish on where you can find other books if you google 'pip wilson lulu'.

I am afraid you may get a few old pix in the coming days as I am scanning them all into my mac for life ........ and fun!!