Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dear Pip,
It’s been a great pleasure writing to you about my first day in College- my feelings.
Getting to college early morning listening to I pod was a great experience and the songs send me to a very positive mood.
I loved it....Walked into the college...Hermaine (former staff of National YMCA)....receptionist lady welcomed me with her beautiful smile...( she adores you Pip) she did mention about you.

Walked into college common room where all students gathered. Met few students...but everyone was with their friends… they just boxed me out. I was so glad that I didn't have to sit there for long…..morning session was all about introduction to library, IT and registration. So everything just went casually...
Later during break time tried to speak to couple of tutor group students and slowly made a break through. I am so happy to be in that group – everybody is UNIQUE and possesses variety of skills. Most of them had strong personalities (I’m sure this will be a great experience)

During lunch time things changed. I sat down (in a corner) and Joy Douglas, the tutor who did my interview came and sat with me and spoke to me. This made me feel so welcomed...I had a good chat with her and I started feeling the warmth in the college.
Then my former tutor for foundation studies and the administrator came and was offering me their support...
Afternoon session Mary Wolfe- principal...lead an interesting session. A very wonderful person.

There where lot to take in and by the time it finished I was very tired.
Break time I meet Santos (who was an ex-resident at Romford YMCA) and also couple of senior students who where very friendly. Even though I had a hard morning session...Afternoon session went really well for me....
I just need to have more patience...and keep it going...and it seems like I will get lots of support from the tutors….I am very pleased and I am looking forward for the actual studies to start. Tomorrow they will continue with the induction and introductions.

Hope you had a Great day and thank you for the prayers.
Thank you very much Pip for the support...your presence in my life means a lot to me....Thank you Pip.....You are Beautiful....
I know you are smiling now...Well I am sure Pip slowly but steadily I am getting there. Just need to have lots of patience.
Take care Pip and will be in touch,
God Bless,