Thursday, September 28, 2006

hey ......
I am thinking of you

As I click these keys.
Stretching the imagination about how you might be.
I am thinking not of your exterior.
Thinking of the interior you!
What we are 'inside' pushes us to be what we are outside.
Our public self.
Our image presented.

I could ask the question:
How is pretending today?
How is the mask today - comfortable?
or is time to change it?

I could ask these same things of myself
Hey Pip Wilson - you at the Leaning Towers of PipWilsondotcom -
when are you going to be real -authentic?

John Powell says great things in the title of his book::
'Why am I afraid to tell you who I am
because if I tell you who I am
and you don't like who I am
that's all I have'.

Well worth a second read.

I have just been preparing a session which is about working a team to deliver a sense of reality in the work/team life and delivering tasks, whatever kind it may be, with great participation.
Strategic too. With clear priorities too.
I would much rather deal with issues around emotional intelligence - even though the above session will be good and developmental from foundations to rooftop.

It is just that I believe - that the work, and the delivery of 'task', is much more pleasant - efficient - effective - and creative if we journey down the Road Less Travelled to our interior at the same time.

There is a real human inside who wants to tell you who I am.
There is a spiritual human in there - who wants to be free
There is a creative human in there - who wants to play .......
loose the chains ............

Maybe you will say that you want to join me on that Road Less Travelled ...........?

It is a decision to make
A daily date
Significant time spent
A decision to be made before the next telephone distracts
door bell
TV programme
feed d cat!

I will be here daily
digging the crates of my soul

you are beautiful