Wednesday, September 27, 2006


on Pip Wilson dot becoming .. .. ..

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable...
Do not sacrifice freedom for security...
Words of wisdom shared with me in a challenging path of my life.

I went to London to be accompanied by people I trust, to get some distance and perspective on my life, my work and mission. As some people say climbing Mount Everest; more than anything else it is a journey to your inner self. Walking the streets of London is not exactly climbing, but the walking and talking give a certain feel and dynamic that helps your thinking. The New Piccadilly Cafe, Maison Bertraux, the Apple Store, Neal Street were all like water holes. Steven, Richard, Gordon together with Pip and Joan met with me in Brick Lane for a Curry. Steven telling about his nice try to become a Norwegian for a while and Richard telling about his second attempt to get a permit to stay in this country. Any country would benefit from their presence! I was amazed to meet Gordon with in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian music scene, not only from a distance, but from a close-up view, co-operating with many of them! I was happy to share some of my favourites, and can't wait to see Gordon signing them...

Staying in the Wilson Mansion was a treat. Joan, I love you much!

Your Oyvin "