Monday, July 22, 2019

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Reflecting on my emotional discoveries and why I go on about it so much.

I didn't clock the
until I started working with
East London gangs in 1975.

I had worked with gangs before
Factory workers
Young Offenders
but had not connected to my Hard Drive,
that lump of mass in my head,
until the late 70's.

I had brought up as emotionally illiterate.
Emotions were present a plenty
but not on the agenda.
(a bit like the present UK government).

I never saw my Mother and Father
until he was dying in hospital
when I was 16.

I didn't know how to manage emotions.
Like most people
I controlled them

Manage is good
Control is BAD.

I used to have a massive temper.
and I was spitting fire and brimstone.

In the 70's 
I discovered Social Deprivation.
A whole collection of factors
to categorise a community
as to their needs/loss/hurts
The government list/stats 
did not include Emotional Deprivation.
They did not include Spiritual Deprivation.

My realisation THEN
has carried on through my life
and continues to this day.
I became a stuttering
Emotion Investigator.
Committed learner.

It is the number one
when it comes to behaviour
broken relationships
broken society.

It hurts
and the world -
if we don't become aware
and competent
and equipped with our life toolbox.

A big part of our developing wholeness
is becoming
emotionally Intelligent.
Our inner being = BECOMING ..............

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Friday, July 19, 2019

How come we can bail out the Banks & not the PLANET ?

'How can we bail out the banks 
but not the planet?

 We have to stop thinking about the imperative of economic growth—
nothing grows for ever.' 

The Book of @AnnPettifor will be in the next edition of The Bible.


Anne Lamott Quote

I don’t think [a certain politician] 
meant 2 grow up 2 be a racist who debased women. 
But he was raised afraid & came to believe that 
all he needed was a perfect woman, 
a lot of money, & maybe a few more atomic weapons. 
He must be the loneliest, emptiest man on earth. 


Greenbelt Festival - stand by to refresh your SOUL

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We've just added another raft of inspirational, funny, brave, astounding people and talks to our final line-up. As the ink dries on the contracts, be the first to meet some of the excellent humans we've just signed up for the festival.
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Small acts of rebellion, anyone?

We live in unprecedented times, but it's not enough simply to discuss the issues that are keeping us up at night. We need to talk about what we're going to do about them, particularly when existing laws can seem so inadequate in tackling issues like climate change and the refugee crisis. Meet some of the rebellious, inspiring, compassionate people we're inviting to Greenbelt this year.
"I am seized by two contradictory feelings: there is so much beauty in the world it is incredible that we are ever miserable for a moment; there is so much s*** in the world that it is incredible we are ever happy for a moment."
Geoff Dyer

By the book

If you're looking to get to grips with some of the ideas and authors coming to Greenbelt this August, then we have plenty for you to get stuck into this summer in the run-up to the festival. Thanks to the Church House Bookshop, we have the second part of our G-books reading list here and then for anyone looking for any more literary inspiration before Greenbelt, we round up the best of the rest here. 

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We are loving our brand new festival water bottles, with a choice of sports or metal twist-top. Both are just hitting the shelves now, so if you'd like to kiss goodbye to single-use you can pre-order for just £10.
"I want to tell children across this country...
that no matter what the president says, this country belongs to you, and it belongs to everyone."
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What we've been reading, watching and sharing...
(when we're not planning GB '19)

If you missed GB trustee Chine McDonald on Radio 4 this morning and her elegant, cosmic rebuttal to Trump’s latest outbursts, it’s here and it’s *very* much worth your time. 
This is a fascinating long read on the future of lab-grown meat, and the ethical dilemmas as well as huge advantages it could hold.

‘Bless us O Instagram’ - why one writer thinks taking photos of our food has become a new incarnation of an ancient instinct: the ritual of tableside grace. 

We're not hungry you're hungry. A delightful, feelgood read about Mo's Eggs, a Syrian pop-up cafe and the ongoing integration of Syrian refugees into the UK. 

Why 12 year-olds are Awesome Pt. 57. Meet Daniel Jillings, who is 12 and crowdfunding a legal challenge to try and get his first language, British Sign Language, on the GCSE curriculum.

Jack Monroe is back this year to talk about her new Tin Can Cook book, packed full of ingenious store cupboard recipes. She’s not the only one either - here’s Nadiyah Hussain (and Jack) singing the praises of tinned feasts.

Calling all ageing ravers! Don the gloves and ski masks and head to this epic ‘immersive retrospective’ of rave culture that’s just opened at the Saatchi Gallery. Read about it here, but they’ve called it Sweet Harmony, so we’re pretty much already sold. 

This is a fascinating article that takes a look at the Apollo programme and the 50th anniversary of the lunar missions in the context of faith, the future and the religious connotations of leaving our planet. Perhaps one to discuss with Maggie Aderin-Pocock at this year's GB.

After all that, put the coffee down, take a few deep breaths and sink into this brand new slowburning beauty from our Monday headliner Gregory Alan Isakov and his band.

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Youth Work / MY WORK & Gil Scott Heron.

Youth Work & Gil Scott Heron.

I am moved and that means 
I need to get it out of my chest 
by reflecting and you - 
you are the recipient  -

 I appreciate that.
I listened to the Gil Scott-Heron documentary 
He is even more my hero now.

Here he was, RIP Gil, a drug dependent person 
and even losing his life through this addictive illness. 
Yet I respect him. 
Poet/Singer/Author/Activist/Fragile human being.

"I came from a broken home."
Not me
I am quoting Gil Scott-Heron 
poet, recording artiste, campaigner. 

My work - MISSION::

I worked with a group of

wounded young humans some time ago. 

Everyone of them had

come from a broken home. 

All had either been forced to leave
or chosen to leave because they were 
~being physically battered 
~made to feel they were not wanted

Another young man I know 
was pushed away to live with grandmother 
no place for him 'at home'.
In his twenties he still feels rejected
and has little confidence.

To feel unwanted 
must be absolutely terrible. 

Another tells me,
and it still rings in my ears,
that he was moved out
to nothing because
he was caught up in endless fights
between his parents. 

He was cared for by the state 
He mental health was cared for
He talks about feeling like a stray cat. 

The stray cat lived on the street 
no food for days 
hardly sleeping 
no clean clothes
filthy hair 
all alone
feeling not good enough
feeling not enough.

He talks of walking into school
nobody knew him
feeling all alone 
without a family 
without a base 
without belonging 
without without. 

He heard screaming in the night 
He was full of such nightmares 
He felt lost emotionally
relationally and
totally unstable.

At home he never been acknowledged 
even doing well at school -
it was ignored. 
He did good things, NO PRAISE 
He joined a gang did bad things and

So many I know and work with,
and such a privilege to know them, 

explode - violence 


Implode - self harm. 


Thursday, July 18, 2019

I don't agree with OPRAH

What a sad world we would live in if 
we all sought out the strongest.
If we all went out to better ME - only ME.

I knew a man who was proud to say::
"I look around and go to the most important person in the room and engage with them ....."


My view on this::
We look for the one standing alone.
A human who looks uncomfortable in the context.
Human = contact needed.

I believe 
(+ others)
if we spend time 'with the least'
with the aggressive
loud ..................... +

We ourselves will experience more satisfaction & 
inner being becoming beauty
rather than spending time with the rich/powerful/famous !

Growth for all of us
starts and is nurtured
among the underside of life
(He who was rich became poor)
A place called uncomfortable.

What do you do?
Consider change?

Oprah - you are beautiful human but I disagree with your quote here.


I feel the emotion here - have you ever felt like this?