Sunday, November 30, 2008

If you have read my blog below - you will know where I have been.
1980/2008 = 28 years.
We have been meeting up for that long.
We have all changed.
Not just the wisps of gray hair.
Not just the job changes -
geographical -
relational -
but the emotional and the spiritual.
AND beautiful.

Whatever the changes - these humans enter into an environment of acceptance.
A climate of trust and confidentiality.
28 years and we know how to do it - we just open up like flowers to the sun.

We have met only twice this year for Level Five.
A few others for a meal out - that is social and not-so L5.
Once in London - once in Nottingham - we all dressed in green and played with bows and arrows for the occasion......... joking!

We eat, chat, coffee, pictures, hugs, sleep and play music but,
we are really ODD!
We pull ourselves aside and spend one hour for each person. That one has the focus for an hour. To talk. Have the experience of being listened to. Have probing loving questions, unconditional love, all directed with the aim of understanding.
It is never boring. It is interesting extreme. It is deep and a journey into the soul.

We all live away from each other. Different unique lives. Each with a story of our own. The combination would make a great book.
The experience is refreshing.
Privilege comes to mind.
Then we go home ..................

I am aware that this is most likely outside your experience. But do you get it? Can you understand, via my fumbling stumbling words, how it can be?
It is an experience beyond words which builds up year on year.

I post a few Pipturesque here. The last blog was older pix.
We meet again in the New Year for a meal - then it will be July before we L5 - but I will be there.
In the busyness of life, with feelings not wanting another w/e away, I have no hesitation of residing in the place called Level Five.
Love it love it.

you can see a video on my piPhone above.
(If you cannot see a video playing, you need flash or a better memory in your machine)

It has been made by my mate Big John.
It all comes out of a recent visit to this land called Holy.
Powerful ....................... extreme ...............

Friday, November 28, 2008

It is a Level Five week-end starting tomorrow.

We have been together since then. Work it out!

Some historic Piptuesque here.

I didn't think it was going to happen. Communications has been frustrating for me. I have had to say NO NO to my emotions. It can be frustrating when others don't communicate.
Then I tell myself 'They could be in trouble - going through tough times.' It does happen eh?
(We scan our own lives and remember when we cannot handle the straw that would break the camels back.)

So I will be trundling up the M1, backbone of the UK, to Nottingham.
We will do L5 together and love it.

Do you have a group who L5 together ?
It does not happen unless we do it - work at it - plan it.
The benefits of belonging to an intimate community are immense.

You are beautiful whatever you do and whatever groups you do/don't belong to.
But the journey ahead .............. we need to hold hands with others .......

“When adults act like children they are silly.
When children act like adults they are delinquent”

The Dangers of NOT

A thought - when we get a feeling that we don't want to sit down and talk to someone - that is a dangerous place to be.

Emotional literacy, being in touch with our feelings, is the first step in all this.
We need to feel first. Feel all the time.

We all have trouble just sitting quietly
if we're experiencing powerful emotions
or we are in 'task'.

That's because the body is riddled with emotion
and is in a state of is in a 'call to action'.

These are the times when we listen least,
awareness is diminished, and we can fail to love.

Also, when we are frightened, the awareness part of us,
in terms of clocking our feelings,
temporarily shuts down.

We are distracted by random thoughts when danger threatens.
We are flooded with the adrenaline because we need to fight or take flight.
Another option, automatic in humans,
is to freeze, to be absolutely still and become "invisible."

The number one - when it comes to developed behaviour,
is to be aware of our feelings, at all times,
when they are starting to move from 'normal' everyday feelings.

So - when we are in task,
going somewhere - a meeting to attend - a task to do - an emotional fix - a worry about something,
and someone wants to talk to us,
THAT/THESE are the times we can offer rejection not love.
These are the times when we don't have time.
If you feel that you cannot sit down when talking to someone
- wow - danger danger.

Do you clock this?
Is it making sense?
......... and you?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I feel deeply for the Nation of India.

All my friends and their Families too.

What terrible horrific death and injury. Humans against humans.

bBlessed my friends in these tough days ...............
Few words, lots of music, few minutes, lots of feelings.

I think of you and will not say/ask
'are you ok'?
as it seems to stimulate the response
'I'm alright - how are you'
repeat repeat .......

5 Words to describe my life at the moment::

..... and you .......?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Little Book of Blob Questions

Printed: 28 pages, 15.59 cm x 23.39 cm, saddle-stitch binding, black and white interior ink

Download: 1 documents , 1303 KB


The Little Book of Blobs is the companion book to the Big Book of Blobs (available from and explains how to use questions effectively with others. Using the Blob Tree visual it crosses all boundaries of gender, culture, and language. Small at 28 pages, but beautiful.

Details and to view/buy HERE

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have had a gig cancelled so I steered to the seaside to visit Joy at her home and Joan who had gone ahead of me.

So here I am moving from intense to shut down.
I like that.
Normal and good.

I will return to the planet tomorrow hey hey

Monday, November 24, 2008

100 mph backwards..

I am buzzing, full of feelings.
Tired, adrenalin - less.
More than tired

Thos are the five words to describe my life at the moment - this minute.
I would love to know yours, your five words.
I want to know how you are feeling.
I yearn intimacy.
We can only do that by getting close
both removing masks.

I am on a train
heading for London
Kings Cross.

I am heading for a life vigurated by the day.
I love seeing humans energised.
I love seeing humans interacting.
I love feeling humans.

I can never lead a session on any subject
without going below the waterline,
I am talking Iceberg Pipology here.
Below the waterline
hidden, not the tip on view.
Not behaviour
but the forces beyond behaviour
the forces behind behaviour.

Emotional Literacy.
Emotional Intelligence.
Being intelligent about our emotions.

What have learned today?
That adult humans are scared to step outside 'normal'.
Resent it at first
Uncomfortable zones.
Then energise
then laugh
warm up
and a new normal is accepted.

It is worth it and right
to step into uncomfortable zones.
Yet few will seek it out unless facilitated.

I am determined to live my life with more residing in a place called uncomfortable.
More places called uncertainty,
I will refresh the irritation daily.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rock and Rolling

Posted by ShoZu

Becoming emotionally literate, you need to be
(a) paying attention to people around you, and more importantly,
(b) you have to actually care about them.
(Nicked from the web)

That is a road I am on.
Loving humans, loving God, loving non-humans and earthy things.
That is love in the whole.

Joan is cooking SLOW FOOD.
I first heard that term about 3 weeks ago.
My dumb brain was slow to connect.
Slow Food - Fast Food.
Oh yes!
Food you cook yourself which is a bit of loving yourself and others who you dish it up for.

Wilson Mansions we max slow food.
Joan is an artiste in this way.
She does a new dish every week.
Creativity and healthy for the soul and body.
We have a cereal which is e number free and sugar free.
With a banana - great stuff.

I am blogging early because I have to train it to Leeds Rhino country.
Working there tomorrow - train tonight and it is snowing in the UK.
I need to pack, check my prep, walk the station, train, tube, train, delays, iPod .......
Life is so exciting ..........

Stir up Day today.
Next week the new year begins = Advent.
Next Sunday our Church choir do a fab and big
Advent Carol Service/Concert in the evening.
I will miss it because I have a Level Five week-end.
It is looking a bit dodgy at the moment - w/e wise
humans not replying hmmmm

Reminds me of my unconditional love friends
who email me knowing they probably won't get a reply ...
... thank you much ......

.... your love compels us to come in
Our hands are unclean
our hearts are unprepared
we are not fit
even to eat the crumbs under your table ...........

And that is me in Church this am.
My mind just speeds away.
Here I am trying to talk to God, internal/eternal whispering,
and I drift away
I start writing a blog in my head.
Stop it - I say.

I am determined to live my life as a living sacrifice
I have decided to live my life as an act of love ........

...... and I drift away ..........
.......... I need some more crumbs ...........

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A young couple moved into a new town.
The next morning while they are eating breakfast, the young woman
sees her neighbour hanging the washing outside.

"That laundry is not very clean", she said. "She doesn't know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better washing powder"
Her husband looked on, but remained silent.
Every time her neighbour would hang her washing to dry, the young
woman would make the same comments.

About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice
clean wash on the line and said to her husband:
"Look, she has learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this?"
The husband said,
"I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows."

And so it is with life.
What we see when watching others
depends on the purity of the window through which we look.

John O'Donohue says
"Everything depends on the lens you use.
Make your gaze beautiful. "

It is so easy to to see imperfection in others and forget our own which may be different. That is why I like 'beautiful imperfection' as a frame work for understanding all human kind. We are all beautiful. We are all imperfection.
You are different than me - in your beauty.
You are different than me - in your imperfection.

I believe we can refocus.
With outside help we can be different in the way we look at other.
They can tell you know.
When we look with disdain - they can read facial expressions
They can see our posture, read the pitch and vocal tones.

When love is in the gaze - it is seen, heard and felt.
Make love ...................

Friday, November 21, 2008

..... at the end of the day and .... at the end of the week .....

I am feeling more relaxed now because I have cracked my prep.
Knowing what I am to do is the big one. Once I have the design I am more fulfilled as I pull the details together.
It becomes final as I bring together the Keynote tool machine (I don't do presentations) Keynote is the Powerpoint which I believe exists on these grey boxes called PC's. Only it as got wings. It flys. I love it and every day I discover new ways of being creative.

I placed some words on my facebook status today. I don't often bother - I am a bit cool on facebook and never do all these add ons or join campaigns etc.... I like reading updates from genuine souls. It is better now. At first it was just a bunch of humans trying to be witty and clever with superficial words. Now we get little snippets of what people are actually doing. Where they are. Sometime - sometimes, we get a few humans who tell us how they are feeling. I like that.
Today I did an extract from last nights blog. "Blue Pill = comfortable, no risks, safe, secure, predictable, certainty:: Red Pill = uncomfortable, risk, adventure, uncertainty, stretch, hurt, danger?"
I have received a few comments - everyone the red pill! A bit like the Obama response. Total.

So I sip a late night Cointreau. No cigar now a days. I am in the lounge, armchair, laptop on my knee, Newsnight art review discussing that strange thing called ART. hmmmmm These humans are so intense and talking over each other. A battle of clever words. I want a deep breathe now.

I need to read one of my on-the-go inspirational books this week-end. I need to take a shower of the soul.

....... at the end of the day I am sitting before the one eyed monster.
MTV with a U2 v Red Hot Chilly Peppers battle.
Joan and Zig have just retired to zedzz

I have had a good and stretching day.
Usually they go together.
Unstretched usually goes with a bad day!

Now I am tired and need to sleep.
My mind is churning the things I need to do tomorrow.
Undone things.
Deadline things.

I wonder if you are in stretch?
Do you choose stretch?
Or do you choose comfortable?
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.

I know sometime
we need to choose comfortable.
Rest awhile

I always remember doing the red pill blue pill thing with a group of beautiful humans who were unemployed, with stress fractures of the soul.
Some alcoholics, mental health issues, chemical influences da de da.
Blue Pill = comfortable, no risks, safe, secure, predictable, certainty ...........
Red Pill = uncomfortable, risk, adventure, uncertainty, stretch, hurt, danger ...........
One young woman said to me "I want to take the Red Pill Pip. But my life is such a mess I must take the Blue Pill".
She reached out to the table in the centre of the group, laden with sweets and picked up and ate a Blue Smartie .........

I understood. I understand. I loved her in it and she knows I do.
She had real bouts of suicidal feelings.
Yet she came to my group.
She wanted to be with others.
Not hiding - wanting.
But she was brave enough to consider Blue or Red.
Brave enough to also decide - make a decision.
So often there is no decision.
Status Quo rules.

Lots to reflect upon here at Wilson Mansions.
I need to get stuff out of my soul
I am full-up!
Will do tomorrow when I finish my stretch and start to chill at the end of the week.

I think of you before I close up my mac laptop.
I wonder how your soul is?
I wonder if you yearn for the Red Pill - getting out of your comfort zones?
I wonder if you you are yearning for an opportunity to be offered a Blue Pill?
I wonder if you place yourself in a place to decide?
Whatever you decide, you are beautiful.
Whatever you decide -
choose life .......

A decision here for you,
Click or don't click HERE

Thursday, November 20, 2008

..... and at the end of the day ........

Joan and me popped into Brick Lane to taste some Curry - fantastic food.
It was a curry special because Alison and Andy are soon to be wed.
We celebrated together in the best way and here are some Pipturesque to prove it.
We were only seven. Big John missed, Matt and Emma, Dana, Richard and Jen, Gordon, Oyvin, Bonnie, Ross and more - all missed out.
We missed you much.
Dave Emmerson made his, becoming the norm, late entry having ordered by text.

This is me
‘In times of change
the learners
will inherit the earth,
while the knowers
will find themselves
beautifully equipped
to deal with a world
that no longer exists’
Eric Hoffer
Day work was prepping for two very different facilitation's. My nervy bit ended when I had completed one. I then knew what I was to do, objectives and context considered, and I hit the final design with much more energy.

Now I will go to zedz - and will see you in the evening of tomorrow.

I can’t stop singing ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home.’
“That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.”
“Is it common?”
“It’s Not