Thursday, May 31, 2012


I don't watch much TV
News + selected programmes - yes
Music is my first love.

Things like::
X Factor
Britain got talent
I read about in the Guardian
headlines only
a bit like I am with football
Headlines only
sociology I guess
rather than focused as a supporter.

Now Rugby League
that really gets me going ......

Here I am coming out of a busy 2012 run
I have been full on
neglected everyone
including myself.
So I am re thinking life.
Full-on reflecting.

I don't seek pleasure.
I get such deep
from my work/life/
(it all rolls into one)

So I don't work
then have time off
it's all MISSION I guess.

I am finding I am not good at relaxation.
(New revelation-
I am getting older
and can't work all the time)

I don't garden
golf, sail, hobby -
I write/reflect
I meet people
I plan and deliver
developmental programmes.

I realise I need to find something
which is satisfying
I cannot think of anything
I am not good at pleasure/just for me.
At the moment I step into a new
Road Less Travelled
I don't know what ........

I am incomplete

I am considering this::
I am maybe more
than I have ever been.

Here I am
working for the development
and wholeness of others
and I say that!!

But I like this.
Being in touch with my interior
does not freak me.
It is reality.
I journey inside
I journey outside.

I am examining my life position/reality.
I am feeling things.
God given feelings

It is stimulating
my feelings.

Two days ago I felt a bit low/flat.
Not near depressed.
Just coming out of hectic
From focusing on activity/delivery
Now focusing on me!
My incompleteness
changes ahead.

I like the interior journey.
I like refreshing my insecurity
I am not scared of funny feelings
It calles me to dig
Soul undressing.

Then on a train two days ago
my note book reads::

A sort of list of chapters of my next book
the book ahead
not about the past.
comes to kind.

This book beyond beyond
starts with a reality check

Mission - a re-visit.

Going to do another blog about this
- some journalling as I go forward.

Hope you get my ramblings?
Only you, who read this and
visit me here, I will spill with
- I appreciate you being here,
will get these thoughts.

I only tell people who ask
I don't dump my thoughts/pondering/missionizing
wonderings/yearnings on anybody/everybody
just you

Thanx for scanning me as I reflect
truly beautiful - you are ...............


Yearning for change as usual

"I never wanted to be famous
I succeeded

I never wanted to be rich
I succeeded to degree level

I never wanted to be this age
It sort of came with experience

I never wanted to be good looking
Achieved at birth

I never wanted to be educated
I achieved in every school

I never wanted to believe in God
I tripped and stumbled into her

I never wanted to be a writer
I just started to reflect on life

I never wanted to be imaginative
It just happens as I strive to love

I never wanted to be comfortable
I had it once, before the faith began

I never wanted to be restless
I now choose it and yearn for it

I never wanted to be irritated
but now I refresh that irritation

I never wanted to be thirsty
then I discovered it in ever sense

I never wanted to be sexy
Thank you very much God

I never wanted to have a sense of humour
Then I discovered more than five senses

I never wanted to be vulnerable
I discovered it was a strength not a weakness

I never wanted to marry a rich woman
I think she is rich beyond compare

I never wanted to be beautiful
It took me 40 years to know
I was a beautiful human person

I never wanted to be in a band
I now have a great band of friends

I never wanted to be imperfect
I now know it is in synergy with beautiful

I never wanted to be on a road less travelled
I discovered it goes along with human development

I never wanted to be a great lover
I found it as a life mission

I never wanted to be disabled
I learned that I have abilities and disabilities

I never wanted an idol, mentor, guru, then
I met someone who said follow me
And that's all I ever wanted



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am the opposite to boring
I am the opposite to depressing
I am the opposite to ugly
I am the opposite to stupid
I am the opposite to successful
I am the opposite to smart
I am the opposite to intelligent
I am the opposite to rich
I am the opposite to frozen
I am the opposite to perfect
I am the opposite to complete
I am the opposite to settled
I am the opposite to content
I am the opposite to being
I am the opposite to hard
I am the opposite to silent
I am the opposite to paused
I am the opposite to country
I am the opposite to still
I am the opposite to death
I am the opposite to..........
I am the opposite to..........
I am the opposite to..........
I am the opposite to..........
I am the opposite to..........
I have left some blanks for you to complete


No Church In The Wild


From the last album I bought ......



Between November 2011 and February 2012 the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image conducted a wide-ranging Inquiry into the causes and consequences of body image anxiety. During the public consultation we heard from a range of witnesses including representatives from industry, the voluntary sector, academics, youth organisations and the media. The report set out below captures the evidence presented to us – including the evidence sessions held in Parliament, the responses to the public consultation and a number of briefings and academic papers sent to us.



World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Family stands in the rubble of their home in Beit LahiyaFrom 28 May-3 June 2012

people all over the UK will be taking action for a just peace in the Holy Land.

The 'World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel' (WWPPI) is an initiative from the World Council of Churches calling participants to pray, educate and advocate for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This year it focuses on the themes of displacement and dispossession, and how these all too frequently cause hardship and instability, and fracture the possibility of peace.

During the week of peace churches in over 20 countries worldwide will use the resources available to raise awareness about the injustices in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, encourage people to listen to the voices of those from the region, and take action to work for a just peace for all.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I remember
meeting a London based architect
who said he had never touched anyone,
or had been touched,
for twenty years!!
He had conducted the formal hand shake
several times a day but .......
he did not mean that sort of touch.

I had facilitated an exercise
with a group of young adults
lots of interaction
self disclosure
little activities which increased
into more intimacy -
many of them including informal touching
along the way.
He had been touched
experienced touching
and liked it ........

The finger tip can communicate feelings.
If a big man called Misha from Russia
came into the same room as me right now
he would do two things.
1 he would lift his fingerprint and press it to mine.
2 he would give me a big bear hug
3 he would give me a massive big grin.
He used to be a Professor of the Moscow Officer training college
during the USSR years.
Once an officer now is a key YMCA National leader
for the Russian YMCA.
He is a big man.

Touch can be:-
and other words you may think of ....
...... or imagine.

Touch can speak louder than words.
"I was touched"
can mean that an experience was
deep and meaningful.

I have blogged in the past
about a 'touching moment'
when I was vulnerable.
When I facilitate
training courses or
games evenings or
developmental workshops,
it is fantastic to create the sort of activities/exercises
when people can touch each other in a non-threatening ways.
Groups seem to kick into a different depth
when they can freely show sensitivity to others

I have just returned from a festival called
'AS ONE Festival'.
Many young humans there,
most of the beautiful humans there -
have have experienced tough times
in their, still teenage, lives.
home - less
family - less
security - less
and maybe many of them
love - missed.

I consider that
we had a collection of
the most
economically poor young people

that ever graced a UK festival
and yet
they are rich beyond compare .........

'From its earliest days,
the child had to learn degrees of approach
and withdrawal toward everyone around her.
He had to learn whom he could touch,
in whose arms comfort
and warmth could be sought,
where distance was the safer course.'
Margaret Mead,
Sex and Society

During the early part of the Festival two days
I had some on-stage presence but
mainly was around
colliding with anyone
and everyone -

I had met before
those alongside them
others alone
others in noisy groups
couples kissing
passing people
people eating.

Always a cheery greeting
a little chat
a reminder
that 'you are beautiful'
and other words
with the same message.

By the end of the two days
I had encountered many
little exchanges/conversations
and led a few sessions and
played some great music
from the main stage.

I was aware that I was touching a lot more.
The little encounters helped me feel free
a approach and rub a shoulder
and be met with smiles
and followed by a hug .......

Others more familiar with me
received a little shoulder massage
followed by a high-five.
Loved it.

Only one person shy'd away
when I gave a quick touch of the shoulder.

A developing relationship
and a good relationship
includes touch.

At The Greenbelt Festival
some years ago
in the heady days of 30,000 people
and a main-stage attracting everyone -
I have fond memories of everyone of the humans
reaching out with their fingertips
and touching the outstretched fingertips of others
everyone interlinking
both hands
one finger
one unique finger tip.
A minute of real communication.
A flesh-full
massive net of saying something special.

I have used this
and at the same time
had someone read the unique poem
I created when I worked with the east end teenagers.
(NOW AT THE TOP OF THIS BLOG -click to enlarge)

To touch is to heal,
to hurt is to steal.
If you want to kiss the sky,
better learn how to kneel.

Research has been conducted
regarding the sensitivity of the finger tip.
But we know that anyway

Touch someone today


"When we tell stories,
we touch hearts.
If we talk about theories
and speak about ideas,
the mind may assimilate them
but the heart remains untouched.
It is the story of a specific person
that is the way to the heart."
Jean Vanier


Pip -

Last week, I got a call from my manager at work asking if I'd be happy to be interviewed by Newsnight about working as a young single parent.

Of course I'd be happy to do that, being a working mum is something I'm proud of but I didn't expect to be personally scrutinised.

So I was devastated to see the interview that went to air on BBC2 on Wednesday that had been edited to make it look like I was an unemployed scrounger, questioned why I didn't live with my parents and made no mention of my job with Tower Hamlets Council.

I've worked since I was 16 and I only get help towards my rent because it is so high. The way that the programme has portrayed me is totally unfair so I've started a campaign on asking Newsnight to tell me why they felt it was OK to humiliate me in this way and publicly apologise for it.

Please click here to watch the interview and add your support.

In the full interview, the reporter even asked me if I thought it was right to have had my daughter. I couldn't believe the question. I am proud of being a working mum. I do my very best, and these questions were really offensive.

Please join me in calling for a public apology from Newsnight and ensuring that others aren't inaccurately represented.

Shanene Thorpe

I don't want to
influence you
change you
talk to you.
I just want to
get much closer to you
and, in that ongoing closeness,
nurture a relationship
from which we both
will touch unique
finger tips
and benefit
in, yet unknown,
magnetic ways.



Monday, May 28, 2012

Can you see God ?
Can you touch God?
Then there isn't a God!

*Student raises their hand and says...*

Sir, can you see your brain?
Can you touch your brain?
Oh okay,
so you don't have a brain?


A caterpillar is nothing like a butterfly
but one develops from the other.


I sat in a circle of YMCA Hostel Residents.
We talked about the potential in a caterpillar
and shared our collective wisdom...........

It was late night.
They had a free choice to join me.
I had pushed an invitation
under each bedroom door.
A dozen out of 100 joined me.

We talked potential .....

An acorn is the soul of an oak tree.
An acorn has the potential
to become an oak tree.

So we talked about the things
which can stop that acorn
developing into its full potential.
Crushed by a boot,
no moisture,
damaged in the fall,
landing on concrete,
poor environment,
uprooted or
eaten in early life ...
..and more.

And then the application to ourselves,
the human soul and
the potential to become
a fully alive human person.

What can hinder that development .....
" the glory of God is a person fully alive"

Everyone in that group,
including me,
shared the reality of their own 'damage'
during the development process in life.
The emotions ran high
as we shared and took ownership of real hurt
and also the equipping for life
that this sometimes gave.

The purpose of the YMCA is NOT to provide:-
fitness classes
child care
sporting opportunities .....
.....and more.

All these we do, and are leaders in the field,
but these are the means
to achieving our Aims and Purposes,

and to provide
developmental opportunities for all.

Those acorns into oak trees,
those caterpillars into butterfly's.

We are about whole person development.
That is what makes the YMCA distinctive.
That is what we mean by
putting Christian principles into practice.

"An empty belly has no ears"
quote an African Proverb.

So many people
who dip their needy toes into a YMCA

are at the bottom of the social pile.
They arrive at a YMCA
because they are welcomed
at their point of need.

They are NOT to be oppressed.
They are NOT to be preached at, ..
...those empty bellies are there to be filled
and ears to receive valuing comments,
affirmation blessings, authentic love,.......
the environment needs to be right
to facilitate the acorn

and the human person to grow.

A part of that journey is the experience
of 'belonging',

a sense of 'security',
the experience of 'self esteem',
cognitive and aesthetic needs.
All these, according to Maslow and
his famous hierarchical model,

culminate in self actualisation.

That is what we aim for,
the height of spiritual/ wholistic/fully human person state.
A model crisp and clear to Bible fans everywhere ....
"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature,
and in favour with God and man."
(Luke 2:52)

So the YMCA aims for the highest,
as all us leaders know to well,
it is the great journey
we ourselves desire to achieve.

Martin Luther King did NOT say
"I have a budget"
Martin Luther King did say
"I have a dream"
I have a vision!
I have a mission! ......
....... and we in the YMCA
are about that same mission.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love the Level Five conversations
it makes my life

The struggle is ...
in situations when level five is not 'right'-
has to be at the other persons pace...
I feel like I have a bit between my teeth.

I want to tell you who I am.
I want to know who you are.

Today not yesterdays you.

Thank YOU for telling me who you are ............


And I sat there waiting for me



Oh, ohhh Oh, ohhh
I was lost between the midnight and the dawning
In a place of no consequence or company
Sweet 33 when the numbers fell off the clock face

Speed dialling with no signal at all

Go, shout it out, rise up
Oh, ohhh

Escape yourself, and gravity
Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak

Shush now Oh, ohhh
Force quit and move to trash

I was right there at the top of the bottom
On the edge of the known universe where I wanted to be
I had driven to the scene of the accident

And I sat there waiting for me

Restart and reboot yourself
You’re free to go Oh,

Shout for joy if you get the chance
Password, you, enter here, right now

Oh, ohhh
You know your name so punch it in

Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak

Shush now

Oh, ohhh
Then don’t move or say a thing


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I love the views from the trains
as you see the backside of the urban sprawl.

I see the near-side graffiti written rail-side and
then the flats so close in the inner London scene.

Then the fortunate ones with the stacking white plastic chairs
left out to sunbath or freeze.

Beyond there is the shuttered houses
with most occupants out working to pay the mortgages
so they can enjoy the garden come spring and summer?
..... and the passing trains.

The graffiti is big and strong.
Is it a night-time activity or week-ends?

There I see the harsh stark bare sharp trees.
So cold and glum like most people I met these last days.
Peaking through the housing skyline,
in most of the passing landscape,
are churches with spires,
(and the nonconformists roofs!)
and a surprising number with scaffolding.
What are they doing with those buildings?
Are they representing a community each?
I like the backside of things.

There is an underside with the people I have met too.
Some who were up for it in the past,
are now glum or low right now.
These God given emotions do things to us eh?
So sad to talk with some who are locked
in the negative and
cannot see beyond that.
I feel deeply.
I love deeply.
I energize deeply.

Others are looking forward having 'owned' their ugly past.
It is really fantastic for me
to feel their new life and
observe their new self esteem
which is so foundational.

love it love it.


U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2

U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2


I love my little


the only human
who can call me

she is coming to stay
through to Sunday

I am working away


I will delight



♥⁰◦°˚°are ◦°˚°
♥⁰◦°˚°a ◦°˚°
◦°˚°person ♥⁰◦°˚°♥


Episode image for Britain's Hidden Homeless

Duration: 1 hour

When she was 19, Mercury Prize-winning rap artist Speech Debelle walked out of her family home and became homeless for three years. In this moving documentary, she shows that being homeless isn't just about down and outs sleeping in cardboard boxes, but is a problem which affects more and more young people in Britain today. Speech gets to know four young people from very different backgrounds - all of them sofa surfing or sleeping rough - as they try to find a more permanent roof over their heads. She discovers that councils and charities are struggling to cope with this growing crisis and she investigates the impact on young people's lives.

Speech Debelle will be also playing Greenbelt Festival in August

Angry Partner May Also Be Sad

An Angry Partner May Also be Sad Married couples usually are pretty good at recognizing each other’s emotional state during conflicts.

However, researchers have found that one significant emotion – sadness – often may be missed when a partner is angry.

Moreover, the anger expressed during a quarrel may represent more than just the current topic of disagreement.

Baylor University researchers say the presentation of anger during a marital argument may reflect the overall climate of your marriage rather than what your partner is feeling at the moment of the dispute.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There's a story behind every person.
There's a reason why they're the way they are.
Think about that before you judge someone.

It all depends
on the LENS
you use
make your gaze


Today I will spread peace,
And i may fail and I may not but i will try.

Today I will spread love,
And I may fail and I may not but I will try.


Thanks for listening God.
Today I will listen to you.
And I may fail and I may not but I will try.

............ this is a little slice out of the social networking STUFF
hitting my screen ...

So we aim for the highest,
as all us leaders know to well,
it is the great journey
we ourselves desire to achieve.

What about
what about
Mission ?

Martin Luther King did NOT say
"I have a budget"
Martin Luther King did say
"I have a dream"
I have a vision!
I have a mission! ............. are we all
about Mission?
that Mission. ??


My Great friends

I don't see enough of ....
.........Volker and Ulli

Tomorrow is another year
it seems to me.
Real mission starts.
A new life,
a journey of exploration and,
I trust, development.
I believe
it must also be about the
wholistic development of the

if all that doesn't step forward ...
.. what use is the individual?

Ok .... the Glory of God is
an individual human person
'fully alive'
how can we be fully alive
unless we impact the
around us?

Real faith is
(seems to pipdiddy)
- personal
- social
- cosmic

............. because
God loves the world

SO much that he want us
in it
loving it! and
loving in it!!

Not a bad for tomorrows new year eh?
To be a great lover





Monday, May 21, 2012


with a thousand other Youth Workers::

1 Mark Oestreicher: 'The pain I expected in Haiti, but what I didn't expect to find, in all the pain was praise and worship #yws12
2 'Keeping the vision when the dream has died.' Here goes MarkO, who's sharing the way his dream died when he lost his job #yws12
3 So great to hear leaders of youth ministry being honest and vulnerable with their peers
4 Wow a man really sharing his darkest feelings with us at #yws12
5 is encouraged by Marko's honesty. I've been there & had a similar journey
6 Hope is a longing, a waiting, a desperation for something yet to come.


I lurve to share the good things I discover::


Sunday, May 20, 2012

.... and I travel
and collide
with beautiful humans

One such unique beautiful human
allows me to post a poem or two.

I love the way she writes

I have a post-it on my wall
it's pink.

It says:
«1 bag apples».

I would stand there in the shop
wondering whether to buy green or red.
Then I'd discover a pair of green eyes
at the end of the isle.

I forgot the apples.
But there's a post-it on my wall
it's pink.


is revealed
how we treat
those who
can neither
help us
hurt us



♥╫╟╖A╥╖K ╙╢O╙╜♥⁰◦°˚°