Friday, September 30, 2011

50 years ago
I had my first date with MrsBeautiful.

I took her to the Cavern Club
in Liverpool - a cool place to be.
(in those days in would have been
'trendy' !)

I have book which tells you
bill for every night
at the Cavern.

Gerry and The Pacemakers
were playing that night.
Even if the Beatles had been playing
we were too preoccupied - just

We were right at the back
of this underground/arched club.
The priority was the human
as always
this time it was just the two of us.
Getting to know each other.

Yesterday we celebrated the day with a walk
into town and a late salad lunch
in a little cafe.

Just thought I would let you into the secret
- not really a secret!

We were married three years later
virtually to the day.

Here you can see the membership card
which I had acquired from regular visits
to this fantastic venue with my mates
They greatest of lineups.

Top of the bill
was always a Jazz Band
with warm ups conducted
by 'beat groups'.

50 years of KISSING !!

Joy working in BEVERLY HILLS

Beautiful stuff on here

take a break and watch

I can see people moving forward.
I see them progressing in their emotional life.
Some of them building on their self knowledge,
self esteem and growing in stature.
The wholeness of Shalom.

I love it love it
and it means I am reaching out
and being touched myself
by a Shalom finger tip,
being blessed,
being shaken,
being changed
in the presence
of these beautiful humans.
I experience

and I am scared
it is a big one
Saints v The Pies
Our arch enemies and they are damn good.

We beat them last time ......

St Helens v Wigan

by our ex manager/of both teams actually.

Saints don't have a huge home advantage as they're at Widnes' stadium this season and Wigan didn't have a hard game against Catalan last week which is very much in their favour.

The week off was fantastic for Saints and the key to this one is Wigan's ability to handle the St Helens forwards and then James Roby around the ruck area. I'm very much undecided.

I do think the Warriors have another big performance in them but Saints exposed some weaknesses in their defence around the ruck last time. It's a game to sit back and enjoy but I have to make a selection so will go for Wigan to win and cover.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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I remember once
back in the early 70's -
I grabbed a picture of the wall in our flat
and just smashed it.
It shocked me.
That was not being emotionally intelligent!

We were living in a flat
above a youth and community centre.
Seven days a week.
Pressure and worse kicking off.
I just lost it.

I think reaching our own cliff edge
is good.
It teaches us to only go so far.
I had to learn and
I have been learning ever since -
and I believe you do too!

Have you felt stress recently?
Do you tell anyone?
Do you talk it through?
Work at it?
Or do you contain it
like a capped volcano?
Building up for the next

It has got to come out.
There are different methods.
Some are secretly done.
One person silently releasing pressure/stress.

A better way is to spill.

Share with another human.
Otherwise we wear a mask.
We are not being real.
We are not authentic.

Then Shift happens.

We change
We grow.
We begin to love our feelings.
We welcome the signals.
We can read the semaphore.

We can become code breakers.

Emotional Intelligence is for us all.
For our wholeness
Divine ....................
Now ..
... me ..
I always look at my self
and the first question is ..
... feelings.

'Why am I afraid to tell you who I am -
because if I tell you who I am,
and you don't like who I am,
that is all I have.'

That is the title of my favourite book -
and here in internet space
I have the commitment to be as open as honest as I can
because I believe that is good for me,
and us all ..
..... in the journey of self understanding
and everything developmental.....
..... so I want to tell you who I am.

The Gospel According To Everyone

Writer and Greenbelt trustee Martin Wroe spoke on his new book, The Gospel According To Everyone, at Greenbelt 2011.
Featuring portraits by Meg Wroe, the book contains "twelve short stories of faith and doubt, of love and longing by people you may recognise from a church you've never been to".

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Garth Hewitt song performed by Reem Kelani is from 'Under the Influence, the Garth Hewitt Songbook Volume 1', an album of cover songs of Garth Hewitt to highlight Garth's songwriting and in support of the work of the Amos Trust (

The relevance of Reem's version of this song at a time when a vote for a Palestinian state goes before the UN could not be more poignant.

Most of the photos courtesy of Thomas Suarez and Amos Trust.

Recorded at St Luke's Church,
Holloway, London by Iain Archer

Arranged by Reem Kelani, Bruno Heinen & Ryan Trebilcock

Reem Kelani - vocals
'Oh Palestine', words and music Garth Hewitt,
Chain of Love Music - administered by Daybreak Music Ltd,
PO Box 2848, Eastbourne, EN20 7XP

Monday, September 26, 2011

Make your gaze beautiful.
John O'Donohue.

The pupil of the eye,
the black centre of the human eye,
dilates when it sees beauty.
It opens to allow more light in.
Light itself reflects on the dark centre -
and the eyes are seen to sparkle.

You are a beautiful human person.

When you see beauty
your eyes reveal it.

You are a beautiful human.

Only 7% of communication is words.
55% of human communication is in the face.
The rest is in the whole of the human frame.

Young humans living on the edge,
those I have yearned to be with,
work with - and love all my many years,
know when I love them or not.

Educated in the University of life,
Streetwise young humans can read
They can read you like a book -
even if they have never read a book.

We can see a person behaviour but
we cannot see their experience.

We see behaviour and we feel an instant dislike.
We feel scared or awkward or take an immediate dislike.

We can feel 'not ok' about difficult behaviour.
Aggression and violence all the more-so.
Our own feelings stop us thinking straight.
We go into 'fight or flight' mode.
Our eyes contract - our pupils become small
'He had piercing eyes' is often said.

If we can see beyond behaviour.
If we can see beyond behaviour -
past the behaviour to the soul,
we can feel, not fight or flight,
but empathy/awareness/identification/sensitivity.
Even LOVE.

An obnoxious person is
a hurting person - I always say.

When we get beyond behaviour,
with any human,
we enter into intimacy.
This is a deep and narrow road.
If there is trust,
mutual sharing,
mutual vulnerability,
(he who was rich became poor),
we see the soul of the person.
That works both ways.

Emotional Literacy is understanding,
reading, and managing our emotions.
If we train ourselves,
we can receive a feeling, such as fear,
and that signal (feelings are Signals),
and know what to do with that signal.

Fight or flight is unthought out.
Emotional Literacy is thought out.
It is awareness feeding skill.
A skilled person in this area can,
usually with some difficulty,
decide how to manage the language of their body,
and words, tone, facial expression and,
even, if they can love, their eyes.

We have only dipped our toes into awareness.
It is 'The Road Less Travelled'*.
An invisible road to fumble and stumble along.
Less travelled, risky, uneven, narrow and
as the first three words say in that book*,

You are a beautiful human person.
Believe it.
Follow that with the aim to 'feel it'
and maybe we can see the beauty also -
in other beautiful humans.

Pip Wilson.BHP
Cash converters,
turning televisions
into Heroin
since 1988
♫ ♫ ♫ YOU ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ARE ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ BEAUTY ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ FULL ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
. Click the Photo below
it enlarges
real big
see the beautiful
eyes shining

they were waving at me
great to see it now
Whats going on?
Things are happening
all around
and then
there is another life
all in my head
my soul.

I find that the external
least impacts me.
The internal is most

Do I let the battle continue
or do I concentrate
on the external more?
- or do I let the inner me
take over?

Love divine.

In Church

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Gospel According To Everyone


Writer and Greenbelt trustee Martin Wroe spoke on his new book, The Gospel According To Everyone, at Greenbelt 2011. Featuring portraits by Meg Wroe, the book contains "twelve short stories of faith and doubt, of love and longing by people you may recognise from a church you've never been to". Here's Martin, with an introduction [...]

Read the entire post


Our lives have ethos-filters
which influence our language
and behaviour
that stuff about
"you are beautiful"
is one of my filters

I suppose I believe
that what we believe,
hold as principles,
have as self-guidelines ......
....... they are filters
when it comes to

2 languages
- verbal
- body

- to our own interior
- to others
- to the community/society we live in
- to the comos - the planet we live in
- to the eternal significance
which we all have some contact with ....

need and greed
taker or maker
or don't read
view or don't view
quantity more-or-less
live or don't live
dwell or don't dwell
tent pitching place -
or following betterment
of self.

Filters don't change our feelings
do influence the decisions we make
when we receive signals from our feelings.
(Feelings are neutral - neither good nor bad)
they are just real.

Training ourselves to be in touch with them
and putting them through the filters
is what makes the Road Less Travelled beautiful
beautiful imperfection

These are just some of my filters -
offered as a stimulus to you and myself.
I am keen to keep my list active
because I must be missing out
some foundational ones.

One big filter::
-You are beautiful-
Seeing all humans
as beautiful
magical and magnetic.

It all depends
on the Lens
you use.
Make your gaze

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I move a little
to avoid the sun
I sway back
I need that sun
In my face

I find myself
closing my eyes
It is so bright

I need to open them
Me and the sun
have a history
I remember .....

I was on a train
going home
long day
long journey.

The sun shone through the window
through my dullness
through my tiredness.

It was flashing -
the sun.
As it came through the windows
of the moving train
it stayed on me!
Like a spotlight of sunbeams!

I considered it a blessing
It was a signal to offer up some thanks
I did
then it moved ....
It was on someone else -
so I offered some appreciation
for the stranger.

It became like a searchlight
light searching
for beautiful humans
earphones on
books being read
newspapers on knees
and all did not know
I was praying for them.

Some did not catch the rays.
Sleep shuts out light
Sleep will retain the sun
in a beautiful dream dream
sometimes never in a nightmare.

Now I find these beaming places
in church
on buses
between the clouds
gaps in fences
cracks in concrete
sails of boats
gaps in trees
in a cafe
behind and around a human I love
behind a person who struggles to love.

The sun is now a beautiful friend
but I don't only want her
for myself.
I want the sun to shine on
the so called beautiful
the many who don't feel beauty
the violent
the sick
the hurting
in a tunnel of depression
in a home of sadness
in a workplace of oppression.

I want to play my part too ...........

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

11/9/2011 . 671 notes . Reblog
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I think this is so good
and simple
only a graphic cartoon style
but about real life
and pain/

and humans
"We may be very well connected,
but we may not be well-connected heart to heart.
I may know you as a friend,
we can go for a drink together,
but I may not know what's going through in your heart"

Chua Seng Lee

Thom Yorke in the studio and I am at the heart of the music I love/all because of Gilles Peterson


Listen now (120 minutes)


7 days left to listen

Last broadcast today, 02:00 on BBC Radio 1.


Thom Yorke returns as Gilles's special studio guest this week, and he brings with him an exclusive Jamie xx remix of Radiohead as well as the new remix album due for release next month!

The two go back to back for the whole show, and touch on everything from Berliners Modeselektor and Anstam's dark beats, through to Footwork from DJ Slugo and some classic Bristol swag from Massive Attack. But not before dipping into classic US Jazz from Duke Ellington and Bossa Nova from Segio Garcia.

Radiohead fans and music lovers alike, this show is not to be missed!

Thom Yorke joins Gilles in the studio

Thom Yorke returns to join Gilles in the studio for 2 hours of words and music!

Music played

  1. Yann TomitaWe Travel The Space Ways

    Sony Japan
  2. BLO Chant To Mother Earth

    EMI Nigeria
  3. Radiohead Radiohead Little By Little (Caribou Remix)

  4. Virgo Four It’s A Crime (Caribou Remix)

    Rush Hour
  5. Lukid Spitting Bile

  6. Kode 9Neon Red Sun

  7. Jai Paul Jai Paul Btstu

  8. Frank MinionFlaminco Sketches

  9. Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Skin Deep Live At Newport 1956

  10. Steve ReidLionds of Judah (Kieran Hebden Re-edit)

  11. Anstam 9

  12. Modeselektor White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)

    BPitch Control
  13. Modeselektor Hasir

    BPitch Control
  14. Radiohead Radiohead Bloom (Mark Pritchard Remix)

  15. Africa Hitech Out In The Streets

  16. DJ Slugo Juke Me From The Back Low

    Subterranean Playhouse
  17. Barry Miles Magic Theatre

    London Records
  18. Radiohead Radiohead Ferral

  19. Radiohead Ferral (Lone Remix)

  20. Radiohead Bloom

  21. Julio Bashmore Chazm

    Ten Thousand Yen
  22. William Basinski The Disintegration Loops

  23. Thom Yorke Thom Yorke The Eraser

  24. Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes Canto De Ossanha

  25. Sérgio Ricardo Conversação De Paz

  26. Thundercat Daylight

  27. Flying Lotus Flying Lotus Gng Bng

  28. Flying Lotus ...And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)

  29. Thom Yorke, Burial & Four TetEgo

  30. Massive Attack Massive Attack Five Man Army

  31. Radiohead Radiohead Bloom (Jamie xx Remix)

  32. Radiohead Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Actress Mix)

  33. Yann TomitaWe Travel The Space Ways

  34. BLO Chant To Mother Earth

  35. Radiohead Radiohead Little By Little (Caribou Remix)

  36. Virgo Four It?s A Crime (Caribou Remix)

  37. Lukid Spitting Bile

  38. Kode 9Neon Red Sun

  39. Jai Paul Jai Paul BTSTU

Monday, September 19, 2011

There is nothing worse
Than getting good
At hiding feelings
and you have two people
To worry about.


Jonny Lomax stalls Wigan comeback

to avenge St Helens derby defeats

Wigan's Sam Tomkins drops the ball just before the try line as he is tackled by Saints' Jonny Lomax
Last night me and Mrs Beautiful
were jumping up and down in front of the TV
at 1am in the morning.

We have had a busy four days.
Conniepops came to stay
and what a delight.
She infects our language
our spirit
and the tidiness of our flat.
What does the latter matter
when a grandchild has us
roaring with laughter -
I asked her to show me her teeth
and she began to pull such funny faces!

But when we dove back to North London
to drop her off with her Mum and Dad
who had been to a big wedding,
we went of to ........

Jeff Chau is in in town.
he was a one year trainee with me
back in 1987/8.
He is living in Hong Kong doing great work.

So we met up in a fab Turkish Restaurant
Gill and Steve
Mo and David
and Jeff.
(Both Mo and Gill have had the vivid experience
of being my PA in the past.
Writing real English from my ugly script
and turning out text for books
and multiple articles and journals for years .....

We had such a great time
but then we had to drive home
and sit before the TV
to watch an expected defeat
by the Pie Eaters on OUR TEAM.

When we scored I was up on my feet dancing.
So tense
so pumping adrenalin
so nervous.

We won.
See the Guardian match report below.

The Pies/sometimes called Wigan
have been the best of teams this season.
Better than us.
They won the Wembley Challenge Cup
and are after the double.

We are third in the Super League
with Wires & Pies above us.
But now in the PLAYOFFS
we have a fighting chance to go to Old Trafford
for the Grand Final
(so do Wires and Pies)

We went to bed after 2am
.These players have put their
lives on the line
blood and sweat
stretching themselves
with body mind spirit skill creativity.
I feel for them so much
Love them so much.

We have a week off from playing
then we meet in the semi-finals
maybe with the Pies again????

So here I am bursting with w/end experiences
so read the report below.
Love it Love it

Wigan's Sam Tomkins drops the ball just before the try-line as he is tackled by Saints' Jonny Lomax in the Super League Grand Final play-off. Photograph: John Clifton/Action Images

Suddenly it is St Helens who are in pole position for a sixth consecutive Grand Final appearance while the Super League champions, Wigan, will have to defend their title the hard way after a surprise result to a stirring contest that made up for the two previous walkovers in this year's play-off series.

This game was everything that those were not, as Wigan responded admirably after a slow start that had left them 14-0 behind, but could not quite haul back a Saints team that was clearly desperate to avenge defeats in the last three derbies, including the Challenge Cup semi‑final last month.

Like Warrington in each of the last two seasons, Wigan have struggled to recapture the standards they set in reaching and winning the Cup at Wembley three weeks ago. This was their second defeat in three matches since, and denies them the luxury of a bye through the second round of the play-offs next weekend – a break that they must need more than any of the other contenders, as they have had by far the most demanding season, which began with the World Club Challenge back in February.

Their coach, Michael Maguire, was determinedly upbeat afterwards, stressing that Wigan had bounced back after losing in the first round of the play-offs last year to win three consecutive matches to take the title. But if Maguire can lead the Warriors back to Old Trafford before he departs for South Sydney at the end of the season, it will surpass his many achievements in two years in England.

In contrast, Saints reaped the benefits in this game of being able to give key players a breather in a series of insignificant league matches since that cup defeat – and it is they who now have a fortnight to prepare for the semi-finals. James Roby, who has led the team indefatigably all season from hooker, looked fresher than he has done for months, and Tony Puletua and Sia Soliola returned from injury to stiffen up the pack.

James Graham, who also leaves for Australia at the end of the season and will therefore be desperate to sign off by ending a run of four consecutive Grand Final defeats, set the usual towering lead in the forwards, and it was his willpower that denied the constant threat of Sam Tomkins at a late stage of the second half, when Wigan still looked capable of a fightback.

But the Saints headliners were in the backs. Jonny Lomax, a 21-year-old who has made such a successful switch to scrum-half this season, scored their second try, then made a brilliant break from deep inside his own half that led directly to a second for the veteran full‑back Paul Wellens.

That was the game's most obvious turning point, as Wigan had surged back after their uncharacteristically slow start with tries either side of half-time from Pat Richards and Sean O'Loughlin cutting the deficit to 14-12. But Saints regained some much-needed breathing space when Wellens surged inside a flatfooted Ben Cross to score.

Wigan, who had fluffed one golden chance before half-time when Sam Tomkins lost the ball over the try-line as he tried to ground it with one hand, went agonisingly close again but the video referee ruled that their wing Josh Charnley had been stopped inches short of the line. Instead, Saints re-established that early 14-point cushion when Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook surged on to Graham's short pass for a powerful try.

Even then, Wigan threatened a late fightback when Joel Tomkins stretched out a long arm to touch down after good work from his younger brother and Tommy Leuluai. But after suffering a cruel defeat here on Good Friday months before that narrow Cup exit, Saints refused to be denied again.

St Helens Wellens; Makinson, Shenton, Meli, Foster; Gaskell, Lomax; Graham (capt), Roby, Puletua, Soliola, Wilkin, Clough. Interchange Moore, McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Dixon, Armstrong.

Tries Wellens, Lomax, Wellens, McCarthy-Scarsbrook. Goals Foster 5.

Dear great friend
I feel disturbed
More than you
NO - that can't be true
but it feels that way.
I feel it is devastating for you
for the wider beautiful persons
for many more individuals
for the the organisation ..
for you
my soul weeps.

All that you have done
wept for
prayed for
loved …...
is coming to an end
and I feel so sad.

Yet we believe.
This road we know
is a road less travelled
hurts and scars
bends and twists
thorns and crashes.
Yet we believe …..

God has not done with us yet.
She loves us in our turmoil
Loves with deeper tears
than we could ever imagine

Vision over
comes to mind.

Holding the vision
when eyes are blurred with tears.
Holding the vision when we cannot see ahead.
Faith is all this …………….. and more.

We need it now
I journey with you.
Holding hands in and through
the mist.


pip bhp

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I hurt myself today
to feel if I could feel

Johnny Cash

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BACKTOBACK .....talking with two people.

One wanted to talk and able to.
Open and thinking and feeling and articulating the feelings.
There was a depth of feeling and knowledge about feelings and dependancy.
Problems yes.
Big, so big I cannot tell you.
It started well and finished well.
An agreement for more.

Another human was 'suggested' into talking by another
so we sat on a bench outside alone.
I was alone because the 'wait a minute' lasted 6
and I was about to go when ....
....there was two on the bench.
" I cannot talk.
I have all-sorts of feelings
and they can only come out
when I explode.
I am scared of my feelings
and I cannot talk but want to"
My words just said that I am available
when needs sweep the will over the fear
of touching those feelings.
Feelings are like a volcano,
they will erupt and hurt the person
and others when they do.
This 'hell of a young life'
is heading for more hell.
Scared of the feelings inside.
Honest to say the feelings are depressing
and hurting but not able to talk.

We agreed to meet and talk when ......
...... I hope it is not too late.
There is pain inside.

Confidentiality keeps me vague
so I apologize.
Listen to New Thom Yorke Song "Twist"
Paste Magazine
21 on the BBC Radio 1 show hosted by Gilles Peterson, so be on the lookout to see if he debuts further material. You can stream the full mix below and view ...

Hidden Treasure in the Greenbelt Festival Shower Block

Photo by espensorvik

Over the Greenbelt 2011 weekend, our team of opinionated and observant Guest Bloggers were out and about, seeing programming from across the breadth of the festival lineup – giving a unique take on all that Greenbelt has to offer. Here's Sarah Goodman on getting clean…

[Image by espensorvik]

I took a shower today. It was amazing. Seriously, one of the best and most life-giving experiences of Greenbelt so far. With the IDMC Gospel Choir blasting out some glorious music in the background, I washed away two and a half days of camping under deliciously warm water and emerged sparkling.

But, believe it or not, the best bit was the queue. I've been trying to pick my favourite volunteer team for the last couple of days. It was going to be the stewards (fluorescent angels with a thing for wristbands), but now the YMCA Shower People are top of my list.

Go for a simple shower, and as a completely free added extra, you get air guitar from a long-haired guy in a Hawaiian shirt. You get your mind stretched by trivia questions from the man I will now call the Shower MC. So my hair looks slightly less like a bird's nest and I now know that the tallest person ever measured 8'11", wore size 37 shoes and needed 12 pallbearers to carry his coffin. What a result!

The wonderful YMCAers are constantly cleaning the showers, armed with mops and rubber gloves. It's like some kind of transformation station over there. Shining, happy people emerge from the cubicles looking grateful just to be in the world. If you haven't gone yet Musty Tent Dweller, go. Not just for the sake of your fellow campers, but also for one of the best shows in town.