Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hidden Treasure in the Greenbelt Festival Shower Block

Photo by espensorvik

Over the Greenbelt 2011 weekend, our team of opinionated and observant Guest Bloggers were out and about, seeing programming from across the breadth of the festival lineup – giving a unique take on all that Greenbelt has to offer. Here's Sarah Goodman on getting clean…

[Image by espensorvik]

I took a shower today. It was amazing. Seriously, one of the best and most life-giving experiences of Greenbelt so far. With the IDMC Gospel Choir blasting out some glorious music in the background, I washed away two and a half days of camping under deliciously warm water and emerged sparkling.

But, believe it or not, the best bit was the queue. I've been trying to pick my favourite volunteer team for the last couple of days. It was going to be the stewards (fluorescent angels with a thing for wristbands), but now the YMCA Shower People are top of my list.

Go for a simple shower, and as a completely free added extra, you get air guitar from a long-haired guy in a Hawaiian shirt. You get your mind stretched by trivia questions from the man I will now call the Shower MC. So my hair looks slightly less like a bird's nest and I now know that the tallest person ever measured 8'11", wore size 37 shoes and needed 12 pallbearers to carry his coffin. What a result!

The wonderful YMCAers are constantly cleaning the showers, armed with mops and rubber gloves. It's like some kind of transformation station over there. Shining, happy people emerge from the cubicles looking grateful just to be in the world. If you haven't gone yet Musty Tent Dweller, go. Not just for the sake of your fellow campers, but also for one of the best shows in town.