Monday, September 05, 2011

Your needs?

things are happening
working stuff through
emotions wrestling
relationships unfulfilled
direction changing
* yes*

These are my expectations
of your interior workings.
I am with you.
Even though you don't disclose.
I believe there are
trembling of the soul inside.
Maybe earthquakes.
Yes we keep on smiling -
"How are you?"
and the answer is still
"Alright thanks".

I have feelings right now
this week
this life - now.
My life yearns
going out
to you
if you will disclose
I always want to be there
I sense yearnings in you
to know someone they can confide in.

I feel ready::
Last lap
Last lap before the next circuit
Get this out of the way-mood
Forward stepping
Vision over visibility

I am a student of Big Brother on TV.
It stimulates feelings in me.
Sometimes I feel things like
and many other feelings.
Sometimes they are strong
and I don't clock them
and learn from them.
And yet -
this is important to me.
And yet -
I still get taken on an emotional ride
because of TV !!

One big thing -
there is a lot of duvet-diving in there.
Why do humans duvet-dive?
I expect you to answer this
as part of our agreement
to be interactive with each other
(we have never made that
contract but I love the idea !!)

Are you willing to take the things
I click about
and transpose them into your own life?
take the stimulus
from my clicks and
transpose them, apply them,
into your own context.
This way -
we can learn so much
from each other.
Let us .........................