Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear great friend
I feel disturbed
More than you
NO - that can't be true
but it feels that way.
I feel it is devastating for you
for the wider beautiful persons
for many more individuals
for the the organisation ..
for you
my soul weeps.

All that you have done
wept for
prayed for
loved …...
is coming to an end
and I feel so sad.

Yet we believe.
This road we know
is a road less travelled
hurts and scars
bends and twists
thorns and crashes.
Yet we believe …..

God has not done with us yet.
She loves us in our turmoil
Loves with deeper tears
than we could ever imagine

Vision over
comes to mind.

Holding the vision
when eyes are blurred with tears.
Holding the vision when we cannot see ahead.
Faith is all this …………….. and more.

We need it now
I journey with you.
Holding hands in and through
the mist.


pip bhp