Monday, November 23, 2020

NEWEST * BRAND NEW * BLOB TREE BOOK * 'The Blob Guide to Children's Human Rights'

1st Edition

The Blob Guide to Children’s Human Rights

    ISBN 9780367561543
    Published November 17, 2020 by Routledge
    128 Pages 136 B/W Illustrations

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    Book Description

    This practical resource is designed to support children and young people as they develop an understanding of the basic rights that we are all entitled to as humans. Diverse and inclusive, Blob figures have proven themselves to be a valuable way of sparking discussion of difficult topics through the universal means of body language and feelings. 

    Based upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, this book introduces 'Blob Trees', lines and images with prompt questions and activities to help children to consider concepts such as freedom of movement and speech, safety and equality. It encourages children to think about the ways in which they can apply human rights articles to their own lives, by treating others with kindness, fairness and respect.

    Key features include:

    • ‘How to use’ guides and prompt questions for each topic
    • Simplified and child-friendly versions of all 42 human rights articles
    • Photocopiable and downloadable worksheets designed to be used with individuals and groups of all sizes.

    With clear and supportive guidance and a graduated approach, this is an essential tool for teachers and practitioners looking to support an understanding of human rights in children and young people. It will also be invaluable for any groups wishing to develop accreditation for UNICEF’s ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ Awards.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction  How to use the Blobs  How to ask open questions  Blob Trees  Blob Tree Human Rights  Blob Tree Responsibility  Blob Tree Disability  Blob Tree Free Speech  Blob Tree Privilege  Blob Tree Kindness  Blob Tree Unkindness  Blob Tree Listening  Drawing the Line  Human Rights  Responsibility  Giving  Touching  Freedom of Religion  Protection  Inclusion  Having a Voice  Access to Information  Right to Play  Helpful  Generous  Freedom of Movement  Right to Life  Safety  Appropriate Housing  Education  Appropriate Punishment  Children’s Human Rights Articles  1 – 42 Articles  Children’s Human Rights  Blob Human Rights  General Sheets  Blob We Are All Equal  Blob Don’t Discriminate  Blob No Rights  Blob Human Rights  Blob Classroom – kind/unkind  Blob Refugees  Blob Unkind Playground  Blob Home Life  Blob Health  Blob Trial  Blob Pitch  Blob Swimming  Blob Human Rights Hierarchy  Blob World Sheets  Blob World  Blob World 2  Blob Two Worlds  Blob Priority Sheets  Human Rights Squares  Human Needs Squares  Human Desires and Needs Squares  Reflective Images for Human Rights