Thursday, November 26, 2020

YMCA - the largest Youth Movement in the WORLD - Major Resource for every Y

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BOOK OR DOWNLOAD for all areas of  #YMCA #Programmes - Sports/ Fitness/ Youthwork/ Teams/ Faith/ Housing/ Personal Development + more


Blob Communication Tools for BODY MIND SPIRIT

The World YMCA is focusing upon Youth Empowerment. 
This book is a wonderful, beautiful tool,to communicate this message. 
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Former Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs

A massive collection, almost 200 pages, of resources to use in YMCA's worldwide.

Great ALL AGE TOOLS - Children, Youth, Leaders, Executives, Seniors +

Great for all areas of Y Programmes - Sports/ Fitness/ Youthwork/ Teams/ Faith/ Housing/ Personal Development+

Great visuals - attractive for all because the Blobs use the primary forms of communication = FACE & BODY LANGUAGE