Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was bed driven yesterday.
I had that gut attack again
Never had it for four months.

The 9th April, was the last one
11 hours of a lead ball in my lower chest.

This time it was not as sever
but longer.
it was more dispersed over my stomach.

But it meant a sleepless night
most of the day in bed.
It lasted 24 hours.

So - I took a couple of tabs from the homeopath
never used these tiny tabs since April,

but avoided taking the Doc tabs
which have corrupted my nails -

I think.

I have yet to have results from a hospital test
and I need to talk to Mary again -
I can spell Mary

why do I have trouble spelling homeopath?

(Can't read - can't spell!!)

I didn't blog yesterday,

had to cancel an appointment,

but did make it for work today.

It was a great facilitation experience,
but a hot box on the underground.

I looked at every face.
Every face was clammy and sticky.

Every face expressionless,

frozen with heat and
EVERYONE with too many clothes on.

doesn't some behaviour
just make you sick?

On the Tube, there was a business man,
opposite me for an hour - in that oven.
All the time,

for one hour,
he was playing with his

iPhone 3G.
Sick behaviour methinks.

My stomach is still unsettled
that engine needs fuel.
I need to keep it ticking over.
I must crack this thorn in my side,

I must get to see a specialist,

I must give some time for this,
even though it bores me - when I am well ................

Beautiful Human
Beautiful wrinkles

A collection of feelings
all placed down
in the centre of a circle
of beautiful humans

the first glimpse of the new Toyota Prius - why can't all the body
be made of solar panels
then it powers itself forever?

cool image from the YMCA
love it ................

And Shirley has 5 ::

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

.. have click inside here ........ we used to have a Camper Van like this - in the 70's.

Here our friends, and Greenbelt friends - you will see the van there, are on holiday and are sharing it imaginatively ..........

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wilson Mansions

Had a gig delayed until next week
I have been in and out but indoors
unstretched me.

I love time off
I love nice things
I love chilin
but having done something.

I have been prepping today
but I felt no urgency.
No adrenalin
therefore no Pearls
of Wilson.

I think I will sell the TV
never watch it
other than the news
of course
Rugby League.

MTV is playing now
Saw a business man walking past the front door
I looked at my watch
'stink - I am only normally coming home now'.
I was putting out the rubbish.

5 Words
to describe my life
at the moment::
sugarbabes (they have just come on MTV!!)

Rather shallow eh?
That may be a better word than 'sugarbabes'

I also have some rumbling in my gut
I eat some fruit and nuts today
out of a canister I keep for travel snacks
it has been in the front room
all week
blazing hot front room!!
stink ..............
wisdom is fleeting
and connected to the exact moment
when we learn something new
only for us to realize that
the process of learning this
only reinforces
how little we know.

Become aware of what is in you.
Announce it, pronounce it,
produce it and give birth to it."

Meister Eckhart


These are five words to describe my life at the moment.
I did not say 'hot' which would describe my body as the UK has experienced hot and dry weather for some time. (Where I am in the UK!!).

The words describe my life.
Others send me their words.

They are quick internal checks.
I quick summary of 'life position' which could change by the moment.
Because we are alive - we change (thank you).

More of '5 Words' if you type that into the blog search box above.
I have lots of posts about this.

Here are a few more::

In love


At last

In love


......... and you ............... ?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Passionate about human rights -
Passionate about football

Street Child World Cup - UK Project Manager, with Amos Trust]

Passionate about human rights - Passionate about football
Amos wants to appoint a UK Project Manager to establish the inaugural Street Child World Cup and Street Child Festival to take place in South Africa in 2010.

Candidates will need experience in fundraising, marketing and project management.
They will also need excellent presentation skills and to be in London for a proportion of each week.


With Howe Gelb and Giant Sand, Daby Touré and Beth Rowley (pictured) all now added to the music bill for Greenbelt 2008.

We're finally there on the music front. And what a bill.
Support image for story

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Mainstage Friday

After headlining the closing night of Greenbelt 06 - one of the most memorable and infectious gigs the Festival has ever experienced – we're delighted that Michael Franti and Spearhead have agreed to return, this time to play the opening night headline slot. We can't wait.

1 Giant Leap have had to withdraw from appearing at this year's Festival.

But Greenbelt is much much more than just a music festival.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just because
someone doesn't love you
the way you want them to,
doesn't mean
they don't love you
with all they have.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It is funny how I love to be here
but it hurts at the same time
I pump
and passion
and adrenaline.

A group of late night humans are sitting around
and me trying to forge some sense of cohesion.
Young uns age sixteen and a few a little older.
They have lived a life too vivid for a soap opera.
I know so many have never been so close to humans in such a mashed state and..........
I love em.

We talk, I facilitate - with all my might -
to have them settle down and focus,
and we do ....

Out comes real stories,
life experiences,
of a 'down time' in their life.
We all have them eh?
This was facilitated by a new blob Tree type tool.
But anyone can read this paper .....
no words you see!
Once the first person opened up and was honest,
the rest followed with ever increasing honesty and openness.

We ended again with sharing a positive each.
Never do I want to re-enforce the negative and hopelessness ..........
'hope' is a vital concept and essential dream
even though it maybe only about one step,
the next step.

I feel good because
it was tough going at times
but a developmental experience for all of us
- including me.

You are beautiful
I say
nobody else says this to them
you are beautiful
to you too
does anyone tell you this fact?

still got my shirt off
it was hot
Leeds were good
we were better
it is so exhausting
to watch
loveit love it

Friday, July 25, 2008

They have just filmed the video in Spain
The first single on the way ....

If we can believe the headlines, the new U2 album is just about locked, loaded and ready to roll.
The photo shoot's been done;
filming is just done on the first video clip is around;
and now we even have a release date: November 18.

These are songs that have been mentioned in the buildup to U2's next studio album:

* "The Cedars of Lebanon" - Daniel Lanois revealed this track in an interview with the Montreal magazine, Voir. He said the song was inspired by Jimi Hendrix.
* "Moment of Surrender" - Brian Eno reportedly told fans about this song outside Hanover Quay studios in early June, 2008. Eno called it "the best thing" he's recorded with U2.
* "For Your Love" - a song title seen on the band's white board, as described in this article from the Fez recording sessions
* "One Bird" - a song title seen on the band's white board, as described in this article from the Fez recording sessions
* "No Line On The Horizon" - Bono and Edge played this song for a USA Today writer during an in-the-car interview at the Sundance Film Festival. On hearing it, writer Anthony Breznican says "heavy distortion fills the car," and later adds: "The song is rough, weaving between brutal guitar blasts underscoring the mellow title refrain." Edge explains that the song "It came out of a new distortion box that my guitar tech got."
* Unknown Title - in the same interview with Anthony Breznican, Bono and Edge played a second song whose opening lyric is, "It's six o'clock...". Bono tells Breznican that numbers are significant in each of the new songs.
* "If I Could Live My Life Again" - Bono says this song is "inspired by the great Argentinian poet Jorge Luis Borges." Bono said he had just begun the song while speaking with author Michka Assayas in December, 2005. Their interview appears as the extra material in the paperback version of Bono in Conversation with Michka Assayas.
* "Love Is All We Have Left" - a song Bono named during his May, 2006, trip to Africa as one that he had recently written. "It’s like an old Broadway tune. I thought it was a Frank Sinatra song," Bono said.
* "North Star," a song from the How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb sessions which included a guest organ appearance from Michael W. Smith. In this CCM article, Smith describes the song as a tribute to Johnny Cash.
* "Mercy", one of the last songs to get cut from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, described in Blender magazine as "a six-and-a-half-minute outpouring of U2 at its most uninhibitedly U2-ish"
* "Lead Me In The Way I Should Go" -- a contender for Atomic Bomb first mentioned in this February, 2003, interview with Bono in Grammy Magazine
* "You Can't Give Away Your Heart" - a contender for Atomic Bomb first mentioned in SPIN magazine


July 6, 2008: As described in this Sunday Mirror article, Steve Lillywhite has reportedly told Irish DJ Tony Fenton that the new album is U2's best ever.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I have learned this week...........

We need learning experiences.
All experiences can be learning.

The most precious of human gifts
are rooted in human weakness.

Talking down
most bosses do it
do you?
Because they know -
no other way.

we all hunger.

Three old ladies
chatting on the table next to me.
I normally observe young humans
as they hang out in groups.
These older BHPs
one person was getting all the attention,
touching to get attention,
eye contact only with her,
there was one talking,
the other had lips moving,
waiting for a pause,
or the intake of breath,
to jump in.
Bodies leaning in one direction.
All level two.
We are all the same ........

It is important
that we become
the person
we want to spend
the rest of our life with.

When you are sixteen,
coming out of a detox,
it is really gasping,
at life - and I love em for it - in it.

Professionals can be controlled
by invisible forces.
They are called 'feelings'.
*Relationship testing.
*Energy sapping.

A meal out with friends
need not always be
Level Two/Three.
Facts and Opinions.

A Peacock eats poison
to give it it's colour.
I am still thinking about this .............

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have been in Strangeville over the past two days.
My inbox as been popular
with spam
over 6000 at one time and I was deleting all the time.
TK my webmaster said he has never known the like.

So I have been busy with things and hassled when I have hit these keys.
I have not blogged for two days.
Strange behaviour but my systems have been strange indeed.
========================= and life ==========
I didn't expect to have a group of young residents meeting me when I arrived yesterday.
They were expecting me to lead a group session.
So - I asked one if I could borrow a ball (Involvement)
Another if he would shop a box of matches for me (Participation)
The staff member provided some 'post it's'.
.... and we gathered in their space - new ground for me.
I had never been here before.
I felt nervous.

I will share (here) the 'matches' exercise with you - but here we were sat in a lounging around circle.
Feisty young humans slaggging each other off.
Three little exercises and within 30 minutes the room was still.
Beautifully still.
Listening instead of slagging.
Opening up instead of superficial banter.
Reflecting lives - an experience so special.

"We connected"
"I never knew that about you"
"I have never said that to anyone before" ........ spilled at the end.

They had stepped outside their comfort zones
where growth resides.
They had left the kingdom of fake surfaces,
repetitive talk and weary roles
and began to slip deeper into the true adventure
of becoming who they are
and all that they can become.

These are the things which stretch my soul and the places I want to be.
I have been invited back
love it love it

I will be back connecting with you propa come Friday.
w/e will be catch up.
In the mean time
you are beautiful ................. the most important .....

If you could imagine
the most incredible story ever,
it would be less incredible than the story of being here.
And the ironic thing is
that story is not a story,
it is true.
It takes us so long to see where we are.
It takes us even longer to see who we are.

This is why the greatest gift you could ever dream
is a gift that you can only receive from one person.
And that person is you yourself.

Therefore, the most subversive invitation you could ever accept
is the invitation to awaken to who you are and where you have landed.

Plato said in The Symposium
that one of the greatest privileges of a human life
is to become midwife to the birth of the soul in another.
When your soul awakens,
you begin to truly inherit your life.
You leave the kingdom of fake surfaces,
repetitive talk and weary roles
and slip deeper into the true adventure of who you are
and who you are called to become.

The greatest friend of the soul is the unknown.
Yet we are afraid of the unknown
because it lies outside our vision and our control.
We avoid it or quell it by filtering it through our protective barriers
of domestication and control.
The normal way never leads home.

by John O'Donohue
We will be remembering him at the Greenbelt Festival
10 am Saturday 23rd August.
Last year he was with us
this year he will be with us in spirit
as we celebrate his life
in a venue which will hold thousands of humans.
Why don't you come?
Giant Blob Feelings Poster

Giant Blob Feelings Poster

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Our Price: £9.95 ...... available HERE.

Monday, July 21, 2008

At Greenbelt

I am doing some stuff.
Lots of beautiful humans
+ artistes/singers/bands
thinkers/what you like/
what you may not like/
a mix to delight your soul
Never neglect your soul.

Here is one:: José González's story is rare in modern pop – a heartening case of the artist resisting the vicissitudes of musical fashion to carve out a unique, intimate style that is all his own, then defiantly following his muse all the way to the top of the charts.

It’s uplifting, in an age of spin, hype and wall-to-wall hyperbole, to note that José’s music has required no lavish production (he records on basic equipment, at home) no exotic packaging or gimlet-eyed marketing strategies, to make it cherished by thousands. For once even the Sun got it right: ”In a world of musical clones, the Argentinean Swede is a thrillingly original new talent”.

His achingly emotional melodies and thought-provoking lyrics combine in a manner at once familiar (think Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Will Oldham) and subtly exotic (shades of Brazilian Tropicalia - early Silvio Rodríguez, Cuban Nueva Trova). His songs are so timeless - you feel like they’ve always been around - yet there’s a clean freshness to José’s music that makes repeated listening an endlessly revivifying delight.

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1978, José was bought up in a house that teemed with all kinds of music. His Argentine-born father’s natural taste for Latin American music was only rivalled by a penchant for American and UK pop classics – and the eclecticism rubbed off on his young son. After dallying with various shades of rock, however, José returned to the voice and six-string, and, after a series of lessons in classical guitar, the beginnings of a very personal style.

José released his UK debut, the EP Crosses, in February ’05. By the time the debut album Veneer was released in April, word had spread like wildfire. One particular track, ‘Heartbeats’ (originally by Swedish band The Knife and a Veneer highlight), gained wide UK currency thanks to its use in the high profile Sony Bravia TV campaign, helping usher it into the upper echelons of the UK chart in January 2006 (it was even a ringtone Number One!).

Still full of energy, José is currently hunkered down with his other project, the band Junip, working with a premier league UK production duo (details to be unveiled in the very near future).

In a word: smörgåsbord

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Community is a safe place
precisely because no one is attempting to heal or convert you,
to fix you, to change you.
Instead, the members accept you as you are.
You are free to be you.
And being so free, you are free to discard defenses,
masks, disguises:
free to seek your own psychological and spiritual health."

M. Scott Peck

I am counting clouds, holding deep breaths, rubbing my eyes ...

At Joys because it is Harbour Day.
All the fun of a small town going silly and dressing up, banging drums.
Greaat seeing the creative stalls in the harbour and then down at the hut for a BBQ of fish - bought from the fisherman ......... counting clouds ....... is good ..