Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was bed driven yesterday.
I had that gut attack again
Never had it for four months.

The 9th April, was the last one
11 hours of a lead ball in my lower chest.

This time it was not as sever
but longer.
it was more dispersed over my stomach.

But it meant a sleepless night
most of the day in bed.
It lasted 24 hours.

So - I took a couple of tabs from the homeopath
never used these tiny tabs since April,

but avoided taking the Doc tabs
which have corrupted my nails -

I think.

I have yet to have results from a hospital test
and I need to talk to Mary again -
I can spell Mary

why do I have trouble spelling homeopath?

(Can't read - can't spell!!)

I didn't blog yesterday,

had to cancel an appointment,

but did make it for work today.

It was a great facilitation experience,
but a hot box on the underground.

I looked at every face.
Every face was clammy and sticky.

Every face expressionless,

frozen with heat and
EVERYONE with too many clothes on.

doesn't some behaviour
just make you sick?

On the Tube, there was a business man,
opposite me for an hour - in that oven.
All the time,

for one hour,
he was playing with his

iPhone 3G.
Sick behaviour methinks.

My stomach is still unsettled
that engine needs fuel.
I need to keep it ticking over.
I must crack this thorn in my side,

I must get to see a specialist,

I must give some time for this,
even though it bores me - when I am well ................