Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I have learned this week...........

We need learning experiences.
All experiences can be learning.

The most precious of human gifts
are rooted in human weakness.

Talking down
most bosses do it
do you?
Because they know -
no other way.

we all hunger.

Three old ladies
chatting on the table next to me.
I normally observe young humans
as they hang out in groups.
These older BHPs
one person was getting all the attention,
touching to get attention,
eye contact only with her,
there was one talking,
the other had lips moving,
waiting for a pause,
or the intake of breath,
to jump in.
Bodies leaning in one direction.
All level two.
We are all the same ........

It is important
that we become
the person
we want to spend
the rest of our life with.

When you are sixteen,
coming out of a detox,
it is really gasping,
at life - and I love em for it - in it.

Professionals can be controlled
by invisible forces.
They are called 'feelings'.
*Relationship testing.
*Energy sapping.

A meal out with friends
need not always be
Level Two/Three.
Facts and Opinions.

A Peacock eats poison
to give it it's colour.
I am still thinking about this .............