Saturday, July 26, 2008

It is funny how I love to be here
but it hurts at the same time
I pump
and passion
and adrenaline.

A group of late night humans are sitting around
and me trying to forge some sense of cohesion.
Young uns age sixteen and a few a little older.
They have lived a life too vivid for a soap opera.
I know so many have never been so close to humans in such a mashed state and..........
I love em.

We talk, I facilitate - with all my might -
to have them settle down and focus,
and we do ....

Out comes real stories,
life experiences,
of a 'down time' in their life.
We all have them eh?
This was facilitated by a new blob Tree type tool.
But anyone can read this paper .....
no words you see!
Once the first person opened up and was honest,
the rest followed with ever increasing honesty and openness.

We ended again with sharing a positive each.
Never do I want to re-enforce the negative and hopelessness ..........
'hope' is a vital concept and essential dream
even though it maybe only about one step,
the next step.

I feel good because
it was tough going at times
but a developmental experience for all of us
- including me.

You are beautiful
I say
nobody else says this to them
you are beautiful
to you too
does anyone tell you this fact?