Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sometimes the words don't seem to flow ....

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...... tomorrow it is Church and then out for a meal with the Sheilas and men ..... I have not seen them because Ann has been caught up with filming hip-hop dj and Joy has been to NYC ........... it is a special meal to celebrate two birthdays ....



make what ....................... ?

make what
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......... I feel tired now ...... it seems late but not.

End of the week I guess.

Had all the Greenbelt Trustees around a table today. Great humans. All busy humans who could be doing lots of other things with a portion of a Bank Holiday w/e ........ but we had some passionate debates ............. great to see Karen, the Greenbelt Chair, back with us for the first time after giving birth and loving it.
Great to see Dot from Glasgow who is the Chair of the Trustees. Not seen her since November.

Great humans.
Great to be with.

I love that line from the Greenbelt leaflet - it must be on the website too .....

Planted deep
Standing Tall

We had a debate today about 'make poverty history' and the special day we have at the Festival this year - Monday. How do we crack this massive issue and not feel powerless - click - a big one for us to struggle with - click - and not for me to give mine ................ maybe you can give it a thought - click



I love this beautiful non-human .......

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..... got da TIGER ........

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...... TIGER .......

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. .....TIGER ..... came to the door today.

TIGER is the sponee new mac operating system which will be reviewed all over the press in the next week or so. It arrived on the day which Apple said was the release day - good on ya.

To Tomek - I did go.
He is my Mac guru and helps me no-end ..... many midnight chats on the phone as this pip geezer fumbles -inadequate like- with all the tech.

I have problem with my iPhoto system.
If you know me or view these blogs ...... you will know I am a snapper and take pix and use them in my work as an ice-breaker and a relationship builder and I love these seconds glimpses of life hmmm ....

So Tomek had devised a way to take my 19k pix and put them through the ringer. At the same time he took a copy of all my G4 Mactop before installing tiger - in case it did something sad. It worked and after a few hours I was able to plow back through te city traffic with my tiger growling Mactop grrrr

Now I can use it when I go on holidays for two weeks in less than ONE weeks time hey hey..... lots of pix coming at ya .....

AND then tonight ........ my team was on the TV and facing a tough game which we won 31-30.
Me and Joan on our knees in front of the tv.
So tense - but of course so relaxing hmmm.
What a game.
We are going up North to see a big game live. We have tickets already for the Leeds game - and they are the League Leaders - AT THE MOMENT because we are second and breathing down their necks.

Tomorrow it is a Greenbelt ABM for Trustees-and Members ........ busy I am .....

see you soon .........


Thursday, April 28, 2005

significanceSIGNIFICANCE .....

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....... me and Joan met with this man yesterday ...... coffee on the agenda - you can tell.

Other issues of sensitivity and longevity ....... too.

He is a great man Dave - and I will always say that.

Must click the story hear about how we were involved in a Kingdom incident ...... a sledgehammer was involved and I usually weep over it ............. .......



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......... Richard received news today that he has a place at College for a degree course in Informal Education in September 2005.

He goes back to India on May 7th and will return to study, and work, if he can get a sponsor and guarantees to convince the authorities that he can finance himself which includes College fees of course ........

Richard ..... hope you don't mind me sharing these good things with the world ........



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....... in my work I am alongside humans as they work through issues and I spend a little time with them and ideas flowed.
More important is having some solid principles to base change on.
Alongside those is imaginative ideas/options.

Buzzing with people like this makes life worthwhile and developmental for both of us.

If you don't know what I am on about - these are humans doing jobs, with people centred targets who are living with the issues day by day. I go in with a consultancy role and can be fresh as I stand back emotionally and be helpful.

So feel tired and satisfied at the end of the day but with lots to do in the morrow .......

Spent four hours commuting today underneath a city called London hmmm

I also feel I need to think out my views on the General Election which is around us at the moment ............ being sensitive to those who click this way from all around the world. I will give my feel but also my views and opinion.

..... as Donna Summer would say ....... love to love you baby ...


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

===== RICHARD ====

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........... RICHARD ...... is leaving ......

A great friend and International Volunteer who I recruited some years ago.
The Team Leader of MainStage Praha Team when we did the big YMCA Festival in 2003.
Member of Greenbelt Management Group.
Massive gentle people worker.
Beautiful Human Person.


A bit of History linked to the item below ........who is this geezer? ....

pip mfc
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.......... in talking with - Andy Turner my soul friend - my mind was triggered about a Student dissertation I did some 26 years ago called;-


I am about to reread it after a break of many years ...... maybe even 26!
It may well disturb my comfortable.

You have heard me say often;

"I want to 
disturb the comfortable
comfort the disturbed"

Starting with me .............

One of my daughters, Ann, never read my first book 'Gutter Feelings' because of all the pain in there.
In fact a chunk of work out of this 'Deprivation' study went into Gutter Feelings.

"In this paper I want to explore the theory behind the emotional side of a young persons life and why deprivation can exist". That is a quote from the Introduction. hmmm

Sound like it is very much 'on subject' re these blogs ....... 


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

.....LEVEL FIVE AGAIN = L5 ....

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...... a commitment to 'Level Five' communication does have a potential for personal pain .......
............... yet it is a;
survival tool
a source of enjoyment
information bank
a tool for problem solving.

Paul Simon sings;-
"I am a rock
I am an island
and a rock feels no pain ......."

A rock feels no pain
because a rock
FEELS NOTHING .............


.... I yearn .....

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.... to write ...... not just to publish but to express my emotional and spiritual self soooooo ...... I can understand the magnetic life we live in .....


.... I feel good ...... but ....

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.......... and I feel good ......... but aware that I have not clicked about;
'why am I afraid to tell you who I am'
- my favourite book - ever.

For new pip-blog-scrollers, I have a commitment to tell you 'who I am' and not pour out opinions and facts......... I aim to be LEVEL FIVE ....... and if you don't know about the L5 concept ....... try the blogger search engine at the top of this page and it will link you to my ranting about this beautiful and useful toolkit ....... hmmm

I am feeling good and alert.
Busy period.
This has made me focus crisply on the two framed words I have on my desk.


I have been placing time and energy into prepping and doing the stuff I have committed myself to do and other things, such as my iMac inbox, have slipped the frame.
I am ok with that...... but don't want to neglect the beautiful humans in my life.

I am doing new things.
Funny how, when I get a new challenging Training Session or leading a session, I feel jumpy and stimulated and restless. Once I have found a time slot and completed the first draft design - I change into a less restless mode and become more at ease but still motivated, creative and pumping.
At the moment I have no great concerns other than for others.

.... will have to go BUT I have a bit more space over the next few days hey hey .........


Monday, April 25, 2005

..... I think this is so powerful .......

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click- three seconds - click - three seconds - click

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........... I have been to Christian Aid all day today. I am a Youth Advisor which means I attend a few meetings and join in with staff and others to look at significant ways to promote the fantastic work.

I am reminded so often that so many have a belief system that says that the so called 'social gospel' is an add-on to the real gospel. Not part and parcel of the real thing.

I believe that my faith needs to be;
personal ....... about me and God and the intimacy we develop
social ...... about how I work out the faith principles with those around me
cosmic ...... how I see and work for the Kingdom coming in the Global context.

In communication only 7% of communication is words.
Some think the Gospel is the right 'words'.

"An empty belly has no ears"
African Proverb.

Our life needs to be big and about the biggest - not just about our own issues and those around us.
I must post the graphic that starts with the word 'me'
turns and becomes the word 'we'

I cannot stand it when I hear people being interviewed about the pending UK election and saying how they will vote for what is best for them = me.

Stinking ME !

Let's vote and live for ....... " W E "


Sunday, April 24, 2005

I love it-love it-love it-

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...... hmmm moment ....... I have blogged the bit below and then it disappeared from my site hmmm ....... so I repeat ...

It is great getting contacted out of the blue ....... like this .....

Hi Pip,
Hope all is well. It has been a long time, not sure if you still remember me. I think I saw you last time in the summer of 1994 at the YMCA's 150 anniversary youth camp in the UK. My name is Christian Schweizer and I was employed by the Zurich YMCA. We once went to Norway together (I think it was in 1994 too) during a cold January weekend. You were doing a Rolling Magazine and I was learning and watching it.
I was wondering, are you still doing Rolling Magazine? Is it still the success as it was? I completely lost track of all the youth work since I went back to the corporate work. Currently I work and live in New York. I do not know what hit me, but for some reasons I remembered the days in Norway again and was wondering, what is Pip doing. So I "googled" your name and there you were..... I like your website a lot. Was browsing through it a little bit. Congratulations on your Mission Statement; very brave and truly moving as well. I am sure you were and still are touching many people in your life.
I really hope this email reaches you well and all the best.
Good bless and have a great day
Christian Schweizer

....... and we made contact again ...... isn't that beautiful?


Saturday, April 23, 2005

...... ALMOST BLOG ..........

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......... "how am I feeling" I say to myself ......

almost lost my cough
almost completed my second stream of antibiotics
almost back to sleeping nights
almost back to full energy
almost full of ideas and fresh creativity
almost back back in touch with my vulnerability sensitivity and reading of my own feelings .........

I couldn't stay on the 'physical' I notice above hmmm.
That is boring anyway
NOT - if you have toothache I will add. Sometimes the physical takes over and that drains away our sensitivity to the spiritual - relationships .....

Thinking ........ I don't want to be 'back to ....' .... I want to be beyond that .......

I wonder ......... how you are?
Is there anyone you can tell?
Who you are today - right now?

If there was -would you want to?


Friday, April 22, 2005

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>>>it is late night<<<

pip bhp
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.......... it is late night at and I am clicking now for a reread in the morning and then ...... launching it to you .......

I recall sitting in a group of beautiful humans and scanning the circle .....

Someone leaving next week and looking good ....... from a hell of a life.
Someone messed up and ugly ..... feelings that is. I think beautiful.
Someone not speaking but involved in everything else.
Someone chocked and saying, gagging on the words, "my mother died".
Someone stumbling to link words together without making any sense.
Someone looking rough but the mind still alive and saying real things about life.
Someone with eyes that match the chemicals of the day.
Someone fresh-out from spliffing plenty.
Someone, no two, hanging around within earshot but walking all the time.
Someone who said "I am happier now than ever".
Someone who has been rejected by parents and determined to get life together.
Someone once an addict to heroin, and a street sleeper, last week a drunk and this week looking smart and clean and clear headed........

A group of late night humans are sitting around and me trying to forge some sense of cohesion. Young uns age sixteen and a few a little older. They have lived a life too vivid for a soap opera. I know so many have never been so close to humans in such a mashed state and.......... I love em.
We talk, I facilitate - with all my might - to have them settle down and focus, and we do .... eventually.
Out comes real stories, life experiences, of a 'down time' in their life.
We all have them eh?
This was facilitated by a new blob figure drawing sketched today by my own hand.
But anyone can read this paper ..... no words you see!
Once the first person opened up and was honest, the rest followed with ever increasing honesty and openness.
We ended again with sharing a positive each.
Never do I want to re-enforce the negative and hopelessness .......... 'hope' is a vital concept and essential dream even though it maybe only about one step, the next step.

I feel good because it was tough going at times but a developmental experience for all of us - including me.


...... If I am anything as a beautiful human, it is what I ..................

images entwined
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...... If I am anything as a beautiful human, it is what I .................

my relationships
and loves

These are things that define a human and they are all 'work in process'.
Dare I say,
it seems to me you are now a bhp
but also a human 'becoming'.


Thursday, April 21, 2005


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...... IMPORTANT ........ to me - at least.

I am about to send out a monthly eNewsletter - with an apology for missing out January, February and March 2005!

If you would like to get one and regularly - please add your email to the four thousand others. Go to my home page and click eNews.
I would be pleased to write for you to read.

If you don't do it NOW you will miss the new one which is ready to go

...... you are beautiful .........


Wednesday, April 20, 2005


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...... ..... beautifully human

that is what you are
I mean that

you are NOT your behaviour
your feelings
your incompleteness
your aching
your fallshortofwhatyouwanttobeness

you are beautiful at the core
your soul
your centre

you are loved
you valuable

you may not feel that
all the time

and thinking
maybe you don't think you are
you are

and God loves what you are
loves who you are
- unique
loves your beauty
looking deeper than the feelings
the flesh
the damage
the scars

that love is like
arms around you
almost hurting
so tight
the arms around

and always
when you glance
his eyes are always
looking your way
and they smile

beautifully human
that is what you are
you make
worth living

beautifully human
is also
the new album
jill scott
called 'beautifully human' -
just now

it has drawn me to tell you ............

........................ go to to top and let it soak again
into that beautiful human person that you are ............


Unique ..... UNIQUE .....

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.....I pray for gays and lesbians
Who often face the fears and prejudices of a hostile world and church.

I pray for lesbians and gays who often face discriminations in the workplace, marketplace, and in the place of worship.

I pray for gays and lesbians who often face the risk of being outed, hunted, shunned, shamed, shouted and preached at.

I pray for lesbians and gays who often face for good or ill dubious findings in science, politics, social research and theology.

I pray for lesbians and gays who often dare to bring a range of gifts, and the courage to be themselves into the community of the Way.



image uniq
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...... Pip Speak .....A BUTTERFLY STORY

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies inside us."
Oliver Wendle Holmes

I grow in interacting situations.
They are the most risky and I am often sensitively cautious - sometimes scared. Spending time with individuals and groups who are communicating 'Level 5' excites me. It's real. It drives me.

Mary Lou said, 'I don't want feelings any more'.
She was a resident in the YMCA community and we used to talk regularly over a meal (the place to eat is something special- it is the one place which brings people together in the some sort of Community - 'bedsit YMCAs' don't have the same chance to cultivate a whole range of contact and support - from eye contact/hello grins, to real level 5 communication).

Mary Lou was riddled with feelings and beautiful with them. An open book. She was great at being in contact with her own feelings, which is great compared with the many who bury them deep and so turning into ulcers - or worse!
She was hopeless at managing those feelings. That's the big issue with feelings - having them, owning them without being controlled by them.

Was Ghandi referring to you ................ when, in response to the question about his worst experience - in the whole of his life, he said it was;
'The hard hearted of the educated'.

Are you tight and controlled - not willing to share any vulnerability?
Transparency is just for your window overlooking your garden - eh?

'The single most worthwhile thing in my life ...
Was to admit I had a problem with food, drugs and alcohol'.
Elton John

Mary Lou knew she had problems, owned them. She never told me intimate details of her complex relationships - but did share the feelings. Sometimes she stepped out of the YMCA lift with a face like a can of worms.
Tormented yet not wanting to talk - but often in the crowded noisy YMCA we shared feelings together and a repertoire to own them and mange them. No miracles.
She left the YMCA and I've not seen her since. I just trust that the Climate of Trust YMCA Community released her, facilitated her in her salvation which is an ongoing liberation experience. (Salvation in the bible is often associated with extreme 'in your face' evangelists, who usually need a stronger mouthwash, who talk about 'being saved'.
It is about that personal stuff but also about 'Community!' The first time that word was used in the Bible was when Moses led the people out of captivity and oppression into an experience of Freedom and Liberation in the promised land. Salvation is about wholistic freedom, liberation for you and me, for our Community, nation the cosmos and the YMCA!).
Mary Lou - I pray for you - and I'm not going to launch into a poem. BUT I will say--
'A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly, but we know one develops from the other'.

Mary Lou - you left your finger prints of feelings on my soul and I pray for you.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005


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..... I must share the diary of Willie Williams from U2dotcom ........

"The big L.A. shows are upon us with a flood of guests, celebs and the usual Big City madness, but all went pretty much to plan. We went with the same playing list as the second Staples show, opening with Love and Peace, which has been really successful.

The cell phone moment is starting to gain momentum. There are two parts to it - the aim of the game is to have people text their name to join the 'One' campaign, but within the arena, during the show, the sight of 15,000 cell phones is absolutely wonderful. As far as concert-going is concerned, they look set to become the cigarette lighters of the 21st century. What makes it a doubly beautiful sight is the variation of colour between the different makes of phone screen so it looks like a series of digital constellations.

Joy of the night for me was seeing Mark Pellington, the film maker who worked with us on Zoo TV. He was responsible for the whole hyperactive look not only of Zoo TV, but of MTV and television in general as well. Since then he has gone on to direct the movies 'Arlington Road, and 'The Mothman Prophecies' and countless rock videos. I don't think I have seen him since Zoo TV, but when we were downing beers in the aftershow it seemed like time had stood still. We are already plotting to get him involved in this show one way or another. "



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......this is part of a REFUGEE COUNCIL NEWSLETTER

In the next few weeks of election campaigning, asylum will be one of the
biggest issues.

If you want to know where the parties stand, what questions you can ask
the politicians and what the real facts and figures are, go to our new
election guide for all the information you need.


Latest news: The truth behind the so-called 'immigrant menace' [18 Apr

UN attacks Howard for 'false' claims on asylum [11 Apr 2005]

Britain could be contravening the Geneva Convention by forcing asylum
seekers to go home [11 Apr 2005]

'Desperate for a fair hearing' The Refugee Council's Tim Finch in the
Guardian [06 Apr 2005]


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..... after the Greenbelt meeting we say awhile and take refreshment for the journey home .....



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Monday, April 18, 2005

IAN LONG .........

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..... met with Ian on Saturday in a Costa Coffee shop in a place called Richmond. I did a journey through the London Tubes to get to this leafy suburb. Among many things such as Passion, Faith, Art and a hard working school teacher, Ian also has illustrated two out of four of my books. We talked with passion.A great human.

On Sunday we had Tomek and Anita around for a much delayed meal. With all the sickness and the accident suffered by Joyce - it has been a long time coming. It was great to talk and talk. We talked about the Pope too. They are Polish and I was keen to get their views about the impact on Poland following all the publicity since his death. We talked and played with the AppleMacs - of course!!

My cough today.
Stink ......... I was awake until 3 am. I moved out to the bedroom next door but Joan was still kept awake and read until 3.

Got an appointment at the Docs today.
New antibiotics........ and he said my throat was OK and it is killing me now ..... and ..... the stand-in Doc was such a terrible communicator. I felt devalued just because he did so badly. I clocked those feelings and did my usual analysis ....... but what about those who see him who are emotionally dry and maybe vulnerable.
I felt like sitting him down and telling him about;
"I'm OK - you're OK"

Had a Greenbelt mtg tonight. Didn't want to go. Felt ....... 'off'.
Was a good mtg but I felt disabled. Half a pint in the pub after and I was home ......... another sleepless night????


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Sunday, April 17, 2005


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...... this is just one image from the show ....... not seen one yet but I will be at the first in the UK .....


willie williams on tour ........

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.... and I read this on U2dotcom everyday ....

Anaheim Pond II

We awake to find ourselves temporarily Pope-free. More pressingly, I realise that I've recently lost track of what day it is. I knew that the first Anaheim show was supposed to be on a Friday, but in the string of days I was working on it turned out to be a Wednesday. I felt a little better this morning when I was chatting to Sandy our head caterer who said she was making a roast dinner for tonight because she thought it was Sunday. Fortunately details like the day of the week are of absolutely no consequence on the road.

After last night's terrorist assault on the set list it seemed for a while like we might return to the show running-order from San Diego I, but after some debate we realised that, though somewhat crazed, last night's show did have very powerful energy. A late revision (very late actually) produced a truly great show - retaining much of the manic energy of last night but with the added bonus of most of us knowing what was going on. It was great fun and I feel like we are fully launched now. It's such a full 'on rock show and I am really looking forward to where we can take it.

I was very pleasantly surprised to have last minute guests in the form of film maker Lance Bangs, briefly famous for vomiting in the Jackass movie, and Corin Tucker from Sleater Kinney. It was a load-out night so hospitality was slight, but we managed to find a safe spot in a backstage corridor to catch up and empty a bottle of red wine, whilst large sweaty men pushed flight cases past us at high speed.
Later I managed to jump the first van going back up to Hollywood where we'll be staying through the Staples Centre shows. Checking back into the hotel we were in during rehearsals, I find my room is 'mirror image of the one I had last week, so I keep walking into things. It's going to be tricky navigating this in the dark."


Saturday, April 16, 2005

I used to take this to school every day ....

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..... see the bits about this below .....


..... MY Hero ..... up the SAINTS ........

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

I blogged about this below .....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.


..... now I have found a picture of the thing I had ..... and there is a description too;

In 1938 children were given a small version of the adult mask. But children found it even harder to suck air in and breathe out. Many children refused to wear their masks, or ripped them off in the middle of air raids practices.

Because of these problems, the Government designed a new mask especially for children. It was given out to all children from September 1939.

It was lighter than the adults' mask, and made in bright colours so that children would want to carry it round with them.

It was also fitted with tight elastic straps so that children would find it more difficult to take off.

To make it easier for the children to breathe, a valve was fitted to the nose piece. The valve allowed air out of the mask when the children breathed out. When they breathed in the valve closed and so air was still sucked in through the gas filter.

Children soon found out that if they blew through the valve it made a very rude noise!


iPip-iPod .......

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... 3 and a half hours commuting today ...
4 and a half yeaterday ....
4 and a half the day before and that means a lot of iPod listening ......

After living on the job for 39 years ..... I am now living life ...... well - I am midst change!

Today a whole three hours of Pete Tong Dance Music and Annie Mc came in at the end to finsh my homeward journey ...

Soon I will be watching may Fav-Rugby League Team ....... 'come on the Saints' ...... ultimate in terms of rekaxation ......

Got lots more blogs in me but must watch the rugby first .....


Everybody in New York ......

joy sa 05
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....... you will know this - daughter Joy (left) is in your City ...... look after her now ........ she has got to get back for my birthday ..... hey hey .....


Friday, April 15, 2005


pip days
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......... we all dressed like this in my childhood days.

I remember that all the four Wilson sons carried gas masks to school during the war. Mine was special. As the youngest I had a Mickey Mouse Gas Mask. Must search the web for a pic because I forget what it looked like.

Think about it ........ what a worry it must have been for parents during those days. They feared that their could be gas bombs dropped at any time.

Feel tired tonight after a busy week and last week-end away.
Good though. Tired is good but I wish I could get rid of my cough.



Thursday, April 14, 2005

..... I am on a road ......... are you ........

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........I am fulfilled when I am doing or have done ......... two things.

When I work close with young humans and others who are at the bottom end of society. If you have no home - you are at basic human need. To grow on from that in terms of;
-belonging to a group and community
-self esteem
-achieving something in terms moving to interdependence
.............................................. is a tough challenge.
I want to be there and face the challenge of contacting - building relationships - building trust - and walking together in the discovery of life ....
Working with the workers who are at the sharp end. Training stuff.

I had a great time today with beautiful humans as we discovered and learned from each other about how to communicate better. I am not talking about getting on well with 'like' people who are our natural social group potential friends. I am talking about reaching out to others who are different in terms of culture and life style. Maybe those who are homeless and battered. Into drugs big time. Hooting on chemicals. Unreliable in extreme. Poor in terms of communication. Maybe violent and abusive - even to those who are aiming to help and assist.

The issue of us being vulnerable, and sharing it, to work effectively with those with special need is a real issue it seems to me.
'He who was rich became poor'.

In what way are you poor?
In what way are you rich?
In what way are you beautiful?
In what way are you imperfect?


I love posying pix of the Sheilas ....... I love em so much ...... and respect ....... I am their Pip-Daddy!

ann joy 05
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..... and posting a few more pix below of some of the attractive humans from the YMCA Assembly last w/e ......


Tekle is a new beautiful human I met at the week-end ...... a great man ....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

Coffee Break at Warwick University .....

y friends
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Revel-ing .....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

Part of the Stage rig .....

nat ass stage
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Monday, April 11, 2005


MP3 File

.... this day - last year - a body was found .....

pip image hrt
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..... it was someone I know - loved - worked with ....

...... she was 21 ........

... she was found dead with a cocktail of drugs within her .......

.... I sat down and clicked these words .....

alcoholic at birth
mothers addiction
father loss disaster later
fateful crack overdose
and years of homes
sometimes called 'care'

mother herself
all too young
very young
without parental models
sometimes called 'it's the parents fault'

raped and abused
abused and robbed
fragmented like hell
sometimes called 'tormented'

drugs and crime
crime and drugs
suck the life
drain the soul
shred the person
sometimes called 'deprivation'

ymca hostel
mission to care
mission to support
mission to develop
sometimes called 'hope'

as thin as a rake
loud and screaming
tearful and down
always a name call
always my name
sometimes called 'erratic'

drugs on
off drugs
relationships on
chemical relationship on
struggle to sustain
loved and hated
sometimes called 'dependent'

alone on her own
found on her own
died on her own
lay still on her own
only chemical friends
sometimes called 'overdose'

tears of the crowd
loss in community
death lurks us all
quiet at last
tears run silent
sobs rack deep
world loses a character
sometimes called 'bereavement'

how do I feel
the feelings are deep
she was driving blind
foot on disaster
hard as nails
fragile and bruised
beautifully broken
sometimes called 'love'

creator loved
creator loves
precious child
valuable life
loss loss loss
sometimes called 'a waste'

never lived
only survived
we need to care
in life
before death
we need to love
more-so the broken
more-so the damaged
more-so when it's impossible
more-so before it is too late
sometimes called 'reflective learning'

let these little ones
come to me
of such
the kingdom of heaven
the master said
the master repeats
when it matters
he retains the loving
continues the loving
the creator of love
keeps showing us
teaching us
demonstrating to us
sometimes called
'eternal love
everlasting love
to a person
for a person
we will remember eternally and everlasting'
pip wilson 14.04.04



.... this day, today, 2004 -was EASTER DAY .....


......... while at Warwick University

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.


......... while at Warwick University ....... I was sad the fab bookshop was closed - it was always open on Saturday and loved it.
I don't often have the chance to visit a University book shop - Social Psychology is my urge and was hoping to pick up something freshly useful to me and the journey ..... I will return to