Monday, April 25, 2005

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........... I have been to Christian Aid all day today. I am a Youth Advisor which means I attend a few meetings and join in with staff and others to look at significant ways to promote the fantastic work.

I am reminded so often that so many have a belief system that says that the so called 'social gospel' is an add-on to the real gospel. Not part and parcel of the real thing.

I believe that my faith needs to be;
personal ....... about me and God and the intimacy we develop
social ...... about how I work out the faith principles with those around me
cosmic ...... how I see and work for the Kingdom coming in the Global context.

In communication only 7% of communication is words.
Some think the Gospel is the right 'words'.

"An empty belly has no ears"
African Proverb.

Our life needs to be big and about the biggest - not just about our own issues and those around us.
I must post the graphic that starts with the word 'me'
turns and becomes the word 'we'

I cannot stand it when I hear people being interviewed about the pending UK election and saying how they will vote for what is best for them = me.

Stinking ME !

Let's vote and live for ....... " W E "