Saturday, April 09, 2005

..... pip @ University ......

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..... ....... have some top speakers here;

Sport England CEO
Housing Corporation CEO

Like who they are - at the top of their field but ......... why do these humans always come over to me as people who seem to know the answers of all things. They know a lot and stats flow ...... but we are all beautiful imperfection and that means they-me-we don't know what we don't know.

There seems to a a culture of training humans to big up their front - big up their knowledge but not connect with their vulnerability ........... they must have these feelings of insecurity and inadequacy about areas of life - but are trained to ONLY declare the surface and not the whole person.
Rant over.

I feel good - not particularly connecting with my feelings but I have them. I feel some sort of aloneness as I am here NOT with a group from a ymca. My feelings are those that I see in the behaviour of others - the way they stick with those they came with - meals - in session ........
The ones who are strategic in moving around from group to group - known to unknown - they have these feelings too but accept them because they see the benefits from the insecurity .......

I like the development model;
1 unconsciously - incompetent
2 consciously - incompetent
3 consciously - competent
4 unconsciously - competent