Saturday, April 09, 2005

... Pip away and just got some wi-fi .....

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...... ..... I am away dear blog clickers - and it is late ........ tired by the week rather than the day ......... I am at the English YMCA Movement National Assembly at Warwick University. All week-end.

I am in my student room - the nearest I get to University ..... I went to a Factory University ........ at 15 I went to work in a factory making things for ships so I could eventually become an engineer and sail the world.
I did become an Engineer.
The University was good and I learned much ........ but becoming a Christian at 21 snatched away the urge to go to sea.
I am only pleased about this. It was a life decision I never regret.

I am clicking this in my room and tomorrow I hope to find some wi-fi and send it to you that way ....... if not it will be Sunday.

I am playing iPod in my room with my diddy speakers and listening to a radio programme pre recorded from the Late Junction on R3.