Thursday, April 14, 2005

..... I am on a road ......... are you ........

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........I am fulfilled when I am doing or have done ......... two things.

When I work close with young humans and others who are at the bottom end of society. If you have no home - you are at basic human need. To grow on from that in terms of;
-belonging to a group and community
-self esteem
-achieving something in terms moving to interdependence
.............................................. is a tough challenge.
I want to be there and face the challenge of contacting - building relationships - building trust - and walking together in the discovery of life ....
Working with the workers who are at the sharp end. Training stuff.

I had a great time today with beautiful humans as we discovered and learned from each other about how to communicate better. I am not talking about getting on well with 'like' people who are our natural social group potential friends. I am talking about reaching out to others who are different in terms of culture and life style. Maybe those who are homeless and battered. Into drugs big time. Hooting on chemicals. Unreliable in extreme. Poor in terms of communication. Maybe violent and abusive - even to those who are aiming to help and assist.

The issue of us being vulnerable, and sharing it, to work effectively with those with special need is a real issue it seems to me.
'He who was rich became poor'.

In what way are you poor?
In what way are you rich?
In what way are you beautiful?
In what way are you imperfect?