Saturday, April 30, 2005

...... TIGER .......

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. .....TIGER ..... came to the door today.

TIGER is the sponee new mac operating system which will be reviewed all over the press in the next week or so. It arrived on the day which Apple said was the release day - good on ya.

To Tomek - I did go.
He is my Mac guru and helps me no-end ..... many midnight chats on the phone as this pip geezer fumbles -inadequate like- with all the tech.

I have problem with my iPhoto system.
If you know me or view these blogs ...... you will know I am a snapper and take pix and use them in my work as an ice-breaker and a relationship builder and I love these seconds glimpses of life hmmm ....

So Tomek had devised a way to take my 19k pix and put them through the ringer. At the same time he took a copy of all my G4 Mactop before installing tiger - in case it did something sad. It worked and after a few hours I was able to plow back through te city traffic with my tiger growling Mactop grrrr

Now I can use it when I go on holidays for two weeks in less than ONE weeks time hey hey..... lots of pix coming at ya .....

AND then tonight ........ my team was on the TV and facing a tough game which we won 31-30.
Me and Joan on our knees in front of the tv.
So tense - but of course so relaxing hmmm.
What a game.
We are going up North to see a big game live. We have tickets already for the Leeds game - and they are the League Leaders - AT THE MOMENT because we are second and breathing down their necks.

Tomorrow it is a Greenbelt ABM for Trustees-and Members ........ busy I am .....

see you soon .........