Saturday, April 16, 2005

I blogged about this below .....

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..... now I have found a picture of the thing I had ..... and there is a description too;

In 1938 children were given a small version of the adult mask. But children found it even harder to suck air in and breathe out. Many children refused to wear their masks, or ripped them off in the middle of air raids practices.

Because of these problems, the Government designed a new mask especially for children. It was given out to all children from September 1939.

It was lighter than the adults' mask, and made in bright colours so that children would want to carry it round with them.

It was also fitted with tight elastic straps so that children would find it more difficult to take off.

To make it easier for the children to breathe, a valve was fitted to the nose piece. The valve allowed air out of the mask when the children breathed out. When they breathed in the valve closed and so air was still sucked in through the gas filter.

Children soon found out that if they blew through the valve it made a very rude noise!