Saturday, April 09, 2005

I lurve reading about U2 on tour ......

ww rig
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........... Willie Williams writes his diary on 'U2 dot beautiful com' ....... he talks about how he stays late at night to prepare the next show and the lights and visuals for the next set list ........"The rest of the crew will leave after dinner and we go down to a night-crew of just enough people to allow Bruce and I to programme all the various elements that make up the show.

Usually a couple of lampies (lighting crew), Smasher our touring video director, and one other video person to run the video pixel panels up and down on cue and generally make sure nothing explodes. As compulsory volunteers for the night shift, I usually pick patient guys, at least one of whom is a dab hand at tea-making."

He lurves his tea ......

Read the daily diary - I think it may only be available to U2dotcom members ........ well worth it ......