Sunday, April 24, 2005

I love it-love it-love it-

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...... hmmm moment ....... I have blogged the bit below and then it disappeared from my site hmmm ....... so I repeat ...

It is great getting contacted out of the blue ....... like this .....

Hi Pip,
Hope all is well. It has been a long time, not sure if you still remember me. I think I saw you last time in the summer of 1994 at the YMCA's 150 anniversary youth camp in the UK. My name is Christian Schweizer and I was employed by the Zurich YMCA. We once went to Norway together (I think it was in 1994 too) during a cold January weekend. You were doing a Rolling Magazine and I was learning and watching it.
I was wondering, are you still doing Rolling Magazine? Is it still the success as it was? I completely lost track of all the youth work since I went back to the corporate work. Currently I work and live in New York. I do not know what hit me, but for some reasons I remembered the days in Norway again and was wondering, what is Pip doing. So I "googled" your name and there you were..... I like your website a lot. Was browsing through it a little bit. Congratulations on your Mission Statement; very brave and truly moving as well. I am sure you were and still are touching many people in your life.
I really hope this email reaches you well and all the best.
Good bless and have a great day
Christian Schweizer

....... and we made contact again ...... isn't that beautiful?