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The Jesus Comic

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The Bible tells us many things about Jesus, but on one topic it is sadly lacking – namely, "What sort of iPhone Apps would He download?"*

However, it's not too outlandish to imagine that He might like something like The Jesus Comic, an iPhone app that tells the story of His life.

The twist is that the story is told through snazzy orange-hued cartoons, and using only minimal text. The creator of The Jesus Comic, Jason Ramasami, intends this app not to be a replacement for reading the Bible, but a prompt for discussion amongst families, youth-groups and comic fans. The cartoon depictions are sometimes literal, sometimes oblique, and sometimes symbolic.

As a way of using arts to explore faith, as well as a great sideways look at stories that we know so well, The Jesus Comic is a very Greenbelt-y idea, so why not check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below?

It's available from the iPhone Apps Store, and you can check out more information at The Jesus Comic website, Facebook group and Twitter page.

Jesus Comic

I am working with the National YMCA of Iceland. Doing stuff with Staff and Volunteers. And soon to be a week-end at, what they call, summer camp. They have had the most snow here than they have had this winter.
So here I am with my snow experience - having a great time. Feeling ever such at home with a great community of beautiful humans.
It is so good, so far from home, to feel such acceptance and willingness by them to step outside their comfort zones where growth resides.

I am staying in a YMCA flat in the large building covered by snow. I still cannot get over the fact of them flashing around the snow covered roads - with their spiky tyres on of course.
I am being hosted and loved. Who could ask for more.
I give 100% which would give whether or not they warmed and welcomed me.

Just in from a dinner hosted by the Chairman and his wife. Most wondrous fresh fish and home made chocolate cake mmmmm.
I loved the conversations. Meeting new humans. Starting gently and ending with some passionate life changing exchanges.
I minded not - that a chunk of the time was a speech in Icelandic. I felt no ignorance or separation - just privilege to be a part on this special day.

A few picture here. More to come in the following days.
I have a weak internet connection in my flat. Hope I can connect with the www, meaning the beautifulYOU

you are beautiful
I wonder if you feel it right now.
Write how you feel right now.
Five words will do - or
go a bit deeper because::

"We become fully conscious
only of what we are able to express
to someone else.
We may already have
had a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague
so long as it is unformulated”
Paul Tournier

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Live Generously book sleeve

It started in one of those ‘what if…’ conversations between friends. What if the world wasn’t loaded in favour of a small minority of its people? What if we could look after the planet as well as looking after ourselves? What if a bunch of people tried to exploit the power of new technology to live a little more generously? Read more...

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Messy Generosity
Generous Latest

Gen_blog_sm Messy Generosity

Where we live shouldn't determine whether we live or whether we die ..........
An Experience Reflected: Pip Wilson
I was slouched on the couch with my cap on, my U2 jacket, my black jeans, drinking hot chocolate, tired but alive. I was surprised by the young people. Here they are virtually leaning across my frame with elbows leaning on my knees and speaking very close, face-to-face. Their words were slurred the eyes sort of spaced out.

‘Ginger’ was dressed in a black suit with a black bag which she seemed to cling on to - very dearly. Hair pulled back from her face talking, screaming, very loudly, not staying too long by my side, excitedly walking in and out of the room. 16 or 17?

There was the ‘U2 fan’ who’d been to see U2 at Wembley and was keen to tell me the details. He was red faced, short, stocky, light hair, shiny skin, talking loudly and intoxicated. He gave me the wind up - he and Ginger were sister and brother! His language was spicy, trying to impress me with English swear words - say 19?

There was the dark skinned ‘beautiful teeth, Danni’ She stayed longer, spoke quieter and engaged in conversation about a wider subjects. The first thing I’d said to her was “You have got beautiful teeth”! About 16!

I was in the Cafe until 3am, going to bed at 4am. I was in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The YMCA owns a building in the fashionable High Street in the dead center of Reykjavik. It rents the ground floor to McDonalds and over it has the Midnight Cafe which is well known to youngsters. The kids use the bars, often until midnight, and then come into the ‘YMCA Midnight Cafe’! for some late night “fellowship”. I come alive in such environments, I feel at home with young people when they are ‘effing and blinding’. I love the vibe. I also enjoy the engaging with young people who are volunteers in the YMCA. Young intelligent committed Christian young people who give of their time through passion. Motivated by faith, to do a work which they are not trained to do. Not experienced in doing, but a beautiful open disposition to do it.

I’d flown in Thursday, flown out Sunday, and in between had conducted 3 x 3 hour training sessions with leaders in the YMCA. On top of that I’d had three meetings with Staff/Board Members to talk about YMCA work, philosophy, strategy and giving some personal view and analysis of the work I observed.

On the Saturday night I led an event for 100 young people between 14 and 20. It would be amazing within the English culture to have 100 young people of that age turning up regularly on a Saturday night to sing worship songs have a Bible reading and listen to a speaker. On this particular evening there wasn’t a ‘speaker’, but I led it with an interactive style with the objective of creating an ‘experience’. There was pretty loud music and many interaction games including using overhead projector and video, all to create an experience of faith, of discovery, of newness, of each other, of me, of game and visual stimulus, and an experience of God.

All this was stretching for me, tiring at the end, a total switch off from normal but in many different ways a stimulus for my own work/mission. The learning and the challenge in such a range of activities can be so inspirational. So many people have a poverty which imprisons the spirit. My experience of Iceland was not a ‘poor’ experience. I didn’t experience poverty. I experienced an enrichment of the soul, an exercising of the soul!

Pip Wilson
3rd February 1999

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The website above
is mine and gives
more information.
Have a click HERE::

I have sketched out some blogs for next week.
You may not like me - if you do now!
It's little series of one liners.
Maybe one every day.
About residing in a place called comfortable.

Had a great week-end
after a harsh winter,
it was great to see humans,
friends, socialise, hang out.
Spring will bring the buds out ......

Winter is more isolating.
Even with neighbours.
Certainly if we need to travel.
Not had a Brick Lane Curry for ages.
Will do - when I get through this patch.

If Facebook was a country
it would be the fourth
largest Nation in the world!

This morning my brain was encased in lead.
Strange feeling.
It seemed to be resting - more like frozen.
I tend to be more alive in the evening
unless I am pumping adrenaline - then
I am kicking darkness anytime.

One day prep
then I go to Iceland for six days.
I don't know what the internet will be like there.
Guess it will be fine so it won't stop me blogging.
I need to Blog.
It has got to come-out of my soul.

Have you seen the movie PRECIOUS yet?
JulieB, USA, recommended it to me ages ago.
Massive it is.
I never recommend holidays, restaurants, music -
I just say 'I love it love it.

This movie had me sobbing -
two days after I watched it first.
I have cut it up into eleven episodes.
It took me 3/4 hours - of raw emotion.
I intend to use it in training.
There is so much in it to learn from.
That is when I sobbed.
Feeling it.
Letting it get to me.
Letting it crawl under my skin.
Letting it hurt
Letting it take to the place where poverty imprisons the spirit ..............

Monday, February 22, 2010


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Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable

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2730 Aug 2010 Cheltenham Racecourse

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