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Blob Suicide ............. a Communication Tool to get people talking:: . blob

Blob Suicide

Blob Suicide - 

near where I live there is a place where many people have stood on a rail-track as way of committing suicide.


Men especially hide their feelings. 

Even the news from around the world is saying this is a time for suicides - the terrible loss of lives. 

Lets talk about this stuff.

If we don't  - TALK OUT - we -  ACT OUT 

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Today is the National Day of Albania - my experiences & involvement with my Albanian friends

Privilege .. .. .. 
............. Joan and me were invited to a special event.
A Privilege.

I was invited to receive an award, 
like an Oscar or Grammy…… 
maybe a Bafta!

It was a Presentation from the Albanian Community in London - the ones who publish the newspaper 'The Albanian' which is circulated here in the UK and in Albania. 

The cameras whirred and flashed and the speeches given. 
The Albanian Ambassador was the Chief guest and I was given top-of-the-bill slot to speak.

It was all due to their recognition that when they first came to the UK some years ago, from the slaughtering Kosova, they found refuge in a community which I led and Joan was the Chair of the International Committee. 
Thousands were driven from their homes in that land - thousands more slaughtered.

They reminded me of the trauma they were in - as if I didn't remember.
They were voiceless - no English, 
the poorest of the poor- no possessions, 
scared - 
surrounded by others who only knew the London/UK context.
They remember and so do I.

Now they are working like mad to integrate themselves into the British culture.
Working hard - and also working hard to support many of their own people so that they can also integrate into our multi-racial population.

It was great to be with them.

You yani person ebuko

Below is an article translated from Albanian, 
by a Albanian, into English.

In search of the peace missionaries and supporters for the Albanian community in Great Britain

Pip Wilson – 
“How blobs in the trees explain
our overcrowded lives”

Translated by: Tomorr Bahja

The article was published in the “ALBANIAN” newspaper
in February 2006 edition

He says that “…the studying, involvement or even the understanding of these Blobs is the best way to understand our overcrowded lives…”. 
‘Blobs’ as he calls it, in one of the books that Mr Pip Wilson published, he says, 

“Welcome in the great book of Blobs of a tree diagram"

This is all about Mr Pip Wilson, the former Executive Director of YMCA mission in East London, Romford. 
Mr Wilson has lived a life full of different experiences. During the time he was Executive Director of YMCA, his sincere contribution and his support for the Albanian community in Great Britain was a noticeable experience.

He enabled us [the Albanian community] to use the beautiful [hostel] building of YMCA and turn it into a center for gathering of all grateful help from a variety of people, such as food, clothes, medication and academic books with destination Kosovo. It is to be noted that Mr Wilson has always been willing to help integration of our [Albanian] community within the English society.

The first time I met Mr Wilson was through a very close friend of mine, one of the greater contributors of our national cause and the cause of our community in Great Britain, Mr Xhevair Gjini. 
As a member of the governing board of the mission of YMCA, Mr Gjini offered me the chance to see Mr Pip Wilson. 
I was impressed from the first meeting, since Mr Wilson had managed to learn some words in Albanian, our beautiful and sweet language.

Once I had a chance to thanking Mr. Pip Wilson for everything he did to help the Kosovar people, during the 1999 Kosovo war, together with him [Mr Pip Wilson] and Mr Gjini, we started to discuss various issues of our cultural heritage, national history, language, religion and our ethnic origin. 
It appeared that Mr Wilson was really impressed from our history, but in the same time was very supportive and sympathetic towards our people’ sufferings and sacrifices. 
He did not hesitate and enabled us to use his offices for the organisation of the KOSOVA association in East London. 
This was a great help from a great friend of Albanians [Kosovars], as it enabled our organisation, chaired by Mr Gjini, to achieve tremendous results in gathering a considerable amount of food and other financial help to sent to Kosovo in time of need. 
The transfer of this help from Great Britain to Kosovo was made possible thanks to the cooperation offered by Mr. Wilson.

It is also to be noted that the staff of the hostel and the office of YMCA under the chairmanship of Mr Wilson made a great contribution towards the help they gave to our community. 
It was a long time I had not seen Mr Wilson since, but he remained the same person, a sincere man with a great heart, and great communication skills. 
I remembered the time we spent together; it is undoubtedly a memorable time. 
We stayed for a while with Mr Gjini and Mr Wilson remembering the excellent time we spent together.

Recently, Mr Wilson published a voluminous and fantastic book that speaks about life, emotional perceptions and personification of individuals through various blobs, placed in different positions on a tree diagram. 
Through this book of illustrations, he [Pip Wilson] shows various phenomenon, behaviours, emotions and the attitudes of every individual in nowadays’ life, full of dynamism.

Certainly, the book is recommended for reading, since Mr Wilson possesses not only the qualities, but also his style of storytelling is amazing. 
The way he tries to communicate his emotion with his readers and exploration of the idea, help us to understand in more details the today’s world. 
I hope that in the near future we will be able and would have the privilege to publish a full interview with Mr. Pip Wilson in the Albanian newspaper’s pages.

Finally, through this article, I want to express my sympathy and our many thanks to Mr Pip Wilson for his great help, his love, sincerity, and dedication for a long period and in our most difficult time we re-lived as a nation. 
Naturally, he is a missioner of peace, love and a humanity, an individual who works so hard not only for our community but for everyone. 
In the same time, our thanks goes for Mr Gjini and his willingness that enabled us to have such important relationship between the Albanian community in London and the people of Great Britain.

By Emanuel Bajra


Fitting into UK news ..... feeling it ....

Saturday, February 15, 2020

ALL you need to know about The Blob Tree Tools::


It means that if we ever meet again, you will know me.

When you remember me, 
it means that you 
have carried something 
of who I am with you, 
that I have left some mark 
of who I am on 
who you are. 
It means that you can summon me back 
to your mind even though countless years 
and miles stand between us. 
It means that if we ever meet again, 
you will know me. 
It means that after I die, 
you can still see my face 
and hear my voice 
and speak to me in your heart.

For as long as you remember me, 
I am never entirely lost. 
When I’m feeling most ghost-like, 
it’s your remembering me 
that helps remind me 
that I actually exist. 
When I’m feeling sad, 
it’s my consolation. 
When I’m happy, 
it’s part of why I feel that way.

If you forget me, 
one of the ways I remember who I am 
will be gone. 
If you forget me, 
part of who I am 
will be gone.

Frederick Buechner

Your next step.

The new UK Government.

Friday, February 14, 2020

We can decide to Love. Whatever another person is

We can decide to Love. 
Whatever another person is 
doing / saying we have decided to love. 
Then we 
learn / act-on 
that decision. 


Valentine stuff, as with Christmas, hits below the belt.

It is a deep hurt if you feel unloveable, 
unlovely, sidelined - 
not in a one-and-special-unique-relationship.

Valentine stuff, as with Christmas, 
hits below the belt.
BUT if we can grasp the reality - 
where we are in terms of human relationships - 
that is a great step forward.

We can only move forward from knowing where we are. 
Ringing in my ears is a great quote from a great man ........ 
"the first task of a leader is to define reality" 
(Max Du Prix from the book Leadership Jazz.)

Relationships are the beginning of finding a 
one true lasting relationship.
Yet having needs met in a relationship 
ALSO means helping to meet the needs of the other.
We all have needs. 

Striving to meet the needs of the other is no better way 
of building a relationship. 
Lasting. Deep. Loving.

It is always true that some BHP's have not experienced love.
If parents have not known love, 
not loved their child, 
failed to love, 
been unable to love - 
that leaves a child so damaged.
'I am not loved because I am ugly.'
'I feel a deep rejection within me.'

It is like abuse  - it lingers on through life.
It is also reenforced by other humans 
who are not able to love someone 
because of their behaviour.
That builds up into a lack of confidence and low self esteem.
I have worked with humans all my life 
who are incredible talented educated people 
but also have such a poor 'feel' about themselves.
That's why I started saying, some 40+ years ago 
"You are a beautiful human person".

Humans need to work on that fact that they are beautiful - 
and it will never to be discovered by looking in a mirror.
Accepting self is beyond behaviour. 
We are not our behaviour. 
Feelings drive behaviour.
So we need to believe ........ 
believe that we are beautiful at the core DESPITE 
the ugly things we don't like about ourselves 
AND what we suspect others don't like about us.

This is all spiritual stuff. 
All emotional intelligence stuff. 
It is all about they beautiful human inside us - 
trying to get out and live in freedom. 
One person instead of an inner and an outer one.
We need to join the dots.

I was 40 before I accepted myself with all my 


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Developmental Group work on a Valentine theme - step by step

"Be my Valentine"
Group work on a Valentine theme.

Hello beautiful human. 

I wonder how you are feeling right now. 
I wonder what things are on your mind? 
More than that, 
I wonder what emotional agenda you have? 
What comes into your mind during those few seconds before you drift off to sleep? 
I would love to know because it would help me to click words more relevant to your soul.

 Youth Worker? People Worker?
I guess you ponder on the young humans who you work with. 
I guess you wonder about how you can best be useful to them 
as they face adolescent ups and downs.

I guess you can do at least two things as you gather a group together. 
One is to input a story, 
a reflection, teaching,inspirational thoughts and more. 
Another method is to create a sharing situation 
where everyone can share thoughts, feelings, concerns, life puzzles, 
relationships - always relationships!

Here is a group activity 
which will give everyone present an opportunity to share. 
That includes you! 

This process outlined, 
always open for you to adapt and deliver in your context. 
It will only come alive in a group interactive situation. 
Listening as well as sharing - and you are the facilitator!

1 Set the climate, food, drink, music, a game or two. 
Something to set the tone - a climate of trust.
2 Place a big piece of paper on the floor in the centre of the group. Draw a saucer sized circle in the centre and 5 or six other circles around it, each one larger to fill the paper. 
Give everyone three 'post its'. 
With some music playing, ask everyone to think for a few minutes before placing the 'post its' on the paper.

3 The exercise is. Place three post-its::
i) Close to the centre of the circle indicating your closest relationship, maybe using the words 'who you love most’. 
ii) the 'second post it' farther away from the centre indicating the next closest relationship. 
iii) Then the third similarly. 
(Alternatively - you could use the first one is a person from their home, another from school/college/work, and the third a friend.) 
Before you, on the floor, will be a map of key relationships experienced by the group.
Do this in silence ideally.

4 The sharing. You could start, yes you the leader, 
to model the level of authenticity and openness - 
or ask someone you know who would be willing to be open. 
In a large group it would be good to use triads 
and feed back to larger group afterwards.
5 Question suggestions:: 
How difficult was it to decide on the person to chose and where to place them on the the circles? 
Was it easier to place someone in the centre or someone farther away? 
Share who the person is at the centre ? 
(Many questions can be asked here, 
you will know the sensitivity to use but remember that 
'growth does not reside in a place called comfortable').

6 Hand out copies of Blob Romance (see below) or project onto a screen. 
Ask them to share in triads in response to these questions. 
i) Which of the pairs indicate the worst relationship and why? 
ii) Which do you consider is the best relationship and why? 
iii) If you are in a relationship at the moment - which best describes it? 

The interaction between large group/small group can be powerful. 
The listening can be. 
Humans will find themselves saying new things about their relationships 
and it will foster self discovery and self esteem.
This can be a powerful way for individuals, 
and a group, to connect with the reality of their relationships  - and in their becoming.

Me, Pip Wilson?
When I need comfort. 
When I am hurt. 
Need to be carried. 
A cuddle. 
Some flowers of Grace 
when I don't deserve them. 
But at the moment, 
I want God to shoot an arrow through my heart 
to help me to discover more about love .........

Pip Wilson

Blob Romance


Monday, February 10, 2020

WHO is the CEO of your LIFE?


often speaks with softer words, warmer tones of the voice 
with facial expressions that mirror the body language.

A Palm Person speaks with 
open palms. 
A Pointed Finger person often uses the words ::  
“You should ....” and   “You aught .....”

A Palm Person does not 'put down' or 'belittle'.
A Palm Person will often speak of their own feelings
and definitely NOT use the words 'should and aught'.