Saturday, December 05, 2020

A friend asks me how I am and I share my response here - to you too.

 I am often asked by text  /  email ::  'How are you?'

I often respond with a 'I'm OK'  which true really ....... BUT ............ I really don't want to go into details again and again. BUT I appreciate these warm affirmative/supportive questions.       Another ' BUT' .......... a loving friend mailed me today and asked how I was and I responded with something like the following .............. I am sharing here for you::


I am alright + but I nowadays I have more of the Oncologists listed side effects impacting me in last few months. 

I am up about three times during the nights - toileting. I have hits of 'Hot sweats' during the night that wake me up several times. Such massive body heat wakes me up like I am being baked in an oven .........  then it takes a long time to cool. 
Some days I am up in a morning & then - when, I am up and about - I feel tired & nap 2/3 times in the morning. Fatigue they call it. 
Other days I have normal energy levels.
Still writing. Publishing. Walking daily. So I am ok most of time. 
I miss, like us all - the freedom to meet/ work/ travel/ gig & hang out with family. 

I only have a three monthly blood tests, hormone injections & phone call with Oncologist -  between these I don't know what is happening inside my frame ............ & meds all the time. 

Life would be better without COVID for us all.
Let me know how you are - confidential to me if you can share the good the bad and the ugly? - It is good for the soul.