Wednesday, December 16, 2020

On a London Tube train and I experience a concentration camp.


On a London Tube train.

I open my book.
I first picked it up as I left home this morning -2/3rds asleep.
It was one of the zillions of books I have on the go.
THIS was ::

Viktor Frankl "Man's Search For Meaning" - 

I started to read it.

After three pages I have to close it and handle the depth stimulation.
He was writing about the experiences in the Concentration Camp.
His preoccupation with finding a new piece of wire to 'lace' his shoes together.
The tears of pain as he walked with torn shoes.
Would there be any food after a long day of slave labour.
Should he trade his last cigarette for a piece of bread.

He was aware that the prisoners who lost faith in the future - were doomed.
Living on past memories were fatal.
So his imagination took him to a place in the future.
A place where he was delivering a psychology lecture to a great audience of students.
All in comfortable seats and keen to learn.
His subject was 'The psychology of a concentration camp'.
He was firmly in the future - firmly in the positive.
He ended with a fab Quote::
"Emotion, which is suffering, ceases to be suffering as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it"

Stinking wow - I wrote on the page.

I thought about it as the train swayed and juddered.
Then I thought - how do I apply it?
I started thinking about getting home - rather than the train carriage.
Getting in with the salad I had bought at M&S, and sitting down enjoying it.
Joan is away so I am busking the food - a cold pasta/chicken/pine nuts salad hmmmmm
Then getting home NOT to watch football on TV.
Cuddling Zig on my knee.
Eating the chocolate desert which I won't tell Joan about.
Lighting the fire and seeing Zig strike his sexy pose for me, on the rug - on his back.

It was true - I escaped the concentration camp rail carriage hmmmmmmm
How could transpose this - apply this?
What emotion, which causes some pain, be managed by concentrating on the future?

A QUESTION for you::
Which of the Blobs, on the illustration below,

is you  -  right now - feelings - emotions?