Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to the Roller Coaster

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You are beautiful.

This is part
of a tool
Blob New Year.

Your activity will be on here.
Your feelings will be on here
in non-verbal language,
understood world wide.

I wish you wonder
as you step into 2010.
I wish for you
all the beauty-full things
that you wish for yourself -
alongside those you wish
for others
known to yourself
unknown to yourself
unforgettable by yourself
forgettable by yourself.

I hope for you
A love that will
not let you go.
A hope of new
Love discovered.
New views
new humans
new awareness
new commitments
new joys
new experiences
new sensitivities
new desires
new places
new challenges
new relaxants
new wisdom
as you step into the

......................... beyond beyond ...............


Prize winner announced!

TED Prize winner for 2010:
the chef who's transforming the way we feed our children ...


The prize grants him $100,000 -- and something much bigger: "a wish to change the world." He'll unveil the wish on February 10 at TED2010 and we, the TED community, will make it come true.

Some key achievements:

12 television series, seen in 130 countries
10 cookbooks, translated into 29 languages, and sold almost 24 million copies in 56 countries
His School Dinners/Feed Me Better campaign pressured the UK government to invest $1 billion to overhaul school lunches
Founded the Fifteen Foundation, a social enterprise and chef apprenticeship for 18-24 yr olds. Based in London, it has been replicated through franchising in Amsterdam, Cornwall and Melbourne
A new TV series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution USA, is to air on ABC in 2010, bringing Jamie's unique vision to America
At the heart of Oliver's work is an assault on the obesity epidemic: The CDC states that one in four Americans are considered obese. It is estimated that 43 percent of Americans, or 103 million people, will be obese by 2018. The cost of this epidemic is anticipated to reach $344 billion per year. It currently accounts for almost 10 percent of the yearly US health care costs, and that rate will rise to 21 percent by 2018. WHO's latest projections indicate that, globally in 2005, approximately 1.6 billion adults were overweight and projects that by 2015, that figure will rise to 2.3 billion.

From the New York Times:
"... this British celebrity chef has made it his mission in recent years to break people’s dependence on fast food, believing that if they can learn to cook just a handful of dishes, they’ll get hooked on eating healthfully. The joy of a home-cooked meal, rudimentary as it sounds, has been at the core of his career from the start, and as he has matured, it has turned into a platform."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


. . . . .
Ships in 3–5 business days
Earth. Water. Air. Fire

The stuff that matters.
In a series of extended meditations, Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe explore each of the four elements as a way of asking who we are, what we’re made of ... and why we’re here.

The stuff of life.

Earth. Water. Air. Fire

With illustrations by Rob Pepper.
It's like a lazy Sunday Afternoon at Wilson Mansions
and it's not Sunday!
The weather is too bad for a bike ride.
How come, that when I sit down, I fall asleep?
I have reached an all time low.
Not emotionally -
Lazinessly !

Little Sheila is still with us
sleeping more than me
but not as much as Zig.

She talks all about the birth.
I would if my belly was about to sprout.
It would be a good way to slim.
She is three stone heavier than normal Sheila.
She is beautifully bulging
(Photos not-permitted-all-censored-unfair!)

What day is it today?

Sheila is on the bed settee.
Squashed between the Juke Box and the desk
(I am going to give you a guided tour
of my office next week -
photos and descriptions of all the artefacts.

What time is it?

If I could get in my office
bed settee in the way,
make-up and womens stuff
all over my desk,
I would be working at my
hundreds of emails -
I have got used to not diving in there now!

What day is it?

Read the little book today
by Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe.
I mentioned it here before Christmas.
Get it, stimulating.
Lulu dot com will send it to you.

Where have week-ends gone?

The TV, dysfunctional from Christmas Eve,
was replaced by a new Sky HD today.
It's great to have a HD TV for our first Christmas -
next year I hope!

New Years midnight -
is all planned
breaking a bottle of Champagne
on Whitstable Beach hey hey

But when will that be?

A friend of mine knew he was going to die. He called all his friends together to eat drink and have a good time. As a parting shot he asked that we carry on meeting up, remember him, and enjoy ourselves. He died when he was only thirty three.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here is something for you to take away.

Why not pick a blessing?

Take it to yourself?

For 2010?

Change in 2010?

Select one - live it - love it - consider?

May God bless you with discomfort
At easy answers, half truths and superficial relationships,
So that you may live deep within your heart

May God bless you with anger
At injustice, oppression and exploitation of people,
So that you may work for justice, freedom and peace.

May God bless you with tears
To shed for those who suffer pain, rejection, hunger and war,
So that you may reach out your hand to comfort and
To turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless you with enough foolishness
To believe that you can make a difference in the world,
So you can do what others claim cannot be done
To bring justice and kindness to all our children and the poor
The Goodwins .................
One of our greatest losses in leaving Romford was leaving behind all our friends.
The Goodwins have been great long term friends and I linger on some great times as I enjoy this wondrous picture.
I remember taking the then little kids, Nichola and Shaggs, to play snowballs and sledging for the first time - the Hard Rock Cafe for the first time and .......... many exciting events with the Sheilas as they grew up alongside them.
Beautiful photo of friends Bonnie, her Mum and my little friend Zach.
We go to his special baptism day soon in 2010
Just look at the little face ...... beautiful human ......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A friend of mine knew he was going to die. He called all his friends together to eat drink and have a good time. As a parting shot he asked that we carry on meeting up, remember him, and enjoy ourselves.
He died when he was only thirty three.

Boxing Day Dessert by Joan = PAVLOVA

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You are beautiful.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

There was six of us for Christmas Day.
The Greek side and the St Helens side.
Hope you had a good time with someone you love,
I hope.

When I click like this I cannot but help to think that you may have been on your own too much
with humans you would not choose to be with
in a place you would not feel at home in.

Working in community on Christmas Day
over many years
One of the big challenges was to get
everyone to try to accept their circumstances
and then enjoy what they had.
Even if it was a new family - new environment.

The trouble, often, was everyone around the table
would have their own issues -
having a rich dinner alongside other humans with issues.
(I have issues -
you have them -
do you accept them?
own them?)

Christmas present for me from Santajoan was a little portable sound box
which plays using iPod/iPhone and can link to my laptop too.
It is backpackable, light, small but with a good sound level and tone.
The 10 hour battery means I can play it around the home.
Bathroom, office, lounge and gigs where I link it to give
a good vibe when I show mini-film-clips. I love it .........

At the Sheilas we all opened our usual Christmas stocking.
Usually lots of small books/creams/gadgets/bottles and
other gender influenced gifts.

The one-off present then follows.
Joy received a Macbook last year -
highly memorable due to her mouth
staying wide open for a long long time ...

I was dragged to the front door of Joy Mansions
and there for me
from the Sheilas
a push bike
all tied up with red ribbons!!
Me a bike, I always said I would love one,
but a new one and as a surprise - well !!

I have not cycled for 50 years!
When I bought my first motor,
a Morris Minor little grey van,
I stopped cycling to work in the various factories -
in all weathers and night shift and all.

Yesterday I came home by car with Joan
and today I walked to Joys, about 35 minutes,
and peddled my bike back to Wilson Mansions.
(How do you do it - almost wobbly falling off!
How do I twist this gear changer -
never had them like this in the old days!)

Peter, a regular biker through the streets of London
and out here in the sticks,
came with me as a Guardian Angel.
He led me on the least uphill route.
Down by the seafront path, through the harbour
and and and - I didn't fall off.

One man, as wobbled by, said
"Mind you don't get your new Christmas Present dirty!"
Cheeky bugger .................

I think I have made a savage contribution
to the average age
of humans
getting a new bike
for Christmas.

a little probe into our thinking and .......

.... a little story
I love it love it .......

Pip's Juke Box
in the Kicking Fields 1977

When God gave out brains
I thought he said trains
So I missed mine.
When God gave out looks
I though he said books
So I did not want any.
When God gave out chins
I thought he said gins
So I ordered a double.
When God gave out noses
I thought he said roses
So I ordered a large red one.
When God gave out legs
I though he said kegs
So I ordered two big ones.
Boy am I in a mess!

Ann Sheila
Christmas Day 2009
Looking beautifully 8 months pregnant.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

He sends his love.
I spent an evening this week with a man.
An immigrant here for 16 years.
His father fought in the British Army.
He has served in the Armed Forces.
He has never had a birth certificate.
He has never had a passport.
He has no money.
He has no work.
He sends his love.
I gave him Wilson Christmas presents.
He bought me Costa coffee weekly for six years when he was working.
He wanted to give me his only £10 towards the curry.
I fought and won.
It nearly killed him to see me pay.
After sixteen years here he has at last got through the paper work and can apply for a passport.
But it costs £75 which he hasn't got.
He sends his love.
Jesus was an immigrant.
He sends his love.

I will be blogging over Christmas
Here on my blog I have music playing
and a special one hour
Christmas Mix.
Please feel free to click anytime
and play the beautiful tunes.
I will be doing a
Selection Box 2009 -
= meaning an album
of my favourite music 09.
I have been doing this
longer than memory -
since cassettes,
then CD's
last year MP3's.
So if you would like a blast of
Pearls of Wilson vibes -
(only available for Blog readers)

drop me an email and I will
pull beats together
trim them down to 12/or so
+ a sleeve
+ track-list -
heaven awaits.

"Love the Guest"

“People, look east.
The time is near.
Of the crowning of the year.
Make your house fair as you are able,
Trim the hearth and set the table.
People, look East and sing today:
Love the Guest is on the way.”

Words: Eleanor Farjeon

“Love the Guest”
That’s what Christmas is all about
even though 99% of our time
is spent on other Christmas things.
This very old traditional anthem
sung on Advent Sunday.
All part of the preparation
for the Christmas season.
It’s a bit like a birthday really –
Like a birthday,
you remember it,
celebrate it,
send a card,
make a cake,
have a drink,
get the family and friends together for ‘something’.
And the chief guest is the person whose birthday it is.

Of course Christmas is a birthday!
The birthday of love,
the birthday of
‘love come down!’
the birthday of perfect love!
The birthday of God saying
“I love you”
so I will send a little present.

So as we sing the traditional Carols
and have a sing-a-long-birthday-party-or two-------
---------let’s thank God for love.
The love we have experienced in our lives.
The love we have yet to experience.
The love that will not let me go – too!

Amazing too –
that this love gift is free to all.
No conditions.
It is free to enjoy
and also respond to,
if we wish.
What response
(if we want to)
is the best from God’s point of view?

Some options

1. Clock the love coming in and send it back and say “I love you too”
2. Clock the love and ‘party’. Let’s celebrate life – dance- sing – drink – celebrate ‘full on’.
3. Clock the love and go quiet for a while. Turn the TV off and, when ready, just ponder, reflect, soak in the bath of love, love poured lavishly upon you. Soak it in. Breathe it in
“Breathe on me breath of God”.
4. Clock the love and then make a ‘Christmas resolution’ to love someone in some way who you don’t normally reach out to, yes – love the unlovely.
5. Clock the love and read a bit. The first part of Matthew, (not Mark), Luke (not John) write bits on the Christmas story.
6. Clock the love and then decide how you want to live your life in the light of love.
7. Clock the love and hang up some Christmas lights, to remind you of the light that came to light the world.

I have decided to make my life an act of love.

Have a fantastic – full on - full love – full on Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas
with a note on the present saying,
toys not included."
This is fab
click to enlarge

thanx Volker and Ulie xxx

[잠깐! 영어상식] 감성 리터러시(Emotional Literacy)란?
[포커스신문사 | 포커스신문

▶감성 리터러시(Emotional Literacy)란?

Emotional Literacy is universally relevant.
It can benefit every individual, every organization, and every profession.
It has the capacity to transform each person and their relationships.
Emotional Literacy is a key to living a full rich life.
It is basic to joy and enthusiasm for living and fundamental to your ability to love and be loved.


I am feeling ................

Christmas always brings back memories of our childhood.
I think that is something special about Christmas
compared with other festivals and special days.
What are your positive early memories of your Christmas?
A Christmas smell?
A Christmas visual?
A Christmas taste?
A Christmas touch?
A Christmas present?
A Christmas meal?
A Christmas gathering?
A Christmas activity?
A Christmas person?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I was walking down the street
cold, watching for ice,
carrying bags
as you do.

I stopped suddenly
with a hundred darts stuck in my back
like an electric shock -
middle of the back, pain.

It was Joan who carried the bags home.

It's ok now.
Lasted a day
a day of watchfulness.
Never had it before.
I guess a cold back and
heavy bags.

They are physical feelings.
There are others
interior ones.
The most painful
lingering ......

"Why am I afraid
to tell you who I am"
my favourite book of all time.
Regular clickers this way
will know I have a commitment
to tell you who I am.
Being L5 really.

I am feeling lots::
Glad to know that little Sheila has finished work.
That the baby has it's head down
ready for launch, and it's only due 1st Feb!!

Dave and Ann don't know the gender
so Joy, with her humour,
calls it 'Baby David'
just like the TV show The Royle Family.
Maybe Baby David will decide to join
the Wilson Mansions Christmas Party!!

Also Joy is on the way home.
It is like a centring of the stars around the sun.
(I suppose that's what happened at Christmas -
the stars popped out to see the celebrations).

I will enjoy Christmas
but don't fall over about it.
I like the rest of life too!
I know some humans, maybe most,
who are dying for the season to start.
The holiday, treats, food, drink, family .......

I feel good about it all but
not taken over by it.

Feelings still -
I delight in two bottles of Champagne arriving at the door
News, gifts and Cards from friends
and ex best friends from teenage years.
Feeling also unease because of the wounded
alone, lost, hurting, separated at Christmas.

I once did a Christmas themed group work session
with a group of young humans living in a hostel.
Most struggled with soft or harder drugs
or insecurity, lack of confidence, homeless,
self harming,
family-less ..... and more.
I asked them to name the main players in the Christmas story.
Mary, Joseph, Innkeeper, Wise Humans,Shepherds, - and the Angel of course.
I asked them to draw a name of one of them from my cap.
Then we all shared how the person who they held in their palms
'felt' as it happened on the first Christmas.

It was powerful - extreme.
The feelings streamed,
I guess many mirroring their own feelings.

The room was still as we shared feelings together.
Relationships meeting at our point of need.
Wounded together .... listening ...

These Bible characters were feeling
missing home
away from family
sore from donkey riding
freezing from sleeping rough with the sheep
failure in not finding a proper bedroom
embarrassingly-gutted because hey could only provide a stable
fearful because they had been threatened by the local authority -
and they were 'supposed to be wise' .........

Christmas was painfully alive this Christmas ...........

"God entered into our world
not with the crushing impact
of unbearable glory,
but in the way of weakness,
vulnerability and need.
On a wintry night in an obscure cave,
the infant Jesus was a humble,
helpless God
who allowed us to get close to him.
We all know how difficult it is to receive anything
from someone who has all the answers,
who is completely cool,
utterly unafraid,
needing nothing and in control
of every situation.
We feel unnecessary,
unrelated to this paragon.
So God comes as a new-born baby,
giving us a chance to love him,
making us feel
that we have something to give him."

Brennan Manning

Welcome to
St Luke's

St Luke's, West Holloway is a Church of England parish church - but that doesn't tell the full story. St Luke's is a place where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, however they might describe their faith or the lack of it.

As a community, we aim to be inclusive and accepting - regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, background or belief.