Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This song
this track
is for all the humans
beautiful humans
who help me to grow
to know
about you
about myself
through your eyes
through your wounds
ONLY because you are brave enough
to accept your past
own it
and move on.

moving on
maybe limping
maybe with loss
maybe with hurt trimmings
to everything you do
and breathe.

It is only because you share with me
and trust me
that I feel I can turn
turn and face
turn and face the journey
the road
less travelled
into wholeness

into the kingdom coming
coming in my soul

I TRY to, too
Keep embracing each day
keep on yearning
Keep on making mistakes
just to keep on learning
Keep on giving,
you keep on wanting
Keep on fighting,
just get up every morning

Keep on looking
You keep on searching
You keep on moving
And you get a little further
You keep on trusting
You keep on hoping
You keep on facing your faith just to keep on growing

Just try...try..you just try

Keep on wondering
You keep on asking
Keep on reaching
Keep on taking chances
Keep on longing
You keep on dreaming
Keep on doing what you do never give up believing

Just try...try..you just try
You just try....try...just try

Maybe your world shakes
You try to hold on
Maybe your heart breaks
Just keep on loving
Maybe you'll find out
It's meant to be this way
Maybe you'll learn this
Or maybe we'll learn this

Keep embracing each day keep on yearning
Keep on making mistakes just to keep on learning
Keep on giving, you keep on wanting
Keep on fighting, just get up every morning
And try...try....just try
You just try...try....just try
You just try...you just try...just try

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lionel MessiDo prayers help players?

At the Champions League final there is likely to be evidence of faith, with players crossing themselves.

Jaguar Skills in the Mix! Pip Listening/Capturing RIGHT NOW !!!


Listen now (120 minutes)


3 days left to listen

Last broadcast on Friday, 00:00 on BBC Radio 1.


Episode image for Jaguar Skills in the Mix!

Our favourite Jump Up Electro DJ Kissy Sell Out is away tonight, but do not fear as Jaguar Skills and His Amazing Friends step in and provide an amazing 2 hour electro mix!
Jaguar Skills rules the mix with a little help from some friends: DJ At War, Taku Takahashi, A Skillz, Funtcase, Union DJ's, Kamuki, Rory Lyons, Modstep & Krafty Kutz.
Loads of upfront electro sounds plus the Beat Boxing Hobbit and Vernon Kay playing a rapping version of 'Name That Game show'...

Music and featured items

  1. Jaguar Skills Intro

    1. TerravittaUp In The Club

      Jag's Dangerous Jag Remix
    2. Unknown Error The Curse

      Jag's Toolroom Warface Remix
    3. MC Jakes Warface

      Jag's Toolroom Curse Remix
    4. High Rankin Don't Carry On Like A Rude Boy At Jagfest

Great music here
my best of he week


James Blake:: Pip's BEST Music and Radio of the stinking week !! + interview

BenjiB on BBC radio1 iPlayer

Listen now (120 minutes)


2 days left to listen

Last broadcast on Thursday, 02:00 on BBC Radio 1.


Exploring future beats. This week featuring an exclusive interview with James Blake. Also new music from SBTRKT, Bok Bok and Floating Points.

Music played

James Blake James Blake Give A Man A Rod (Second Version) and lots more

Big-UP the big Dawg::Westwood live in Afghanistan, May/June 2011

Westwood is live in Afghanistan, broadcasting with BFBS from Camp Bastion across Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Air traffic control

It's hot out there! Well done big Dawg

I came from a BROKEN HOME by Gil Scott-Heleon

I came from a broken home.
Not me

I am quoting Gil Scott-Heron
poet, recording artiste, campaigner.

Read the lyrics on the right
(click to enlarge them if needed)

Soak them in.
(the FULL lyrics are in the post below this.)

I worked with a group of
wounded young humans recently.
Everyone of them had
come from a broken home.
All had either been forced to leave

or chosen to leave because they were
~being physically battered
~made to feel they were not wanted


Another young man I know
was pushed away to live with grandmother
no place for him 'at home'.

In his twenties he still feels rejected
and has little confidence.

To feel unwanted
must be absolutely terrible.

Another tells me,
and it still rings in my ears,

that he was moved out
to nothing because
he was caught up in endless fights
between his parents.

He was cared for by the state
He mental health was cared for

He talks about feeling like a stray cat.

The stray cat lived on the street
no food for days
hardly sleeping
no clean clothes

filthy hair
all alone

feeling not good enough
feeling not enough.

He talks of walking into school
nobody knew him

feeling all alone
without a family
without a base
without belonging
without without.

He heard screaming in the night
He was full of such nightmares
He felt lost emotionally

relationally and
totally unstable.

At home he never been acknowledged
even doing well at school -
it was ignored.
He did good things, NO PRAISE
He joined a gang did bad things and

So many I know and work with,

and such a privilege to know them,
either explode - violence
Implode - self harm.

I felt so sad to hear
that Gill Scott Heron had died.
Only 62

I had seen him perform live in 2010
Mrs Beautiful had bought me tickets for a birthday.

We also booked him for
The Greenbelt Festival too.
I met and chatted with his band

and he failed to appear himself.

Never crossed the atlantic missed the gig.

He came from a broken home

he lived with it all his life
yet he was such a talented generous

all giving human
who had a crack dependency - I understand.

I feel with him and so many others.

I feel for him in his wounds
and so many others.

Rest in Peace and Shalom Gil
see you there and
say hello to Marvin

PS the Greenbelt Festival 2010 theme was DREAMS OF HOME.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I came from a BROKEN HOME by Gil Scott-Heron

I want to make this a special tribute
to a family that contradicts the concepts
heard the rules but wouldn't accept
and women-folk raised me
and i was full grown before i knew
I came from a broken home

sent to live with my grandma down south
when my uncles was leaving
and my grandfather had just left for heaven
they said and as every-ologist would certainly note
i had no strong male figure right?
But lily Scott was absolutely not your mail order room service type cast black grandmother
i was moved in with her; temporarily, just until things were patched,
til this was patched and til that was patched
until i became at 3, 4, 5,6 ,7, 8, 9 and 10
the patch that held lily Scott who held me and like them
i become one more and I loved her from the absolute marrow of my bones
and we was holdin on,
i come from a broken home

She had more then the 5 senses
she knew more then books could teach
and raised everyone she touched just a little bit higher
and all around her there was a natural sense
as though she sensed what the stars say what the birds say
what the wind and the clouds say
a sensual soul and self that African sense
and she raised me like she raised 4 of her own
and i was hurt and scared and shocked when lily Scott left suddenly one night
and they sent a limousine from heaven to take her to god, if there is one.
So i knew she had gone; and

i came from a broken home

Lyrics by Gil Scott-Heron
You may have no connection
like or dislike for Gil Scott-Heron

But I beg you
to consider
watching this
so much in this short clip

He talks
he sings
he reflects
he talks depth

So powerful

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have feelings
don't I always
don't you always?

Sometimes they stick out
and you can't ignore them.
It is usually the the more demanding ones
that stand up and want to be noticed.

I feel lost in space.
I have had a dissatisfying evening.
I am never bored but
tonight I feel hung out to dry.

Man United v Barcelona on TV.
Mrs Beautiful into it.
Me - interested sociologically,
thought I maybe would be able to watch
but that interest slipped away
after five minutes.

So I turned to DrDre headphones.
Much music to be listened to.
Fresh and new.
Exciting and fresh.
Sleep ................

So I awoke to an empty evening
only washing up the pans remain.

So I feel like a wasted evening.
Not relaxing and settling the soul
only remaining restless.

Now that I am working through my feelings
they are disappearing and I can't grab them easily.
I want to learn from these ugly bits
as well as the glorious ones too.

I never get bored.
Always lots to do.
But sometimes not relaxing.
No blame.
It's me!
Just me!

Mrs Beautiful tells me I am unique!

So Mrs Beautiful has gone to bed.
Recorded Jools is ending
so may watch another recorded programme.
I have so many books on the go
but I am not in the mood.
I will relax now.
A glass of Cointreau
and Sunday is coming .......

Young People going to The Greenbelt Festival Survey

The Children's Society would like children and young people between 8-18 who are going to Greenbelt to fill in a short on-line survey about their lives; what makes them happy, what they struggle with. The results of the survey will be discussed at a Good Childhood Conversation at Greenbelt itself.

If you are taking a group of young people, or know young people who are going please ask them to fill in the survey, it will only take 15 minutes or so and would help The Children's Society enormously.

More details can be found on the Greenbelt blog
Or on The Children's Society website

"being vulnerable is the same as being authentic
and all humans warm to this
It seems to me that we all need to be on that journey
of joining the dots/inside meeting outside
and ...... the longest journey starts with the first step ........"
pip wilson
I feel emotional about
the death of Gil Scott-Heron
who died today aged 62

I feel that way because
of his woundedness

I always feel attached to humans like this.
The messier the human
the more I weep with them.

If you plat this
immediately below
- it is not a video
just a poem about
'I came from a broken home'
Listen to the magical expressions
his hurt inside
I love the man
Rest in Peace
see you there
say hello to Marvin ......

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cash Converters,
turning televisions in to Heroin since 1988

Help Blake make an album


Blake, aka Julian Pugsley, performed with his band in the Underground at Greenbelt 2010. He is currently planning his new album Stay Human, which he is looking to you to help crowd-fund. And support for the album will also help raise money for your friendly neighbourhood arts, faith and justice festival, Greenbelt! Blake's crowd-funding project [...]

Read the entire post

The mishmash of his words used in his Westminster talk yesterday
The largest are the most used
Great programme
great music
I LURVE this stuf

See BenjB on Radio one
you can catch two hours of it
and replay non stop
for 7 days
listen to the two hour programme


  1. James Blake Interview

    1. James Blake James Blake Air And Lack Thereof

    2. James Blake Postpone

    3. James Blake I Only Know (What I Know Now)

    4. James Blake Don't You Think I Do

    5. James Blake I Mind

    6. James Blake Buzzard And Kestrel

      Hessle Audio
    7. Quasimoto Quasimoto Broad Factor (Harmonimix)

    8. Quasimoto Basic Instinct (Instrumental)

      Stones Throw
    9. Sam Cooke Sam Cooke Lost And Lookin'

    10. James Blake James Blake Wilhelm Scream

    11. Arthur Russell This Is How We Walk On The Moon

      Point Music
    12. Anthony Hamilton Charlene

    13. Radiohead Radiohead Everything In It's Right Place

    14. Rhythm & Sound with Cornell CampbellKing In My Empire

      Burial Mix
    15. James Blake James Blake Footnotes

    16. HarmonimixSaying

  2. Samiyam Lifesize Stuffed Animal

    forthcoming Brainfeeder
  3. Fatima Mind

  4. Thundercat C5


Bob Dylan started a movement. He was the man who brought folk to the major rock and roll scene in the American 1960’s, and gave other singer songwriter artists the opportunity to flourish in popularity. Dylan not only started the major Folk movement, but he also brought in an entire generation of Hippies who wanted social change; stated in his iconic song Times They Are A Changin’.
U2 payed tribute to the folk star on Tuesday May 24th, for his birthday.

During their show at The Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, U2 played a rarely performed track from Dylan’s 1998 album Rattle and Rum titled “Love Rescue Me.” Later on in their show, the rockers changed up the lyrics of their famous song “Where the Streets Have No Name” to include extracts from famous Dylan songs like “The Times They Are a Changin” and “Blowin’ In the Wind.”

Even though U2 could never be considered to have had the same level of effect that Bob Dylan had on social change, it’s still pleasant to see such a popular band dedicating their music to a man who did so much to change the world. Happy belated birthday Bob! Here’s a song you all might know:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great to have these programmes available to listen to/and in my case to capture for future re-listening love it love it

  1. Bob Dylan: Changing Times 1979, Slow Train Coming

    programme information
    music played

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since today with 7 days left.

    2/4. In 1979, Dylan embraced Christianity and recorded a gospel album.

  2. Bob's Ballad Bases

    programme information

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since yesterday with 7 days left.

    Julie Fowlis examines the influence of British and Irish folk music on Bob Dylan's work.

  3. Bob Dylan: Changing Times 1969, Nashville Skyline

    programme information
    music played

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since yesterday with 6 days left.

    1/4. In 1969, Dylan returned with a new album, a new sound and new look.

  4. Dylan's Women

    programme information

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since Monday with 6 days left.

    Bob Harris takes a look at the women behind Bob Dylan's songs.

  5. The Bob Dylan Story at 70 Episode 6

    programme information

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since Sunday with 4 days left.

    6/6. Kris Kristofferson concludes a profile of iconic singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

  6. The Bob Dylan Story at 70 Episode 5

    programme information

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since Saturday with 3 days left.

    5/6. Kris Kristofferson presents the story of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

  7. The Bob Dylan Story at 70 Episode 4

    programme information

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since Friday with 2 days left.

    4/6. Kris Kristofferson presents the story of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

  8. The Bob Dylan Story at 70 Episode 3

    programme information

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since Thursday with 15 hours left.

    3/6. Kris Kristofferson presents the story of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

  9. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - A Folk Tribute

    programme information
    music played

    Listen now (60 minutes)

    Available since last Wednesday with 13 hours left.

    British folk artists re-create songs from the iconic album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Rather than positioning sexuality and spirituality against each other as rivals, I see them as deeply related. The more I observe society's obsession with sexuality, the more I sense in it a thirst for transcendence.......
.......When a society so completely blocks the human thirst for transcendence, should we be surprised that such longings reroute themselves into an expression of mere physicality? Maybe the problem is not that people are getting naked, but that they aren't getting naked enough.....we stop at the skin instead of going deeper into the soul....."

Philip Yancey, Finding God in Unexpected Places
Great book/bought it on my iPhone/so I can read a few lines whenever/it is so so well written and it takes you there to the Israeli and Palestinian situation/real stories.

Mark Thomas releases the book of Extreme Rambling


Mark Thomas will be performing his Extreme Rambling show at Greenbelt in the summer, but if you can't wait for that, the book of his journey along the separation wall in the Holy Land is out on April 19th. The book is available for order via our Amazon store, but check out some videos of [...]

Read the entire post

The Israeli wall which traps Palestinians in the West Bank

Is against International law. I didn't know that.
Enclosed from The book by Mark Thomas
called Extreme Rambling

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, May 23, 2011

This is
Joy@3 weeks old

a real Sheila

When I published my first book
gangs/inner city/violence
being and becoming
a Christian
being misunderstood
because 'you need results'

Grace and David Sheppard
wrote the forward to my book
Gutter Feelings
having always been an inspiration to me.

Both of them did the foreword.
They had walked before me/us
into the same community.

He was able to articulate
his books/his position
his celebrity - ness
as a former Captain of England
at Cricket.

I just did it on the ground
until my first book
from the Gutter
feeling it.

They were a blessing to me.


CLICK the images to enlarge

We met in 1980
since then we meet

Take our clothes off.
Undress before each other
undress our souls

Our humanness

and we laugh
hang out

ALL confidential
because we trust each other
so we know
we can be like a flower
opening up to the SUN

We are all in a different place
each time
we all bring a backpack
on our back
containing life experiences
we share them both
refuse neither

I feel a deep sense of LOVE
Totally relaxed with these humans
beyond relaxed
LOve is here
no advising
just listening

We are all nearly 31

We never step in the same river twice.

We are like you
feel pressure
love life
feel life
have faith/no faith and in-between faith

I sip at the well
I want to spend days reflecting
I belong ................................

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I believe that what what triggers my vulnerability
also triggers my beautiful.
Knowing, and getting to know more of these vulner-abilities
is like making friends with my enemies
and discovering they too are beautiful"
Pip Wilson.

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is my desktop
24 inch wide
full of clutter
but on show
utter delight

I am in love with this little female
she delights me with ever expression
her greeting smile
always pointing where Granddads cap is
always spluttering new words
and now a few sentences WOW

She is drinking in every new experience
the falls and bumps
the views from the car
the sea
the humans around her
every taste of food
her likes
and dislikes
and loves
love it love it

I miss her when we are apart
I keep remembering her expressions
her eyes
the grin
that's true love that is.

Greenbelt Festival seeks new Trustees


We're looking to recruit two new trustees to the Greenbelt Trustee Group. Our trustees are the custodians of Greenbelt, ensuring that we stay true to our vision of a collision between faith, arts and justice issues, and making Greenbelt into the organisation that we need to be in the 21st Century.

We're looking for people who love Greenbelt, and want to help guide the organisation as we approach our 40th anniversary. If that sounds like you, then apply to join our friendly, creative and inspirational trustee team!

For more information, and a recruitment pack, click here… The closing date for applications is the 15th July.

We're also looking for a Company Secretary. For a full job description and responsibilities, click here.