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From BLOB TREE - a new Book 'BLOB LIFE'

Blob Life - New Book in the last week from the Blob Tree World

Paperback, 118 Pages
Price: £20.00
Ships in 3–5 business days
Blob Life is another book in the catalogue of photocopiable resources produced by Ian Long and Pip Wilson. 
This book looks at the journey of life which we all take from birth through to death and beyond.It covers many of the aspects of life using key aspects - birthdays, families, death, driving, shopping, holidays, school, home etc. 
Each pair of pages has a set of questions to use with the photocopiable images.
At the start is an introduction which explains how to use the images to open up your group. 
It has been used with ages from 4 to 90. 

About Frank Ocean / Gay / + Taxi Driver

Read these Lyrics
so moving.
so powerful to me.
read my reflections below the lyrics.

"Taxi driver
Be my shrink for the hour
Leave the meter running
It's rush hour
So take the streets if you wanna
Just outrun the demons, could you
He said "Allahu akbar", I told him don't curse me
"bo bo you need prayer", I guess it couldn't hurt me
If it brings me to my knees
It's a bad religion

This unrequited love
To me it's nothing but a one-man cult
And cyanide in my styrofoam cup
I can never make him love me
Never make him love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
Taxi driver
I swear I've got three lives
Balanced on my head like steak knives
I can't tell you the truth about my disguise
I can't trust no one
It's a bad religion
To be in love with someone
Who could never love you
I know
Only bad religion
Could have me feeling the way I do"  

from his new album
Channel Orange.

I bought his album, good stuff.
Another interesting thing if you read the lyrics again ...

He has just come out
as a Gay man and that is not easy in the USA
Hip Hip / Urban music scene.

I think these lyrics are powerful-extreme.
I support him with all my emotions
and all my feelings and commitment to fighting injustice
The SHALOM of God ......

Another trigger
A few weeks ago I blogged about a man.
I blogged about a Taxi Man too ....

So these lyrics are moving
and more powerful because
I used the same phrase as Frank Ocean
in an emotional moment too!

I re-post the blog below.
It still gives me the shivers .....


Biog of a man.

He has holes in his back from being shot.
He has numerous stab wounds.
He has smashed the front doors of the Hostel
and he doesn't know why.
He does not live there anymore.
He lives
- nowhere.
He is from Hackney -
the London Borough often described
as the most deprived in the UK.

There is a constant flowing praise from him
of me in public because he received a letter from me
during one of his visits to detox.
The letter affirmed him and I meant it.
"You are beautiful"

I have no problem saying this to a man
once we have established a relationship.

He often helped out when younger men became violent
and made a difficult situation safer for all in the community.
He is a constant heavy drinker and uses other chemicals - he says not.
He lives on the west side because he is not safe on the east side.
His roots include a gypsy Mother and a history of serious crime and violence.

We spent time with him weeping and talking loud
and long and hard.
Never threatening to me because he says I am from the
East End
'Street', like him
(I am not - my northern accent gives me away - but I know what he means)
and that he respects that and
constantly repeats that.

Medication is refused by his GP,
he had not eaten for two days,
he was smelly and is wearing a
white stained track suit.
A psychological time bomb.

That is the contrast from being with you
when we meet up.
Contrast from all the nice meetings we attend.
The training courses and conferences.

We are ALL so full of beautiful imperfection
and share that -
but we can be so so different in
social status,
psychological, emotional and spiritual condition.

He is beautiful -
and broken -
and damaged -
and seemingly hope-less.
The divine taxi-man has a big job.

After a period of time I did other things
with other people such as talk
or lead a session
and he became ever present
- of course dominated and disrupted.

That continued all day and,
apart from disappearing for more alcohol,
he was still with us for the late night discussion.
He was non stop gush
-a drunken gush of non-stop incoherence.

Other staff helped by moving him away from the group.
It took ages which meant a potential fantastic discussion
was stop-started for some time.

Not one person slagged him off.
We all know what it is like to be drunk
and out of your head
when living in a homeless hostel.

This sort of living/housing experience
gives humans a massive capacity
to accept the the
- so called -

Later I put him in a taxi.

"I said to the taxi man -
"take care of him - he is precious"


GREENBELT FESTIVAL looking for band members to scratch.

Scratch Band

Scratch Wind Band & Scratch Choir

We’re once again calling on the talented Greenbelt festivalgoers to dazzle and delight us with their musical skill in the Scratch Wind Band and Scratch Choir.

Scratch Wind Band

The Greenbelt Saving Paradise Scratch Band will work on wind band music influenced by folk traditions from across the globe.
Anyone interested in playing should be around Grade 5 right through to 8+ with the more challenging music distributed to the more advanced players.
This year’s band will work with midlands based conductor Dan Watson who is the Artistic Director of Thumb contemporary music ensemble and regularly works with various orchestras and ensembles at Birmingham Conservatoire.
Rehearsals will take place on Saturday and Sunday with the final performance taking place in Centaur at 16.00 on the Monday.
We’re looking for the following instrumentalists:
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Horn, Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Double Bass, Percussion
If you qualify, fill out the form here, and we’ll be in touch before the festival.


My Addiction - by Pip Wilson.

It was hard getting over my addiction 
to the Hokey Cokey. 
But I've turned myself around 
& that's what its all about.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pip Wilson NOW back on www.pipwilson.com

My website has been down since Apple pulled iWeb and I was not on top of things - never am really.
With big help from my friends Tomek and Big John I am now able to be reached via www.pipwilson.com just like the old days.
My BLOG has been transformed into the best website I have ever had.

Blob Tree Developmental and Learning Tools.
ABOUT - the details of what I do in workshops/facilitation/Training so you can consider booking me for a session with Young People or/and Staff Workers doing it on the front line. THIS IS WHAT I REALLY LOVE / WANT TO DO.
New Book - to cover any new book as and when they are published.
Slideshow - of the many images I have used over years of dot.coming
Contact - the usual contact details anyone may wish.
6  Not a Page but - MUSIC available to you every time you click this way.

Please BOOK-mark me or whatever method you use to keep in touch with your memory!

Stay Beautiful

Pip Wilson BHP


The best RADIO in the world Gilles Peterson An All Winners Show

The best RADIO in the world

Gilles Peterson An All Winners Show

Great Listening ***** WOW

Duration: 3 hours
Gilles Peterson finishes his first three months on 6Music in style with an All-Winners show, running through his favourite tracks since joining... > Show more

Saturday, July 28, 2012


With the final chime of the 23 tonne bell still resonating around the Olympic Park
and the stadium audience beginning to head home, the true echoes of the Opening
Ceremony can be heard the world over as the event’s phenomenal musical score –
produced by Underworld’s Rick Smith – got a digital release the minute the event

Isles of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony features many of the
highlights of July 27th’s jaw-dropping show, including reworked tracks by the
Chemical Brothers, Fuck Buttons, Blanck Mass, Arctic Monkeys, Emeli Sandé
and Mike Oldfield as well as two huge new specially commissioned pieces by
Underworld (the fifteen minute Pandemonium section soundtrack And I Will Kiss
and Caliban’s Dream, the musical announcement of the Olympic torch’s arrival in
the stadium).

Talking about the ideas that forged the music on Isles of Wonder, Rick says, “Music
is Britain’s cultural heartbeat; it’s a perpetual act of revolutionary thought.
From William Blake to the Beatles via the Clash and the Chemical Brothers, the
soundtrack to our lives fizzes and hums all around us like a stray signal from a radio
dial that your internal antenna just can’t help but tune into.”

The soundtrack was released as soon as the Ceremony finished on all major digital
platforms. A physical release via Decca Records will be available on August 6th. The
soundtrack is split into two sections – the first represents the music from the main
show; the second is the soundtrack to the athletes parade. It features reworked
versions of Underworld classics (many of them by Scribble collaborator High
Contrast) alongside a set of handpicked tracks that were chosen specifically for the event.

The full Isles of Wonder CD tracklistings are:

CD1 - Isles of Wonder

1) Frank Turner - I Still Believe

2) Four Nations Choirs - Jerusalem, Flower of Scotland, Danny Boy, Bread of

3) LSO On Track Orchestra & François-Xavier Roth – Nimrod

4)Underworld feat. Dame Evelyn Glennie and the Pandemonium Drummers - And
I Will Kiss

5) Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells / In Dulci Jubilo

6) LSO - Chariots of Fire

7) Blanck Mass & LSO – Sundowner

8) Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers - Radio Edit

9) A.R. Rahman feat. Jaspreet Jasz - Nimma Nimma

10) Emeli Sandé – Heaven

11) Emeli Sandé - Abide With Me

12) Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Live)

13) Arctic Monkeys - Come Together (Live)

14) Underworld feat. Dockhead Choir, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Only Men
Aloud, Elizabeth Roberts, Esme Smith and Alex Trimble - Caliban’s Dream

CD2 - Welcome

1) Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

2) High Contrast - Moon Watcher

3) Underworld - Always Loved A Film – Instrumental

4) Underworld - Dark & Long (Dark Train) (Remix)

5) Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

6) Underworld - Minneapolis (High Contrast Remix)

7) High Contrast – Reach

8) High Contrast - Ghost Dance

9) Underworld - Confusion - The Waitress (Darren Price & High Contrast Remix)

10) Wretch 32 feat. L – Traktor

11) Fuck Buttons - Olympians (High Contrast Remix)

12) High Contrast - Can’t Stop This Fire

13) Underworld - Moon In Water (Instrumental Remix)

14) Underworld - Crocodile (High Contrast Remix)

15) U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name (High Contrast Remix)

16) High Contrast - For Years

17) Underworld - Dirty Epic (Darren Price & High Contrast Remix)

18) High Contrast - The Long Way Home

19) Underworld - Dark & Long (Darren Price & High Contrast Remix)

20) Underworld - Rez (High Contrast Remix)

21) David Bowie – Heroes

22) Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Underworld HQ
© Underworld


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