Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love it that Kelly Smith shares her wounds

The best of women at football.
She like all of us
has her wounds
but so L5  as a human
that she spills.

She talks freely yo the Guardian
about her adjustments she had to make
to become the greatest of English footballers.

"It was difficult adjusting to a new culture 
because I was so young, and very introverted. 
At uni, because I was so uncomfortable with myself, 
I started drinking quite a lot with my friends. 
But it wasn't until the first major injury 
that I took it a new level." 

Did she drink alone? 
"Yeah," Smith says though a hurt little laugh. 
"i was at a really low point 
and didn't know which way to turn. 
I had broken my leg 
and couldn't work. 
None of my friends were around 
and I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. 
I used the drink to prop me up"