Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pip Wilson NOW back on

My website has been down since Apple pulled iWeb and I was not on top of things - never am really.
With big help from my friends Tomek and Big John I am now able to be reached via just like the old days.
My BLOG has been transformed into the best website I have ever had.

Blob Tree Developmental and Learning Tools.
ABOUT - the details of what I do in workshops/facilitation/Training so you can consider booking me for a session with Young People or/and Staff Workers doing it on the front line. THIS IS WHAT I REALLY LOVE / WANT TO DO.
New Book - to cover any new book as and when they are published.
Slideshow - of the many images I have used over years of dot.coming
Contact - the usual contact details anyone may wish.
6  Not a Page but - MUSIC available to you every time you click this way.

Please BOOK-mark me or whatever method you use to keep in touch with your memory!

Stay Beautiful

Pip Wilson BHP