Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We can see a persons behaviour, but we cannot see their experiences.

When you have been hurt 
it is difficult to trust again. 

More-so to love again.
My push is to stretch to love.

The theory is that if we separate from people,
not liking one or another or slagging off others,
that destroys the 'community'
(the principle methodology of growth and development)
and also hinders the growth of the person themselves.

To write someone off is to damage me too.
It is old fashioned
'love your enemies'
anyone can love their friends.

It is wonderful to hear affirmation
flying around inside a group.
One corner to another.
"I used to think you were an idiot,
a loud mouth idiot
with no care and sensibility
to yourself or anyone else.
Now I have got to know you,
you are a really good guy. "

We can see a persons behaviour, 
but we cannot see their experiences.

Love it, love it, love it.