Tuesday, April 26, 2005

.... I feel good ...... but ....

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.......... and I feel good ......... but aware that I have not clicked about;
'why am I afraid to tell you who I am'
- my favourite book - ever.

For new pip-blog-scrollers, I have a commitment to tell you 'who I am' and not pour out opinions and facts......... I aim to be LEVEL FIVE ....... and if you don't know about the L5 concept ....... try the blogger search engine at the top of this page and it will link you to my ranting about this beautiful and useful toolkit ....... hmmm

I am feeling good and alert.
Busy period.
This has made me focus crisply on the two framed words I have on my desk.


I have been placing time and energy into prepping and doing the stuff I have committed myself to do and other things, such as my iMac inbox, have slipped the frame.
I am ok with that...... but don't want to neglect the beautiful humans in my life.

I am doing new things.
Funny how, when I get a new challenging Training Session or leading a session, I feel jumpy and stimulated and restless. Once I have found a time slot and completed the first draft design - I change into a less restless mode and become more at ease but still motivated, creative and pumping.
At the moment I have no great concerns other than for others.

.... will have to go BUT I have a bit more space over the next few days hey hey .........