Monday, April 18, 2005

IAN LONG .........

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..... met with Ian on Saturday in a Costa Coffee shop in a place called Richmond. I did a journey through the London Tubes to get to this leafy suburb. Among many things such as Passion, Faith, Art and a hard working school teacher, Ian also has illustrated two out of four of my books. We talked with passion.A great human.

On Sunday we had Tomek and Anita around for a much delayed meal. With all the sickness and the accident suffered by Joyce - it has been a long time coming. It was great to talk and talk. We talked about the Pope too. They are Polish and I was keen to get their views about the impact on Poland following all the publicity since his death. We talked and played with the AppleMacs - of course!!

My cough today.
Stink ......... I was awake until 3 am. I moved out to the bedroom next door but Joan was still kept awake and read until 3.

Got an appointment at the Docs today.
New antibiotics........ and he said my throat was OK and it is killing me now ..... and ..... the stand-in Doc was such a terrible communicator. I felt devalued just because he did so badly. I clocked those feelings and did my usual analysis ....... but what about those who see him who are emotionally dry and maybe vulnerable.
I felt like sitting him down and telling him about;
"I'm OK - you're OK"

Had a Greenbelt mtg tonight. Didn't want to go. Felt ....... 'off'.
Was a good mtg but I felt disabled. Half a pint in the pub after and I was home ......... another sleepless night????