Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I don't know what to blog about.
I am too tired for thinking

I need to think how I feel
best way is 5 words::
1 tired
2 satisfied
3 deep
4 encouraged
5 adrenaline less

1 I have stopped, I feel no pressure to 'do'.
2 I feel satisfied and purposeful after having lunch with Karen and talking all things Greenbelt
And meeting with my publishers regarding new products for the Autumn term and beyond. Over six in all.
And some good work done with clicks and phone calls.
3 I feel on the edge of discovery. I learn every day and usually one diamond stays in the bag of rocks. How do we discover more and more from the immense awareness which awaits ........... and I am not talking about knowledge.
4 I am encouraged because bookings are coming in for next term and beyond. My employment work continues to stimulate and then I have all the freelance stuff. love it.
5 This clicking has brought my mind more alive. Thinking positive does something to the soul.

I have started deliberately thinking positive when I think critically of humans I bump into - or observe. Interesting process. It changes me and importantly, my communication with these precious humans.

Went to see my homeopath yesterday. It's all about these crumbling nails I have and these gut attacks. You may remember that I was diagnosed with having Helicobacter in my stomach. Stuff that in your jumper or in google!
She said something which was particularly mind grabbing. She says of me::
'A peacock eats poison which gives it its colour'