Monday, November 09, 2020

BACKINTHEDAY I used to get regular letters/faxes (preINTERNET) from Creator/Designer with U2 - Willie Williams

Willie Williams, writing his diary on


It was yet another truly great show, with yet another fantastic audience.
Every night feels like such a celebration.
This is a great time to see U2.
This is a great time to be U2 - the band is just on a roll right now, in fact I can’t remember a time when shows have been this consistently stratospheric, probably since ZooTV.
They are very obviously having a wonderful time on this tour,
absolutely at the top of their game,
playing killer shows whilst writing,
recording and performing new material in their spare time.
There’s definitely a touch of the Zoo spirit in the air."

and my comment::

I feel that myself, having worshiped in Brussels with my mate Ross. 
Catch them if you can