Wednesday, September 20, 2006

.... hi ...... hope you are yearning ....

..... I dislike the clichés of asking

'are you all-right?' 'Yes -how are you?' 'Yes I am fine zzzzzzzzzzzzz ....

...... so hope you are restless and dissatisfied - not stressed but thirsty .....
As U2 said "I still haven't found what I am looking for ......"
Joy home tonight for a rare visit. Great to see her. MTV on a lot tonight. I escaped to my mac during Joan's football and Joy's Eastenders.

Trying to build a new web site on a great system which is part-of my mac.
It is designed for simpletons so I am having difficulty gggrrrrrrr
My web site has not been touched for a year

Only d blog keeps it refreshed.
Currently I am nicking all the good stuff from the existing and doing funky fresh stuff once it is reasonable
I will upload from my mac to pipwilson dot outAdate com!!!

Ann came to visit yesterday
She called 'on duty' with camera to film.
As a TV Director she needed a location to enable her TV clients to meet halfway between her and them.
That was Romford.

Great to see her.
Beautiful to see her nursing Zig and giving him a kiss - beautiful non-human that he is.

Saw Phil yesterday too - he is my ex colleague and good friend
He was at Greenbelt and missed him and so many others amongst the throngs. He has a new job co-ordinating the YMCA's Prisons work in London. So many young humans need a place to stay when they come out of nick. It is his job to make it happen.

Had a curry out with Mr Singh and Richard on Sunday evening.
Mr Singh had a plate with a pile of green chillies. He chewed them as he eat the meal. Richard is from South India - Singh from North. Differing eating habits!

Me too!

I waxed lyrical about my Saturday but still not reflected about the gig last Monday.

Yungun a new and rising Hip Hop British man. His DJ, Mr Thing, was the best have seen on those decks.
Interesting how Yungun is one man but a load of others came on stage at certain times - like a community - and I just love that.

I lurve the music on my blog.
Sometimes I just leave it open as I am working with a pen or other tools of the trade.

Next week I am away at an International Conference. My friend Oyvin from Norway is dropping out of the sky on Sunday. He is calling to have a big catch up and just at the right time to catch a day at the conference.

My course has been cancelled at London Central YMCA which is a loss of three days work during a peak period.

Will I get to France in October to drink Champagne?
I hope so.
Last Autumn we had a week in Corfu Town but programme may only allow a flying visit to France this year - hmmmm

October is my eye operation and shortly afterwards I am working in Finland.

Some other great and scary things too
Do something that scares you every day
(my favourite fridge magnet)
MTV is still on.
Joan and Joy are in bed.
Zig still out on d tiles.

Need to pack my bag for the morrow ...

The YMCA I worked at/for/with for 18 years is 100 years old this year.
This w/e there is a Celebratory Dinner.

And on Saturday a special Service at the local Baptist Church with Bishop Roger Sainsbury speaking.

Strange for me.
I know so many humans there and would love to talk L5 to a 100 of them or more.
Sadly these occasions are::
"you all right - yes I am fine are you al-right ......... I am depressed and angry but we are on a L2 kick here so I will only say - "you all-right?"
Must do certain things now for the day ahead ..........

you are beautiful ..........
..... far from al-right ...........