Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I left Greenbelt a week ago today ......

..... and Big John sent me this email one day after ...
so beautiful
so appreciative
me .....

It is the wee hours of wednesday, and i am alone....
I am missing the great company and level 3 - 5 conversations of the great and the good, and the imperfect beautiful people that I have shared these past 5 nights.

thankyou for sharing the level 5 meaning, and teaching me what beautiful imperfection really means.

We are home safe, after nightmare 9 hour journey home due to road closures and satnav crappiness and a wee dunch in the back of our car by some very beautiful imperfect, impatient driver at a junction.
We are ok, tired and feet-=sore. legs worn out.

soul injected.

i am about to blog.

i am looking around for ken, for the daves, for steve, bonny, ross, - for gordon, paul, andy, frank and for pip.

They, you, all are inhabiting in my aura

we will communicate soon, tomorrow the 'outside' world will kick in no doubt.

I hope this sweet sorrow that is always in the parting, never leaves.

your good friend


love and thanks to joan too, from me and grace and jules for your love and present...... and joyful friendship


..... keep his blog as one to dip into
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