Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Desperate to share, but it was all locked inside like a prison.

He wanted to talk. 
He couldn't
wouldn't in the group.
But he wanted to talk to me.

"I will see you outside in a bit".
I suggested.

I was alone because the 'wait a minute’ 
lasted 6 and I was about to go when ….
....there was two of us on the bench. 

So we sat on a bench outside just two of us. 
He didn't talk.
Then he said
"Give me a minute"

So we sat on the bench as the traffic roared
criss-crossing the busy junction
increased noise
each time the traffic lights changed.

" I cannot talk. 
I have all-sorts of feelings.... 
and they can only come out when I explode. 

I am scared of my feelings and 
I cannot talk but want to" 

My words just said that I am available
when he is ready. 

He sat in fear of touching those feelings. 

Feelings are like a volcano, 
ready to erupt and hurt the person 
and others when they do. 

The 'hell of a young life’ 
is heading for more hell. 
Scared of the feelings inside. 
Honest to say the feelings are depressing 
and hurting but not able to talk. 

followed by silence.

Then suddenly he stood
and walked straight ahead
stepping into the road
as if it was empty space ......

Vehicles braked quickly as he headed over the junction
not caring a damn about the drivers
not caring a damn about the cars busses lorries .....

The story continues days later.

The backstory
which lives in his soul
continues to torture him
and it needs to come out
to be unchained from his experiences
rejection .......