Friday, December 17, 2004

++ Sa-Ra ++

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

.......... ....... life is rolling on and I have not clicked about the gig on Wednesday night. I must. Otherwise it will stick in my soul. I need my soul emptying so I can continue the continual life replenishment.

Charlie and me just got to the stage end - only about four foot high in this small club in East London. We stayed put there, swinging our bottles of Bud to the music from the DJ which included Gilles Peterson - the man responsible for this event and us being there.

The base speakers are under the stage so you can feel the vibe as you perch on the end of the stage. We snatched some great conversation - speaking about one inch from each others ear like two birds on a branch.

After the DJ vibes came a stream of live music with each band only doing two numbers - and what stuff it was! Exciting and rolling with passion. Between that stream and the main set from Sa-Ra - we had the world-wide winners presentations - internet voted by 25000 humans from all over the world. The results and their music can be heard this Sunday at 11pm on BBC Radio 1 and for 7 days after via the 'listen again' fab feature. You will hear me whistling!

I am not giving this due credits - it was all electric and must be my gig of the year. Sa-Ra from LA were great - so extreme and different. There is very few of their trax available and those only on plastic. I have no CDs -Apple iTunes have not heard of them - yet I have many of their songs on my iPod via the various radio programmes. They are producers and performers. The next NERD/Neptunes it seems to me - pipdiddy.

Listen up you music lovers ......... well maybe you are nt so much a music lover?

........ loving is vital for others and self ....... and number one, not music, humans ........... love one today ...